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Name all the robots.

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How is Henry a robot? It's a vacumn cleaner! Now the thing from Teletubbies, that's a different story altogether. That's a vacumn cleaner that's also a robot!

Though, this is semi annyoing caus alot of them look familiar but I can't remember from where. >_<

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I also see Alpha-5, that funky owl robot from Clash of the Titans, the shitty robots from Robots, the shitty robot from I Robot, the shitty robot from Bicentennial Man, Tom Servo, and like a whole bunch of others.

Oh, and I found WALL-E.

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Andrew from Bicntennial Man

Bender, Robot 1X and Calculon from Futurama

Sonny from I-Robot

Goddard from Jimmy Neutron

The Tin Man from Wizard of Oz

Alpha from Power Rangers and

I found Wall-E

Go left from the W in where at the bottom of the page and when you hit the white robot go up 2 more robots and bam!

I'd probably get more if I tried harder.

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The Smash robot is pretty cool to see if you can get that reference, which I assume is limited to Brits.

Don't know their names but there's one from Bucky O'Hare and the Sonic cartoon. Plus you have the Android mascot, Linguo (...dead?!) and Johnny 5!

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The Terminator

Bill and Ted



Sentinel from The Matrix

Cylon from BSG

Geth from Mass Effect

Grounder from Sonic

Marvin from Hitchhikers

What looks like a Protectron from Fallout

Bad Robot logo

Alpha 5 from Power Rangers

Smash Robots



Wheelie (Transformers)

Sgt. Bash from Robot Wars

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