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I need more power metal

MalaCloudy Black

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That isn't Dragonforce. Seriously. I'll get around to Dragonforce later. Right now I want stuff in the vein of Sonata Arctica, sort of.

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Already got some BG albums, will look into Hammerfall (used to have one of their albums a few years ago..) and Stratovarious though.

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Dream Evil



Fates Warning


Freedom Call (they kinda suck though)



Symphony X

Yngwie Malmsteen

Don't care for Nightwish much. Got a lot of Helloween stuff. Will check out the others though.. same for Battlelore.

PS: Did you know there's a Dream Evil sideproject that's LITERALLY gay metal?

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Power Quest. THE most stereotypical cheesey power metal band ever song-wise, but ironically the band itself is composed of two guys called Steve and an Italian vocalist with short hair :wtf:

Also try Dragonland, Symphony X and Armoured Saint.

Oh, and this topic is missing the two of Power Metal's Gods!

Edguy and Rhapsody.

And their two associated side-projects, Avantasia (Tobias Sammet's band of power metal heroes) and Luca Turilli (Rhapsody lead guitarist)'s solo work.

So yeah, in short Tobias Sammet owns your soul. And I don't care how many topic I have to post that in.

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