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Your Favourite Shows That Have Been Cancelled

Guest mAXi

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I thought this could create some interesting discussion. You know what to do...

My Favourite Cancelled Shows...

Andy Richter Controls The Universe

I just loved this show. Andy had been Conan's sidekick and finally this was his time to shine but i think he chose the wrong network. This was a great show with fun characters and i was so into every episode. I loved it so much that i was visibly upset when they went to a commercial break. The show seemed different to anything i had ever watched before. It was intelligent and well written. This was when i realised how fucking idiotic FOX were. They cancelled a perfectly good show before it had time to shine....


The Simpsons without a leash. The whole scenario was well planned out and all the characters were different to each other. It lead to a really entertaining animated show. To this day, i don't understand why it was cancelled.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development & Scrubs were and will probably allways be my favourite comedies of recent times. Every single character was funny in a different way. The awkward-ness between George Michael and his cousin Maeby was just fucking hillarious. The rivalry between Gob and Michael was even funnier and Buster, well he was just a great character. Arrested Development was what comedy was all about. The only reason ratings weren't as high as FOX might of expected is because the majority of the American public watch crap like According To Jim. This was smart and intelligent and i guess that's just not what FOX wanted. Fucking cunts.

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It was leading to somewhere interesting in Season Five, with the Circle Of The Black Thorn, and Angel & Co. taking over Wolfram & Hart. They completely rushed the COTBT storyline due to the series being shelved, and in the process the series finale, like usual, was abrupt and didn't provide much closure. Yeah, sure, maybe that's what Whedon wanted, but you don't do that to fanboys, dude. Damn.

I don't know where the show would have gone if it wasn't cancelled. I do know, from reading fan submitted story-arcs for Season 6, that if they would have had another season, and kept the "series" finale as a season finale, that the outcome to the "Apocalypse" battle at the end could have brought some very interesting storylines out of the woodwork.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm just going to throw this out there: what the fuck was Whedon thinking with the whole Cordelia shit in Season 4? Honestly. It seems like, in retrospect, that he was trying to create the downfall for the show. That just reeked of bad soap opera drama. Angel's son fucks a (not known yet) evil, memory-less "Cordelia". Or is that Jasmine. What the fuck, Joss!!!

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Angel-I'm with Tristy on this. They rushed the ending due to WB canceling the show. Whedon said himself that with Buffy they felt like it was over, and that there was nowhere else left to go, but with Angel he felt like they were just hitting their stride and really had a lot more to develop. It was the second highest rated program on their network at the time, so I'm not sure why they pulled it, but ah well. And to make a statement about what Tristy said, Whedon said that the Series Finale ending was a big "Fuck You" to the WB execs who he felt didn't give him enough warning before canning the show.

Buffy-SMG pisses me off. Despite what Joss says, I think he would have continued to come up with some great stuff. But noooo, SMG had to decide she didn't want to do it. Instead, she wanted to make movies that didn't go any better. If I were her about now, I'd be crawling back to Joss and asking him to write something just for her. Cause he made her damn it. :angry:

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Definitely would have to be Arrested Development for me. I know it has already been mentioned, but it was that good.

There were so many great jokes, and also jokes within jokes that made this a show that you could watch over and over and still be laughing at something you missed the last time.

Not to mention the guest stars they had. Henry Winkler as the family lawyer was priceless! And the characters.....GOB, Tobias etc.... :lmao:

Champagne Comedy at it's best!

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Despite Angel being highly ranked for The WB, it didn't make them much money due to the deal they had with Joss. And much like was done with Buffy, The WB wanted to cut costs drastically so that they would turn a larger profit. In the end however, The WB simply cut their losses and cancelled the show. Unlike Buffy sadly, Angel didn't go to UPN.

Aside from previously mentioned stuff like AD, Firefly, Angel, and the sort, I'm going to mention a show from last year that had tons of issues, made little to no sense at times, and didn't seem to have much of a clue where it was headed most of the time, but that I enjoyed nonetheless: Surface. I invested an entire season into that fucking show, get a shitty cliffhanger, and then the fucker is officially cancelled? That's some serious bullshit. It was stupid as fuck and yet I loved it for some reason.

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