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If you had a band, what band name would you choose?


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At Uni we are thinking of starting a really bad band, this may oy may not be due to the fact that we think we rock because we can cain guitar hero 2, and we were thinking of a name. So far we have these:


Myke D and the Flangetastic Four with the Kensey Experience

What say you guys?

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Mythical Winged Beast and the Slightly Obscure but Rather Humerous Final Fantasy Reference Featuring The Black Tigers I-thru-VII, Including the Corpse of the Late, Great Black Tiger V, who Died in a Horrific Smalting Accident at Age 22, due to his own Carelessness and Self-Deprecation, and also Introducing the Future King of Spain; Edmond Mondusa, the man who did it all with no Regrets, Except for that one time that he was caught stealing when he was just a young lad, but that can be forgiven for he did it under the sheer weight of peer pressure from his brothers and his friends whom have since been named and shamed.

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Guest Mr. Potato Head

Skumfrog (I think) made a huge thread along the same lines not too long ago.

That said, I'm repeating my suggestion from that thread - Dewey Decimal & The Double Digits.

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