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I'm on a big Motion City Soundtrack fix at the moment, I need them like drugs, withdrawal symptoms et all, but when listening to a song a few nights ago I misheard a lyric as

'Smiles and drugs for breakfast.'

I can't even remember what the actual line was, but I thought it was a cool line, anyone else got any to add?

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There's some great mishead lyrics from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

One of them was hearing "But let me tell you I have never planned / To let go of the hand" from the song 'The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth' as "but let me tell you I've never been to legoland", which in my eyes sounds way cooler.

The other was from "Is This Love?" where I still think "And you say I'd be better of dead / this I know" sounds more like "And you said happy birthday / but i knew", again, it sounds more badass.

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I ruined "Cement" by Feeder for my brother, back when they were his favourite band, by pointing out how much the chorus sounds like he's shouting "I'M INTO MEN!"

Also, in "Sweet 16" by Feeder, I remember playing Gran Turismo when it first came out and genuinely thinking the lyric "She's not dead!" or whatever it is, was "SHE'S MY DAD!"

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In the Similou's 'All this love', I heard "rainbow styling" as "rainbow salad". And from Cream's 'Tales of Brave Ulysses', I originally thought "Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a crimson shell," was "Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a pimpin shell,".

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