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Nevermind the Buzzcocks


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I quite enjoyed Amstell, he took about 10 minutes for me to get used to. But lets face it, it's going to be the Amstell/Bailey show much like it used to be the Lamarr/Bailey show.

Any interaction between anyone and Bill Bailey will be humerous.

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Amstell was alright, when he didn't try and be a poor man's Mark Lamarr, he just can't do the deadpan sarcasm like Lamarr can. The stuff about the umbrella etc, was great, when he was merely being himself, not living up to the stereotypical Buzzcock's host shtick.

Was it just me or has Anthea Turner aged well? She's like 45, but looked surprisingly/really hot. :o

And I missed the Jack Dee thing, but Susan off Teachers is in it. People off Teachers shouldn't work again (Unless you're Andrew Lincoln). :( It ruins it. Jenny was in Nathan Barley and that Post Office thing, that lad off series 4 is Robin Hood and Jeremy is in The History Boys (Which is great...but awfully gay. :shifty: Like every other person loves the cock). Nobody else off Teachers should get work until Brian and Kurt show back up on the tele. Actually I believe Kurt may have been in the NY-LON drama a couple of years back. And according to wikipedia Brian won a celebrity poke tournament on Challenge not that long ago...bwahahahahaa.

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I could seriously watch any Never Mind The Buzzcocks and enjoy it, even if it's one I've seen five times already. Luckily for me, I also have UKTV Gold. :w00t:

And I haven't watched any NMTB since Lamarr left. He's my role model. :crying:


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I thought it was hilarious. Sure, Amstell is no Lamarr, but he's a totally different presenter. He coped well for someone taking such an established spot. There were various moments I laughed out loud. He seems far better - IMO at least - at doing the 'sly digs' at guests. The lines he was saying to the guy from Deacon Blue being a good example.

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