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Yes it's spelt humor, you non Americans.

Anyway, two questions. One, I want some humourous books to read. I've read Hitchhiker. I can't seem to find any more. Give me some titles and I'll attempt to find them in the library.

Two, I've been reading Discworld lately, but there are quite a lot of books. Some of your favourites, people?

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The Alphabet Of Manliness by Maddox is funny, if you're a fan of The Best Page In The Universe.

It's an abomination. Least funniest thing ever.

Yeah, even by Maddox's dwindling Charlie Brooker wannabe standards, it's fucking dire.

Speaking of Brooker, check out Screen Burn, and possibly the TV Go Home book if you can get hold of a copy, but it's rare as hen's teeth these days. I haven't read Unnovations, but it's probably good.

As for novels...whoever said "Good Omens", I agree with. And as far as Pratchett goes, try Lords & Ladies, Mort, Men At Arms or Moving Pictures...they're some of the funniest, in my opinion. Beyond that, I don't know much humorous fiction. You could try "The Hostage" by Brendan Behan, but I don't know how funny you'd find it, it's fairly niche comedy.

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Have you read all of the trilogy of five for Hitchiker's? If not, read the rest.

Personally, I'd say if you stopped after book 3 you'd be better off. >_>

Just leave out "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish", I reckon. The rest's adequate enough.

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'Mostly Harmless' isn't too worthwhile either. The Evil Guide V2.0 is awesome, but the rest of it (which seems to largely revolve around the father/daughter relationship issues between Arthur and Random) is pretty blah.

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I remember reading some Tom Holt stuff when I was younger, and in a big Terry Pratchett/Douglas Adams phase. Can't remember what books of his I actually read, though.

If you like Hitchikers Guide, you should also check out Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

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I third the notion of Catch-22. Simply an amazing piece of literature that you'll remember....and yes, it's funny.

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