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Mario Winans - I Dont Wanna Know V2


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I was just watching a music channel a song came up. You know how Frankie did a reply to Eamons song, well the same has happened with this. It was the same music as the Winans song, but different lyrics and it was in reply to his. It's by The Pirates and its called 'You Should Really Know'.

Do you guys think this is gonna be the new trend in music where people write songs in reply to others? I actually quite like the concept and can definitely see more artists doing the same thing.

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I don't like the "replies", per say, but the "taking other scenarios in songs and expanding on it" is nice.

Example: Canibus using the character 'Stan' from Eminem's song of the same name, and does something with him, that of which I forgot. I know in the song, the first bit is Canibus seeing Stan drive over the bridge.

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Well I doubt it, but I did hear that song today actually and it's pretty damn good. Mario Winans version got boring after a while, the only reason I ever liked it was because I love Diddy, and well he was in the song. I've never really seen any other reply songs, minus the piece of shit Franky song, which wasn't any better than that pile of crap by that dickhead.

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There was a reply back to the Ying Yang Twins' "Naggin" on their recent album. The track right after it, I forgot who did it.

And yeah, that reply song sucked too. If this is a trend starting, it really sucks.

Best, and only good, reply song ever: "No Pigeons" by Sporty Thievez. The original blew chunks. This was good.

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See I hate this stuff. Women come out with songs attacking men all the time, and they don't get replied to (that I've heard) but a man comes out with a song of his own sayin that his girl is dirty or a nagger (in the Ying Yang case) and theres reply to try and rde the coat tails.....get original.

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I wish people would write songs about shit that mattered, instead of how much they faux hate other musicans.

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Guest Angry Baboon

No, because it's been done for years.

In the 70's it was Neil Young's "Southern Man" which was replied to by Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama"

Also note that in the 40's, There were constant references to other artists (There are countless mentions of the phrase 'Dust my broom' and 'Travelling Riverside Blues' in the blues albums I have)

Jus' displaying my musical knowledge. Me > everyone


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Squancho I thought "Alabama" was the song that "Sweet Home Alabama" was the answer too?

As it has been stated answer songs are an old tradition. Just now they're doing it and not doing it well.

Some examples

Irving Berlin -God Bless America

Answer song: This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie

The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band

Answer: The Devil Went Back To Georgia - Johnny Cash and The Charlie Daniels Band

Wind Beneath My Wings

Answer: The Race - Kris Kristofferson


Found These at a website

An answer song is a song that refers directly or indirectly to another song, or is meant as a reply to another song: these are not songs which simply refer to other artists or to songs in general, or include samples or riffs from other songs. The lyrics refer directly to another particular song. Songs in alphabetical order.

"Garden Party" by Rick Nelson is a rueful comment on the audience at a Madison Square Garden show that booed him when he played some of his new songs:

"God Save The Queen" by the Sex Pistols refers to "God Save The Queen", naturally.

Memories" by Leonard Cohen refers "Jezebel" by Frankie Laine and to "Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael

"Runnin' Down A Dream" by Tom Petty refers to "Runaway" by Del Shannon:

"Stan" by Eminem refers to an urban legend concerning Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"

"Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones was recorded as an answer song to "Revolution" by The Beatles.

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