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The '90s Are All That/Childhood Nostalgia Thread


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In "Fuck" news, fuck, when will Young Justice start airing again? Fucking Cartoon Network keeps pushing back the airdates for new episodes. It's probably going to get shitcanned, and it was a good show. Goddamnit.

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Ehhh, I don't necessarily disagree with that one, they took away the one sympathetic part of his character (that I can remember). Plus, don't Doug and Roger work together a few times throughout the Disney series? That would make a lot more sense if he had some sympathetic qualities rather than being both stinking rich and a jerk.

But really, it's been a long time since I watched Disney's Doug, so I can't remember specifics.

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Yeah, it should be noted I remember barely anything about Doug now, to the point where hearing the "very expensive" catchphrase last night was the one time the block had me in stitches because I'd totally forgotten about it.

... fuck, I feel like this thread should be moved to Movies & TV or something.

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I liked Disney's Doug. I just remember being happy that Doug was back.

Also, the promos for 90s Are All That reminded me of childhood sooo much. I remember coming home on sweaty fall days and sitting down with a snack and watching Nick's afternoon block, hosted by the ever-awesome Stick Stickley! With U-Pick! And U-Dip! Man.

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