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The Late Night Hosts


Who is the best late night host?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best late night host?

    • David Letterman
    • Jay Leno
    • Jimmy Kimmel
    • Craig Kilborn
    • Conan O' Brien
    • Carson Daly
    • Other (aka any of the cable late night hosts)

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My favorite of the late night hosts is Conan O' Brien. He always is devoted to being funny and cracks all kinds of hilarious one-liners during his show.

Second is David Letterman, who is a guy I've liked since I was a wee lad.

Third is Jimmy Kimmel. At times his show is stupid, at other times its immensely entertaining.

Fourth is Jay Leno. He if not that funny but when a funny guy makes a small appearance for a skit (like Fred Willard did tonight).

Fifth is Craig Kilborn. I only watch his show at all for the 5 Questions or for the fact that he seems to interview lots of underwear models.

Last is Carson Daly. Maybe it's his TRL reputation but his show just sucks.

I haven't mentioned the cable hosts but only Jon Stewart is really good on that.

EDIT: Also, if anybody votes one for Carson Daly...well....umm...just try me!

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Conan O'Brien. The whole show is awesome. It's the only one that I watch from start to finish. David Letterman is a good show, but not as good as Conan is.

My view exactly. I love both Letterman and Conan, but I prefer Conan.

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`In The Year 2000', `Secrets', and `Preparation H Raymond'>J00

Incidentally, I have the same birthday as him. April 18th. :)

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Guest apeschris0

David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Kilborn, Conan O' Brien, Carson Daly...

They're all good, but it's hard to decide between Letterman and Leno. I watched Letterman the longest, so I voted for him.

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Guest bruins72

Leno and Letterman aren't really funny to me. I used to like Letterman back in the 80's but he just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'd probably like Kimmel but I never seem to catch it. I've got to go with Conan. I catch his show all the time when they replay it on Comedy Central.

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