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WWE Goes Regional!

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WWE Goes Regional

In 2004, the WWE was facing a crisis. Even though initially after Wrestlemania, ratings were holding constant, gates and PPV buyrates were still falling drastically. In fact, Judgement Day, headlined by Eddie Guerrero vs. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, garnered one of the worst buyrates in the history of wrestling since the PPV era. Desperate for a turn-around, Vince McMahon decided to return the WWE to its roots…….literally. In a rash decision, Vince split the WWE into 5 separate factions. Aware that he would be significantly low in star power, Vince renegotiated contracts with superstars such as Brock Lesnar, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and Golbderg.

Northeast - led by Vince McMahon himself. It is based around the tri-state area. It contains brawlers like HHH, John Cena, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, and the Dudley Boyz. Vince, being Vince, also took Kane, citing "Limited Main Eventers" as the primary reason. The Madison Square Garden channel has graciously offered a prime-time slot for the Northeast on Monday evenings.

International - originally called Canada, it was expanded to WWE World for the purpose of the inclusion of Japanese talent as well. Shane McMahon has taken control of this wrestling-oriented fed. Hart alumni Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Lance Storm all belong to WWE International, stationed outside Toronto. Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, and William Regal also belong to this federation. It has a show on CBC on Tuesday nights. The show airs Early Evenings.

Southeast - snatched by Stephanie McMahon, this federation is based out of Miami, Florida. With superstars such as Goldberg, the Rock, and Ric Flair, it is full of star power. However, it also has a nice array of cruiserweights like the Hardy Boyz, The Hurricane, and Jamie Noble. Wednesday nights, the Southeast has a show on the Sunshine Network.

Southwest - With the McMahons gone, Vince is putting his business in charge of two of his biggest rivals, starting with Paul Heyman and the Southwest. The Southwest is an unique blend of brawlers like the Undertaker and Booker T, along with high fliers like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Operating out of Dallas, Texas, its TV show is on Thursday nights on America One.

Midwest - Finally, Eric Bischoff also gets his shot at running a company with the Midwest. With superstars such as Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Brock Lesnar, and Kurt Angle, the Midwest has a little bit of everything. Eric Bischoff has secured a TV spot at Fridays on the Local Network.

Each promotion has its own distinct characteristic and its own distinct way of booking. With five talented bookers(ok, 4 and Stephanie McMahon) heading their own writing team, the future of the WWE has certainly taken a turn for the interesting. See what happens when WWE Goes Regional!

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This *seems* to be a bit better than the majority of the other WWE split attempts. Just from the tidbits, you've appeared to divy up the roster pretty good.

Edit - Blue, you better do good with the 'ol Southwest. Or else ... *insert cheesy 80's menacing threat here* *insert evil world taker over laugh here*

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<center>WWE Northeast

Main Event

Triple H (H)

Upper Midcard

John Cena (F)

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield (H)

Kane (H)


A-Train (H)

Batista (H)

Bubba Ray Dudley (H)

D-Von Dudley (H)

Sean O'Haire (H)

Steven Richards (F)

Lower Midcard

Billy Kidman (F)

Chris Nowinski (H)

Johnny Stamboli (H)

Mark Jindrak (H)

Nunzio (H)

Spike Dudley (F)


Dawn Marie (H)

Stacy Keibler (F)


Mick Foley (F)

Tazz (F)

Vince McMahon (H)


Size: Regional

Public Image: 10

Money: $8,000,000

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WWE: Southeast

Main Eventers


The Rock

Upper Mid-Carders

Big Show

Billy Gunn


Matt Hardy


Brian Christopher


Hardcore Holly

The Hurricane

Jamie Noble


Lower Mid-Carders

John Heidenreich

Orlando Jordan

Rodney Mack

Shannon Moore


Ric Flair

Theodore Long



Stephanie McMahon


Josh Matthews

Gene Okerland

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WWE: Midwest

Owner: Eric Bischoff

Active Roster

(People you will see wrestling regularly)

Garrison Cade

Randy Orton


Scott Steiner

Shelton Benjamin

Rob Van Dam

Charlie Haas

Danny Basham

Doug Basham



Tyson Tomco

Brock Lesnar

Inactive Roster

People you won't see wrestling regularly/at all, but will be on-screen)

Jonathan Coachman


Torrie Wilson

Miss Jackie

Kurt Angle

Al Snow

Eric Bischoff

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Guest Small Blue

WWE Southwest

Owner: Paul Heyman

Chuck Palumbo

Johnny Nitro

Mark Henry

Molly Holly



Shawn Michaels


The Undertaker

Booker T

Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Sr.


Paul London

Tommy Dreamer

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Scotty 2 Hotty

Paul Bearer

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WWE:Northeast presents.......


Preview - August 2nd, 2004

A new era is about to begin! WWE goes regional kicks off with Unscripted Monday night on the Madison Square Garden network!

The owner of WWE:Northeast, Vince McMahon, will be present at the show. Expect major announcements to be made from Mr. McMahon regarding the future of WWE:Northeast.

Three big matches have already been signed. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield will wrestle in his adopted home town of New York against Steven Richards. Billy Kidman will have his hands full when he goes one on one with the monster, Batista. Finally, Chris Nowinski will make his return to the ring in a contest against another scholarly young man, John Cena.

With only 3 matches signed, you can expect a whole lot more news to be announced. Don't miss Unscripted. Mondays at 9:00 PM on the MSG network.

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Okay, I've got some predictions. :)

-Stevie vs JBL

Stevie will pick up the win, but not cleanly.

-Batista vs Kidman

Batista will make light work of Kidman, and squash him.

-Cena vs Nowinski

Cena will pick up the win, but still make Nowinski look good in his return match.

Also, I've got a present. Took ages to make, what with cutting and downloading PSD's. So, enjoy. If you use it, put it on your own host, if ya don't mind.

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Trade, End of the Month Shows, and More.

-The first inter-brand trade has been announced. Surprisingly, it is a 3-way deal between the Northeast, the Midwest, and the Southwest. The Northeast will send Mark Jindrak to Eric Bischoff's Midwest. In exchange, Ivory from the Midwest will be sent to Heyman's Southwest promotion. Johnny Nitro will be the newest star for Vince McMahon in the Northeast. You can see it here on WWE.com.

Northeast receives: Johnny Nitro

Southwest receives: Ivory

Midwest receives: Mark Jindrak

Although the Southwest appears to be getting the worse of the deal, it is all part of Paul Heyman's plan to bolster the women's division. Mark Jindrak is expected to continue his Gimmick infringement gimmick, while Johnny Nitro will soon make his debut as a full-time wrestler.

-The current plan in the WWE is for each regional promotion to run their own monthly extravaganza. It is not expected to be on PPV, but rather a long 2-3 hour show at the end of the month. More details on this to follow as we get it.

-The TV show for WWE:International, originally thought to be a main event slot, has been moved to an Early evening position. No reason was given by CBC or WWE.com, but insiders speculate that Vince does not believe that Shane McMahon has the ability to help churn out 2 hour shows every single week. From what we can tell, this move seems to more by the WWE.

-Several superstars are in negotiations with the WWE at this point, including Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Lex Luger. This is all part of Vince McMahon's plan to bring more star power to the separate feds. However, negotiations have been very rocky so far. Although the wrestlers are happy with the lesser traveling schedule, it also means a cut in salary.


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August 2nd, 2004

Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Welcome, everybody, to Unscripted, the hot new show of the Northeast! I am Michael Cole, and I am joined here tonight by none other than Tazz.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole. This is the first show of the WWE Goes Regional Era, and I have a feeling that it will be a great one!

Cole: We are joined here by over 20,000 fans here at Madison Square Garden to see history in the making.

Tazz: You gotta love the New York fans, Cole. I was born here, raised here, and this is my favorite place in the world.

No Chance In Hell

The lights go pitch dark for a second, and then the familiar “No Chance” is heard. The fans pop for the owner of WWE: Northeast, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Mr. McMahon struts out onto the stage, looking very pleased with the turnout. He continues down the ramp, and stops to shake hands with Donald Trump, who is sitting at ringside!

Cole: The Trumpster’s here?

Tazz: No doubt he wanted to be here for this historic occasion. That’s a million dollar handshake right there.

Vince exchanges a couple of kind words with Trump before walking up the steps. His music comes to an end, and he is handed a microphone. He stands around the ring, and takes a brief respite while the fans chant “Northeast, Northeast.” Finally, Vince begins to speak.

Vince: Welcome to WWE: Northeast! First of all, I would like to say thank you to all the fans who are here at this historic show as well as all the viewers watching at home on the Madison Square Garden Channel. WWE: Northeast could not be here without all of your support.

Vince claps his hands to show his gratitude, and the fans once again cheer.

Vince: You know, many people say that the WWE started here in the Northeast, and I believe that 100%. Many great superstars have come from these parts of the country, and later on tonight, you will see some of these great superstars in action! But first, I have just a little bit of business to attend to tonight.

The crowd grows very silent, waiting for what Mr. McMahon has to say.

Vince: Now, at my age, I can still be a very proud man. However, I must also be a realistic one. The truth is, I just don’t have the energy that I had before. I just didn’t have the ruthless aggression that I possessed years ago. So, I don’t want this to reflect on this show. So, what I have done, is invited a very special person here tonight to take on the duties as the new commissioner of WWE: Northeast!

Cole: A new commissioner! Oh my!

Tazz: I wonder who it is, Cole, but I know it’ll be good. It has to be.

Vince: This man has certainly paid his dues in many years and countless injuries in the WWE. He is from the state of New York, always ready with his cheap pops…

The fans start to realize who it is, and they go wild.

Vince: Ladies and gentlemen……..Commissioner Mick Foley!

Mick Foley’s music hits, and out comes the flannel-wearing, hand-waving Foley! He is wearing his trademark “Have a nice day” shirt, and gives his adoring fans high-fives on the way down the ramp. He rolls into the ring, and Mr. McMahon extends his hand out. After a brief moment of tension, they shake hands and embrace in the ring. The fans cheer, and Mr. McMahon walks out of the ring, leaving the ring for his new commissioner.

Mick Foley climbs the turnbuckles and poses for the fans, playing to the crowd.

Tazz: Mick Foley? I can’t believe it. Mick Foley is in WWE: Northeast as the new commissioner.

Cole: Well, we’ll hear from the commissioner in just a while right after these commercials!



New Commissioner

We’re back, and we join Commissioner Mick Foley in the ring. He starts to speak, but is cut off by the loud “Foley” chants.

Foley: Now, for those of you who might not know me……my name is Mick Foley. My previous experiences in this industry…hmm……I was the 1st ever Hardcore Champion. I am a multi-time tag team champion. I’ve won the WWE championship several times. I was a commissioner before, also with this company. Oh yeah, I’m also the Hardcore Legend.

The fans give a big pop for the last one, and Foley flashes one of his big smiles.

Foley: So, I guess you can say that I’ve had just a teeny weeny bit of experience with championships. Well, from my teensy weensy time with them, I’ve determined that this fed needs a champion!

Cole: You can say that again!

Tazz: This Foley guy’s a smart one, isn’t he?

Foley: But how do we determine the ones that deserve a title shot? Out of all these capable superstars, which ones are the ones that are the best? Well, that’s why tonight, in this very ring…….right here in New York City!

Tazz: Cheap Pop!

Foley: There will be a battle royal! Every single person in that locker room is eligible. The last two remaining in that ring will meet in four weeks at Total Annihilation, the first ever Northeast PPV! And they will be fighting for this championship belt! The Elite title!

A shot of the new title appears on the titantron. Madison Square Garden goes crazy for the latest announcement, as Mick Foley gives the camera a thumbs up.

Foley: Well, that’s all I have to say right now. But if I think of something else, you bet I’m going to come out here again. Enjoy the rest of the show, have a nice day!

Mick Foley leaves the ring as his music hits again.

Cole: Every superstar in WWE: Northeast is eligible to enter the battle royal!

Tazz: I can’t wait, Cole. What a terrific main event to start off Unscripted!



Steven Richards vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Steven Richards is already in the ring as we come back from break. He plays to the crowd for a bit, but that is interrupted by John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield’s music. Bradshaw walks down to the ring, holding a microphone.

Bradshaw: It feels so good, I have to say, to be back in my adopted hometown, New York City.

The crowd boos, as Bradshaw’s big grin suddenly turns into a frown.

Bradshaw: But you know what doesn’t feel good? Being greeted by all these lower-class people who probably wouldn’t know a stock portfolio from a taxicab. I really wish Vince could’ve advertised on Wall Street so we can fill up those sky box seats instead of those cheap upper deck seats in the upper atmosphere.

Bradshaw waves to the people up top mockingly as he steps into the ring.

Bradshaw: Ah. I see you’ve got a pair of binoculars. Good, you’re going to need it when you see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield kick this guy’s ass right now, whoever you are.

Steven Richards takes offence, and has to be restrained by the referee.

Bradshaw: And then, you can take it out again in the main event, when you get a close-up on this million-dollar smile as I claim one of the spots in the title match in the battle royal!

Bradshaw finishes the last sentence, and clocks Steven Richards in the head with the microphone. The bell hasn’t rung yet, so it’s still legal. Steven Richards goes down hard, and Bradshaw covers, trying to steal the match. 1……….2……..Steven Richards kicks out. Bradshaw unrelentlessly pulls Steven to his feet, and whips him into a corner. Bradshaw charges at Richards, and Stevie moves out of the way at the last second. Richards rolls Bradshaw up. 1……….2……Bradshaw kicks out. Richards gets to his feet, and is immediately knocked down by Bradshaw with a big shoulder block.

Steven Richards is holding his back, yelling in pain, as Bradshaw kicks him hard in the spine. Bradshaw covers again. 1………2…….Steven Richards gets the shoulders up. Richards tries to crawl away, and Bradshaw picks Richards up. JBL delivers a devastating Fall Away Slam! He covers again. 1………..2……… Steven Richards kicks out again. Bradshaw is getting frustrated, and he goes for a big elbow drop. Richards moves out of the way, and it’s nobody home. Bradshaw gets up, and gets planted by a Stevie T! Steven Richards covers. This could be it. 1………2………Bradshaw kicks out just before the 3 count.

Steven Richards is starting to pick up momentum. He climbs to the top rope. JBL staggers to his feet, and Richards hits a Double Axe Handle from the top rope! Richards covers again. 1……….2……JBL again kicks out. Richards plays to the crowd, and is calling for the Stevie Kick. He pats his knees, and Bradshaw turns around. Bradshaw ducks the Stevie Kick and runs into the ropes. Steven Richards turns around, and gets the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Bradshaw covers. 1………2…….3. That’s it.

Winner: Bradshaw

Bradshaw is all smiles, as we go to a commercial break.

(67/72/62 * ¾ )


Apprentice. Part II.

We see Bradshaw making his way to the locker room. He turns into a hallway, where he sees none other than Johnny Nitro.

Nitro: Mr. Layfield. That was an AMAZING match. Absolutely amazing.

Bradshaw: Why, thank you, son. Say, I know you. You’re that kid, Bischoff’s apprentice. Johnny um…..Johnny err..

Nitro: Johnny Nitro.

Johnny Nitro steps up and offers his hand for a handshake. Bradshaw takes it.

Bradshaw: That’s right, what are you doing here in the Northeast?

Nitro: Well, I was traded by the Southwest, and let me just say, I could not be happier to be here, talking to you.

Bradshaw: Is that so?

Bradshaw is clearly pleased, as the fans show their disapproval of the deliberate ass-kissing.

Nitro: I’ve always wanted to learn from the best, whether it was Eric Bischoff or anyone else. In this company, Mr. Layfield, you are exactly what I want to become. I mean, look at you, you’re rich, successful, and a hell of a wrestler.

Bradshaw: I like your attitude, kid. You’re not afraid to let people know your opinions.

Bradshaw chuckles.

Bradshaw: Say, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you come be my apprentice? You say you want to learn from the best, well, if Donald Trump or Bischoff can do it, then so can John ‘Layfield’ Bradshaw.

Nitro: You mean it?

Bradshaw: Of course I do. Now, first thing you have to get rid of is this horrendous get-up. Here’s um…500 dollars.

Bradshaw pulls out a wad of cash.

Bradshaw: Go buy yourself a nice suit.

Nitro: Thank you, Mr. Layfield.

Johnny Nitro runs off as Bradshaw is left saying to himself, “I like that kid.”


Johnny Nitro gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Evolution Reunion

We see Batista warming up in the locker room. The crowd is pretty much dead until Hunter Hearst-Helmsley enters the scene. Batista looks up, and the two are all smiles.

Triple H: I’ve been looking for you everywhere, man.

Batista: I just got in. How are you doing?

Triple H: I’m ok. You heard about Foley’s announcement?

Batista: Oh yeah. I’m excited. This could be my big break.

Triple H: Hell yeah, it’s going to be your big break. You see, even though Randy’s gone, and Ric is in Florida with all the other old people, the heart of Evolution is still together. Me and You.

Batista thinks about this for a minute, and the fans boo. Finally, Batista is all smiles as he shakes Triple H’s hand.

Triple H: You see, I knew from the beginning that YOU were going to be the big star. Not Randy Orton. YOU. So, how about it? Me and you? All the way tonight?

Batista: Sounds good, man. Listen, I have a match coming up later.

Triple H: Alright. See ya later.

Batista walks out, and Triple H is grinning from ear to ear.

Tazz: Well it looks like Evolution has picked up right where it left off.

Cole: If Batista and HHH team up tonight in that Battle Royal, they might be damn near impossible to stop!



Harvard PhD in Thuganomics?

“El Capitan” hits, and the young genius Christopher Nowinski marches out. He is making his return tonight, and also has his return match against John Cena. He is wearing his patented red tights with the yellow H for Harvard. He walks down to the ring, and gets booed by the fans of New York City.

Nowinski: Thank you. After a long absence from the ring, it is SO GOOD to be back in the WWE!

Tazz: Welcome back, kid.

Cole: Chris Nowinski was thought to have suffered a career-ending injury, but has fought hard to be back here in WWE: Northeast.

Nowinski: And tonight, you shall see me once again defy all the obstacles and climb to the top of the pinnacle. You see, a year ago, the doctors thought that I would never wrestle again. But I knew that I could prove them wrong. After all, I did go to Harvard, and to get into Harvard, you have to be cut from a special kind of cloth. Now, since most of you might be too obtuse to realize it, I am now sporting these handy sport goggles to help deal with some of the dizziness. But don’t worry, after I feel better, these will be coming off.

Nowinski smirks again, and the crowd boos, also shouting “asshole.”

Nowinski: So, I trained hard, and look at me today, I’m just as mobile and intelligent as I was before. Perhaps even more. In fact, I’m going to pitch an idea here tonight, bear with me. I believe that I, Chris Nowinski, am the smartest person in the world. That’s right.

Cole: Is he kidding me? This kid is so pompus.

Tazz: He could be, Cole, he is very intelligent.

Nowinski: So, if you think that you can stump me with a question, or if you think you are smarter than me, please…….email me at StumpNowinski@WWE.com . That’s right.

Yo, You think You’re Untouchable

The crowd goes wild as the Doctor of Thuganomics, sporting a Walt Frazier jersey walks out to a thunderous ovation. John Cena stands on the stage, and gets a standing ovation from the fans. He has a look of disbelief on his face as he holds up the microphone.

Yo, yo, yo!

Look at me, ma! I’m in New York City!

Chillin with my homies, and kicking back with Spike Lee.

The Big Apple……home of the Rangers, Yanks, and Knicks

Time to throw yet another winner into the mix.

We’re talking the Doctor of Thuganomics, that’s phD.

You might have some thick glasses, kid, but still you can’t see me.

I didn’t need to go to Harvard, I learned my sh*t on the streets

While you were taking tests and studying, I was lacing up my cleats.

I kicked ass like no thug ever kicked ass before,

And now I’m coming to the ring, to kick ass some more.

Oh yeah, stop using all these big words that you learned at school.

It might make you sound smarter, but you still look like a fool.

You think you’re strong, but you’re weak with no physique

Nothing but a little geek, who’s about to start his losing streak

And after I’m done with you, I’m going to win that battle royal.

I’m more valuable to this country than Iraq’s oil.

How about this, Chris, I’ve got an idea I want to pitch.

After I wipe the floor with you tonight, how about you be my b****

Cena holds the microphone up to the air, and the fans cheer. Nowinski looks outraged, and Cena gets to the ring. Cena is all smiles, as Nowinski takes in a deep breath and appears to be calming down.

Nowinski: You know, John. That was actually pretty good. I mean, it must take a lot of brains to come up with rhymes. Blue-Clue-Shoe-um……Dog doo. I can do it too.

Nowinski looks pretty proud of himself as he walks around the ring.

Nowinski: But you know what, just the mentioning of you and phD in the same sentence is a raucous sound for my ears. Besides, there isn’t even a course called thuganomics, at least not at Harvard.

Nowinski smirks again, and his face suddenly lights up.

Nowinski: You know, John, I just got a great idea. You see, not only will I beat you in the ring tonight, I can also beat you intellectually and verbally.

Cena: Whoa, homie. Are you challenging John Cena to a battle rap?

The fans approve of the idea, and chant “battle rap.” Nowinski, however, has a disapproving face.

Nowinski: Rapping? Please. That’s such trash. I’m talking about a great practice in wordplay. I’m talking about the invention of Francisco Petrarch, and popularized by William Shakespeare, I’m talking about a sonnet.

Nowinski says the last phrase with a snooty face, as he tilts his head up and starts pacing back and forth. After a couple of seconds, he strikes a dramatic pose.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

You’re both full of hot air, and that’s no lie.

Your vulgar words are a torrid display.

These fans may love you, but no one knows why

Methinks you’re all mouth and not enough brain

Dressed in jerseys and expensive throwbacks

Those dumbass clothes must be to ease the strain

Compensating for the brains that you lack.

As for your rhymes, so they’re no Dr. Seuss.

But they’re clever, as anyone will see,

If you’re so smart, where’s your stupid excuse

For not obtaining a Harvard degree?

That empty space in your brain is a cache.

A waste of god-given talent, just white trash.

Nowinski finishes, and the crowd is in awkward silence. Nowinski looks around, expecting cheers, but there isn’t a single cheer. John Cena is struggling to stifle his laughter.

Tazz: Wow, that was…errm….good. Very nice job by Christopher Nowinski.

Cole: That was horrible.

Tazz: Cole, you just don’t appreciate great art. He followed Iambic Pentameter and everything.

Nowinski’s face is so red at this point that it matches his crimson tights. John Cena starts clapping mockingly to add insult to injury. Nowinski, though, blindsides Cena with his microphone. A referee quickly runs down to the ring, and this match is underway!

Cole: Nowinski couldn’t out”rap” Cena, so he cheap shots him.


Christopher Nowinski vs. John Cena

Christopher Nowinski tries to get the early advantage. He stomps at Cena in the middle of the ring. John Cena, however, fights back. Nowinski whips Cena into the ropes, and Cena ducks an attempted clothesline. John Cena comes right back with a big forearm to the face, knocking Chris Nowinski down. Nowinski backs up to a corner, and John Cena advances. Cena runs at Nowinski, and hits him with a big turnbuckle clothesline. Christopher Nowinski staggers forward, and Cena hits him with a big right hand, knocking Nowinski down. John Cena covers. 1………2……Nowinski just kicks out.

Nowinski slowly gets to his feet, and John Cena charges at him. Nowinski ducks, and Cena goes flying over the ropes, hitting the ground hard. Nowinski follows Cena outside, and smashes his head into the ring steps. Cena’s noggin bounces off the ring steps, and Nowinski rolls Cena back into the ring. Christopher Nowinski catches Cena with a headlock, and drags the match down. The crowd starts getting behind John Cena, and Cena shows signs of life. He battles back with a big elbow to the ribs of Chris Nowinski. Nowinski is forced to release the hold, and Cena takes advantage by hitting the Throwback!

Both men are down in the middle of the ring, and the referee begins the 10 count. Both men stir to their feet around the 6 mark. Nowinski goes for a right hand, but it’s blocked by Cena. Nowinski goes for another one, and again Cena blocks it, and returns the favor. Nowinski hits Cena with a knee to the gut. Nowinski runs back and charges at Cena, and runs right into the MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER! Cena covers. 1………..2……..Nowinski kicks out! Nowinski pokes Cena in the eye, and goes for the Harvard Buster. Cena counters, however, and lifts Nowinski up in the air. Cena’s going for the F-U, but Nowinski counters and lands on his feet. Cena hits Nowinski with a huge DDT.

John Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle! He backs up, and hits the big elbow drop. Cena is stalking Nowinski. Nowinski turns around, and gets planted by Cena. F-U! Cena covers. 1………2…….3. Cena wins.

Winner: John Cena

(75/80/70 ** ½ )


Batista vs. Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman’s music hits and the young superstar runs down to the ring. Then the inauspicious music of Batista hits, and the 350 pound monster steps out. He steps over the ropes, and Billy Kidman goes and hits him with a dropkick to start the match. Batista shakes it off, and enters the ring. Kidman goes for a right hand, and Batista blocks it. Batista pushes Kidman into the ground, and sends him halfway across the ring. Billy Kidman gets right back to his feet, and runs at Batista again. Batista easily tosses Kidman over his shoulders. Batista covers. 1……….2…….Kidman kicks out.

Batista backs Billy Kidman to a corner, and hits him with a huge clothesline. Kidman looks to be out of it as he staggers forward. Batista charges at him with a huge shoulder tackle, and Kidman moves out of the way! Batista hits the steel pole, and Kidman takes the opportunity to re-organize himself. Batista stands up, holding his shoulders, and Kidman hits a big dropkick to his right side! Batista goes down. Kidman stomps away at the injured right shoulder of Batista. Billy Kidman goes up to the top rope. Batista just makes it to his feet, and Kidman flies through the air, hitting Batista with a big missile dropkick. Kidman covers. 1…….2……Batista kicks out.

Billy Kidman goes to the top rope again, but this time, Batista makes it to his feet. Batista goes to the top rope as well, and the two battle on the heights. Kidman hits a couple of big shots to Batista, but Batista uses Kidman’s head and bangs it against the top turnbuckle. Batista goes for a superplex off the 2nd rope, and Kidman counters just in time by hitting a right hand to the shoulder of Batista! Batista falls from the ropes, and Kidman stands up. The crowd is on its feet as Billy Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press! Kidman launches himself, and misses! Billy Kidman went for everything and got nothing.

Batista moved out of the way, and Kidman is now on the ground hurt. Batista quickly takes advantage. He stands Kidman up, and nails him with his Sit-Out Powerbomb. Batista covers. 1……….2…….3. That’s it.

Winner: Batista

After the match, Batista looks at Kidman with an angry face, before walking off to the back.

(72/75/69 **)


20 Man Battle Royal

Cole: The 20 man battle royal is about to begin!

Tazz: I have waited all night long for this match. It’s going to be a great one.

Cole: Well, here are the rules of tonight’s battle royal.

Rules of the Battle Royal

2 men will start in the ring, with another wrestler entering immediately after one another until every participant is in the ring.

Someone is eliminated when BOTH feet touch the floor.

There are no disqualifications, and referees will be stationed outside the ring.

Cole: Well, with that said, here comes the first participant!

The Dudley Boyz music hits, and Spike Dudley makes his way down to the ring! He gives the fans high-fives as he runs down to the ring, full of energy. He poses on the turnbuckle, and eagerly awaits the next person.

Entrant #1: Spike Dudley

We hear a train whistle, and A-Train walks out. A-Train gets booed as well as the usual “Shave your back” chants. He stands at the foot of the ramp for a second, before he starts to get into the ring.

Entrant #2: A-Train

Spike Dudley, though, is determined to get the upper hand. A-Train starts to climb up, and Spike kicks A-Train right in the shin. Train powers through it though. Spike hits A-Train with a right hand, but A-Train shakes it off. With one powerful shove, A-Train sends Spike Dudley halfway across the ring. A-Train backs Spike Dudley in a corner, while choking him with one foot. The next participants, however, comes out next.

Entrant #3: Johnny ‘The Bull” Stamboli

Entrant #4: Nunzio

The two members of the Full Blooded Italians run out together. Johnny the Bull pulls A-Train off Spike Dudley. Nunzio takes A-Train down with a dropkick to the knees, while Stamboli hits a big boot to the face of A-Train. The two continue to beat down A-Train. Spike Dudley goes to the top rope! Spike Dudley jumps right on the ribs of A-Train, and A-Train cries out in pain. Spike turns around, however, and gets destroyed by a huge clothesline from Johnny Stamboli.

Entrant #5: Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman joins the fray at #5. He runs out and hits Nunzio with a big dropkick. Johnny the Bull goes for a clothesline, and Kidman ducks. Kidman hits a dropkick to Stamboli as well, almost sending Johnny over the ropes. Nunzio runs at Kidman, and Kidman tosses him over the shoulder, out of the ring!

Elimination #1: Nunzio by Billy Kidman

Kidman turns around, celebrating his elimination, and gets planted by the Deraileur by A-Train. A-Train hits a big chop to Billy Kidman. Meanwhile, Johnny the Bull is working on Spike Dudley. Johnny goes for a knee to the gut, and Spike quickly moves out of the way. Spike Dudley takes Stamboli, and scales up the turnbuckles, looking for the Dudley Dog. Johnny the Bull pushes Spike off the top rope, and to the outside. Spike was just eliminated! Meanwhile, Sean O’Haire is the next entrant.

Elimination #2: Spike Dudley by Johnny Stamboli

Entrant #6: Sean O’Haire

O’Haire runs in and clocks Kidman with a clothesline. A-Train gets a right hand as well. Sean O’Haire is cleaning house. He picks Stamboli up, and tosses Stamboli out of the ring as well! He turns his attention to the A-Train. A-Train and Sean O’Haire exchange right hands, and O’Haire whips A-Train into the ropes. A-Train comes off the ropes, and right into a big powerslam by O’Haire. “El Capitan” hits again, and the young man from Harvard runs down to the ring once more.

Elimination #3: Johnny Stamboli by Sean O’Haire

Entrant #7: Chris Nowinski

Nowinski wisely enters the ring circumspectly and surveys the damage. He stays in one corner, and watches A-Train and O’Haire battle. O’Haire drops A-Train with a right hand, and turns his attention to Nowinski. Nowinski tells O’Haire to leave him alone, and of course, O’Haire goes after the Harvard graduate. A-Train double teams with O’Haire on Chris Nowinski. They whip Nowinski into the ropes, and hits him with a double flapjack. Nowinski cries out in pain. Kidman, though, goes to the top rope. Billy Kidman hits both Sean O’Haire and A-Train with a missile dropkick! It’s chaos in the ring, when…..


Entrant #8: Kane

Kane walks down to the ring as the arena goes black. The crowd is on their feet, while the wrestlers in the ring are feeling absolutely mortified. They all take their turns at Kane. Kane hits Kidman with a right hand. A-Train gets a big chop. Sean O’Haire steps into a side walk slam. Nowinski turns around, and Kane plants him with the CHOKESLAM! Kane has totally cleaned house, and it looks like he’s going to win the match at this pace. Kane picks A-Train up, and easily tosses A-Train out of the match. He does the same thing with Billy Kidman. He goes to throw O’Haire out when Batista runs down to the ring.

Elimination #4: A-Train by Kane

Elimination #5: Billy Kidman by Kane

Entrant #9: Batista

Batista and Kane engage in a staredown. Kane cracks his evil smile, and Batista attacks. The two giants exchange punches, and Batista gets the upper hand. Batista whips Kane into the ropes, and knocks Kane down with a big shoulder block! Batista picks Kane up, and goes to throw him out. Kane lands on his feet behind Batista, however, and hits a back drop! Batista hits the mat hard. Kane is back in control, and this time, he’s stalking Batista. Batista turns around, and Kane clutches his throat. Kane picks Batista up……..CHOKESLAM! Kane just chokeslammed Batista. O’Haire tries to use this opportunity to eliminate Kane. Meanwhile, a single firework hits the stage, as the Dudleyz music hits again.

Entrant #10: Bubba Ray Dudley

Entrant #11: D-Von Dudley

The Dudley Boyz both enter at the same time, and they both double team on Kane. Sean O’Haire joins, and it’s a 3 on 1 attack on Kane. Sean O’Haire somehow picks Kane up, and hits the Prophecy on Kane! Kane is slowed down for a second. Meanwhile, D-Von Dudley sees Chris Nowinski in the corner. He points to Bubba Ray, and they advance upon Nowinski. O’Haire stops them, however, and nails D-Von right in the face. He tries to do the same to Bubba, and Bubba hits Sean O’Haire with a big scoop slam. Bubba turns around, and gets run over by Batista.

Yo…..you think you’re Untouchable

Entrant #12: John Cena

John Cena enters the battle royal, and is the current fan favorite. Cena turns Batista around, and hits him with right hands. Sean O’Haire runs at Cena, and Cena ducks, sending O’Haire over the top rope! Cena sees the fallen D-Von in the center of the ring. Cena goes for the Five-Knuckle shuffle, but it’s interrupted by Kane! Kane picks up Cena, and goes for the TOMBSTONE! Luckily, Steven Richards runs in, and hits Kane, causing him to fall.

Elimination #6: Sean O’Haire by John Cena

Entrant #13: Steven Richards

Kane, Batista, John Cena, The Dudley Boyz, Steven Richards, and Nowinski still remain. Nowinski, picking his spot, has emerged once again. Nowinski is battling with John Cena in one part of the ring. Meanwhile, Kane is back up, and again wreaking havoc. Kane is battling both the Dudley Boyz. Steven Richards tries to help on Kane, but Batista picks him up, and hits him with a Powerbomb right out of the ring! That looked brutal.

Elimination #7: Steven Richards by Batista

Batista turns around, and gets hit by the 3-D! The Dudley Boyz nail the 3-D on Batist. John ‘Layfield’ Bradshaw is the next man in. Bradshaw runs in, and immediately addresses the Dudley Boyz. Bradshaw tries to form a coalition with the Dudleyz against Kane. Bradshaw directs the traffic, and joins with Chris Nowinski and the Dudley in a 4 on 1 attack on Kane.

Entrant #14: John ‘Layfield’ Bradshaw

The other three hold Kane, while Bradshaw charges. Bradshaw nails Kane with the Clothesline from Hell. Bradshaw congratulates the Dudley Boyz, and promptly throws D-Von out of the ring! Bubba Ray looks infuriated, and charges at Bradshaw. It’s no use, however, as Nowinski hits Bubba with the Harvard Buster. Bubba gets eliminated by the combined forces of Nowinski and JBL.

Elimination #8: D-Von Dudley by JBL

Elimination #9: Bubba Ray Dudley by Christopher Nowinski and JBL

Nowinski and Bradshaw set their sights on John Cena. Cena tries to battle back against both men, but is soon overwhelmed. He gets help from an unexpected source as Kane pulls Bradshaw off of him. Kane hits Bradshaw with the Chokeslam in retaliation for the Clothesline from Hell. Kane and Batista go back to work on each other. In the corner, Cena ducks a Nowinski right hand, and hits the F-U on Christopher Nowinski for the 2nd time tonight. This is the moment, however, for the final entrant of the battle royal.


Entrant #15: Triple H

Triple H runs in, and immediately throws out Christopher Nowinski with a big right hand. This leaves the final five in the battle royal as John Cena, Triple H, Kane, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, and Batista. Batista and Triple H purposely work together. They start on John Cena, as Kane and Bradshaw exchange right hands. Bradshaw goes for the clothesline from hell once again, but Kane ducks this time, and sends Bradshaw out of the ring and out of the battle royal.

Elimination #10: Chris Nowinski by Triple H

Elimination #11: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield by Kane

Once again, Kane pulls Batista off of Cena, and knocks him down with a right hand. Triple H also goes for Kane, and kicks him in the stomach. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but John Cena blindsides him across the back of the head. Cena picks Triple H up in the air, and slams him down with the F-U! The crowd is on their feet, as Cena signals that it’s time to get Triple H out of there. Batista, however, runs in. Kane quickly cuts him off. Meanwhile, HHH hits a low blow on John Cena to stay out of trouble. Kane and Batista are striking away by the rope. Smelling victory, HHH desperately pushes Batista into Kane. Kane is eliminated as Batista knocks Kane over the top rope. Batista, however, is also teetering, only hanging on by one hand.

Elimination #12: Kane by Batista via Triple H push

HHH, without hesitating, for one second, steps on Batista’s fingers, causing Batista to drop to the floor. Batista is eliminated, and HHH joins John Cena as the two survivors of the 15-man battle royal!

Elimination #13: Batista by HHH

Winners: John Cena and HHH


Triple H quickly leaves the ring, as Batista is furious outside the ring. The referee raises John Cena’s hand in victory in the ring.

Cole: Can you believe what HHH did? He said that they had an alliance! He betrayed his partner, Batista.

Tazz: Well, a partnership can only take you so far in a battle royal. In the end, it was not Batista, but rather John Cena, that will join HHH at Total Annihilation.

Cole: What a great way to kick off WWE:Northeast!

Tazz: We’ll see you back here next week for more Northeast action.

Cole: Good night, everyone!

Tazz: See ya!

Overall Rating: 78






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Those dumbass clothes must be to ease the strain

Did the ultra-snobby Harvard graduate just say 'dumbass'? :P

Apart from the really, really, really hard-to-visualise Chris Nowinski promo's, and the fact that McMahon and Tazz both broke kayfabe and turned "cheap pop" into a catchphrase (<_<) that was pretty good (Y)

Nunzio could've done more in the battle royal though. His only involvement was getting eliminated by Kidman :/ Nunzio is normally comedy gold :(

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Just wanted to comment on how much I love the concept. It's like the NWA: Domination scenario, only it came before it. With Chally involved, all should be well.

... Oh, that Small Blue fella, and TheReilDeal, and thuganomic. Whoever I forgot. They're good too.

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