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So, I got the kick to play some old school NES games, and I acquired them.

I forgot how much some of the old games rocked. Snake Rattle n' Roll is one of the simplest, coolest games ever. Ditto for Skate or Die.

So, its that regular topic, what are your favorite old school games. I'm looking for more of the off the wall kinda ones, like Marble Madness and stuff.

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Mine isn't really off the wall, but used to love playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Genesis. I had it for years and I never beat it, although I was like 6 at the time.

I'm really hoping they release it on the Wii's virtual console. Anyone else played it?

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There was this game called "Resue: The Embassy Mission" for NES that I loved. It was actually kind of innovative with a portion of the game being you sneaking behind walls and buildings, and another being a first person shooter. Oh yeah, and before you got to the first person shooter portion you could snipe people from the building you were breaking into. For the times, the graphics were solid.

Comix Zone was a lot of fun on Sega Genesis, unfortunately it was fucking hard. Still, it looked beautiful for the era it came out of.

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Zombies ate my Neighbors is one of the best SNES games I've ever played. Not sure if I ever beat it, but I know I was up in the 30's or 40's.

To those who don't know, ZAMN had a sequel for SNES, called Ghoul Patrol. It was anything but great.

Another SNES I loved as a child was "Battletoads and Double Dragon". It still has my favorite music ever in a game, but playing it years later, it wasn't that great.

I also remember loving an RPG for the SNES as a child, but sadly, I have no memory of what it was about. I know it wasn't FF.

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KLAX was great.

Bill's Tomato Game rocked. Basically you had to place fans everywhere and turn them on, and your character (a tomato with a face) would get blown by the fans, to the finish line. There were obstacles and such to overcome, as you'd expect. It was great.

Also, ELITE was far more fun than a game with graphics consisting of white lines on a black background should be.

And Twin Tigers. That was badass. Championship Sprint, still way more fun than a lot of racing games. And Stunt Car Racer.

I loved my Commodore 64 ¬_¬

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I looked up Robotrek, and you are incorrect. The RPG I loved did not involve robots, the graphics wern't as sharp or detailed as in Robotrek. From what I remember I think the main character resembled one of the main characters of Double Dragon.
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