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credit ~ AntiStraightEdgeWrestling.com

Page, Steiners, Unknown to Start 'Global Alternative'

With the recent release of Scott Steiner from World Wrestling Entertainment, many were wondering wether, one, Steiner could still bring it in the ring, and two, just where would he go. With little work for a name of the stature of Steiner in the US, NWA: Total Nonstop Action was a possibility, and there were rumors that he had contact with All Japan Pro Wrestling. Today, both of those rumors were proven false, as Steiner, along with his brother Rick, and the newly un-retired Diamond Dallas Page, have joined with a relative unknown, Gabriel Price, in a new venture, a truly 'global' company, the World Wrestling Alliance.

We were able to get a few words with the man who will be head of the writing team, Gabriel Price.

AsXe: ' Welcome. I'd like to get right into the questions, if thats alright.'

Price: ' No problem.'

AsXe: ' You're a relative unknown in the wrestling business. How did you get into it, and how did you get hooked up with the Steiner's, and Page?'

Price: ' Well, I did some small time stuff for XPW, I had been training at the Asylum, which was hardly the type of school you get a great start with, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, I was training, and I took a bad bump, trying to 'skin the cat'. Same type of injury as Ricky Steamboat. Anyway, from there, I ended up helping Kevin Kleinrock, the real man behind the booking of XPW, until Douglas got there, you know, back when it was good. I was doing some stuff, and I caught on with World Wrestling All-Stars, McManus's group. There, I met Scott, and as they say, the rest was history.'

AsXe: ' So what have you been doing since the close of McManus's WWA, and Scott's release from WWE?'

Price: ' Just some small time stuff, and some TV and radio work. I have a communications degree, so it pays the bills, but wrestling is my love.'

AsXe: ' I see. What is going to make WWA different from other promotions?'

Price: ' Well, we're taking a global perspective on things. Yeah, there are promotions that run in many different countries, like WWE, but when they go to say, England, the show dosen't really mean anything. Nothing happens, you know? Their not giving local talent a shot either. Thats what we hope to do. We've already got a time slot set up with the cable network F/X, to air a two hour program each week. To get around the complications of travel and such, we'll be keeping an office here in LA for post production, and it will be a taped program, due to time differences and such, but when we say global, we mean global. Our first show is in Los Angeles, then we'll be in Vancouver, and Chicago, and then... who knows? We pledge to go to as many places as we can, spread the word of pro wrestling, expand the horizons of the US fanbase, let them see some things they haven't seen. We already have a number of US and other workers that have signed on to make the trip. We're like the Navy, join up, and see the world.'

AsXe: ' Very interesting. I'll love to see how you pull it off. Now, I know you wanted to touch base on something very close to you, the importance of actual wrestling, in WWA.'

Price: ' Yeah. Wrestling is something I think has been overlooked, at least on a mass scale, in the US. Sure, the indies are all about wrestling, but the casual fan dosen't see that. He gets what WWE feeds him. I've been around, and I've talked to a lot of people, and they want wrestling. Its all about the in ring action in WWA. Sure, we'll have reason for people to care about the matches, but the matches are the priority. We aren't going to hand out titles based on who you are, who you're sleeping with, or who you're friends are. In fact, we will be crowning out first World Heavyweight, and World Junior Heavyweight champions at our first PPV, Extinction Level Event, which, as of right now, we are planning for September 26th, in Glasgow, Scotland. The contender's for the titles will be decided by wins and losses, by their performance, on the shows leading up to ELE.'

AsXe: ' Refreshing.'

Price: ' I hope so.'

AsXe: ' So when is your first show?'

Price: ' The taping is Friday, September 4th, at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, here in LA. The show will air Tuesday's, at 9PM, on F/X.'

AsXe: ' Thank you, and good luck.'

Price: ' The pleasure was all mine.'

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World Wrestling Alliance Traveling All-Stars

Brian XL

The Modern Day Warrior Chris Kanyon

Christopher Idol Color Man

The Straight Edge Superstar CM Punk w/ Lucy Furr

The Enforcer CW Anderson

Damien 666

David Flair

Diamond Dallas Page

Glenn Spectre w/ Halloween Barbie


Hardcore Ninja #1 w/ Joel Gertner

Hardcore Ninja #2 w/ Joel Gertner

Joey Styles Play by Play

Josh Prohibition

Justin Credible

Da Juice Juventud Guerrera

The Brazilian Suplex Machine Kafu

Iron Matt Cross


Rick Steiner

Scott Hall

Scott Steiner

Sean O'Haire

Sean Waltman

Simon Diamond

The King of Old School Steve Corino

The Insane Luchadore Super Crazy

Super F'N Dragon

The WWA Traveling All Stars are the men and women signed to compete around the world, both against international local talent, and each other. They are the backbone of the WWA ideal.

WWA Entrance Music

WWA Theme ~ Duality Slipknot

Glenn Spectre ~ Leper Extascy Sci-Fi Life & Death

Samoa Joe ~ Samoan Violence House Produced

Hardcore Ninjas ~ Mortal Kombat Techno Theme (WWA Remix)

Diamond Dallas Page ~ Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana

Kafu ~ Tom Sawyer Deadsy

Super Dragon ~ Rockets on the Battlefield Kool Keith

Sci-Fi Life & Death is the World Wrestling Alliance house band

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World Wrestling Alliance Title Histories

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World Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title

To Be Decided September 26th @ Extinction Level Event

user posted image

World Wrestling Alliance Junior Heavyweight Title

To Be Decided September 26th @ Extinction Level Event

Junior Heavyweight Limit 225lbs. Junior Heavyweights may compete for the WWA Heavyweight Title, if they earn, by their performance against heavyweights, their ranking.

Rankings removed.

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The World Wrestling Alliance presents

International Incident

on F/X

Taped at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California

We start the top of the hour, of the debut of the World Wrestling Alliance, with no fanfare. No intro video, no crowd shot, no commentary, nothing.

Just Juventud Guerrera and Brian 'Spanky' Kendrick, in the ring, identified as such by a small graphic on the bottom of the screen. Kendrick is under the 'Spanky' name only. Spanky is sporting green trunks, and has discarded a yellow Hawai'ian shirt and a green 'Mad Hatter' style hat in the corner, where it is quickly swept away by a ring attendant. Juvi is sporting white pleather pants, and a black bandanna holding his braided hair back.

The quality of the atmosphere is just a step above TNA, more professional, cleaner looking. The ring apron is black, and the floor of the ring is grey. Black steel posts, grey turnbuckle pads, and black top and bottom ropes with a grey middle rope. The WWA logo is on the mat, in the middle of the ring, and on the lengths of the ring apron.

Spanky extends his hand to Guerrera, who looks at it, then slaps it away, adding a cocky retort that the crowd cannot hear, but probably was along the lines of 'man, fuck joo'. The crowd of 455 at the LA Sports Arena began to cheer, as the bell is officially rung, and the two begin to circle.

Juventud Guerrera versus Spanky

The two circle, and eventually lock up, but it turns into an 'I can armdrag you better then you can armdrag me' contest. The two finally end up right were they started, and Juvi charges, but gets a dropkick to the knee, and Spanky goes to work over the leg. Even high flyers would like to ground other high flyers. Spanky continues to work the knee, and tries to get the hometown crowd, as he was announced as hailing from Orange County, into it, and succeeds. Juvi fights the hold, and gets into the ropes, pulling himself up when Kendrick releases the hold.

Juvi slams his hand on the ropes, irate and frustrated, as Spanky beckons him again. Juvi rushes again, but this time he slides under Spanky, and gets a waistlock from behind, rolling him up in a prawn hold for a quick two. Its Spanky's turn to be angered at letting it happen, but he dosen't have much time before he's caught with a dropkick to the chest from Juvi, dumping him out of the ring. As Kendrick is on the outside, Guerrera looks to take a run up and springboard to the outside, but pulls up short as Spanky moves, leaving Juvi to instead taunt and badmouth him.

Spanky tries to climb back into the ring, but Juventud baseball slides him into the guardrail, and then gets his run up, coming off the top with a springboard plancha suicida, popping the crowd. The two then fight on the outside, with Guerrera getting the advantage, and rolling Kendrick back into the ring.

Once inside the ring, things change in the face's favor, as Kendrick suprises Guerrera with a hammerlock counter to headlock attempt, and then kicks Juvi's knees out, dropping him to them. Spanky releases the hammerlock, and goes for the leg, attempting to put on a sharpshooter, but Juvi kicks him in the ass, sending Kendrick into the turnbuckle, and allowing Juvi to roll him up as he staggers out. We get a lucha-esque nearfall sequence, and neither man can gain more then a one and a half count, and both end up on their feet to applause from the crowd.

Another lockup, and this time Juvi scores with the 'heel kicks face in the stomach during lockup' schtick, then drives Spanky down with a neckbreaker, before heading to the second rope. Leg drop gets two, and Juvi makes the mistake of arguing with the ref, and gets school boy'd. However, as he falls back, he pulls the ref down wiith him by 'accident', giving him the time needed to escape with no count. He pops back up, and takes over a confused Kendrick with a standing headscissors, then heads up top, and scores with a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle to a rising Spanky. Keeping up the offense, Juvi hooks him up for a Juvi Driver, but Kendrick counters into a pinning predicament, and we get another nearfall sequence, but this time Guerrera comes out standing, with Kendrick in position for the Juvi Driver, which he nails! Cover is elementary, and the first of our WWA Traveling All Stars has picked up a win.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera via Juvi Driver



Juvi stands tall in the ring, taunting both Kendrick and the crowd, as we go to commercial, still with no fanfare or commentary.

During commercials, a video for the main event of International Incident is shown, hyping the Scott Steiner/'Macho Man' Randy Savage matchup thats will happen later tonight. Steiner looks to be in great shape from the video, and Savage looks insane, which I guess is usual for him.


We are back from commercial, and now we get the intro to International Incident, set to Duality by Slipknot. Action shots of the workers, along with a United Nation's worth of flags highlight the intro video. As it fades out, we get a shot of the crowd, and then some face time for the announcers.

Most wrestling fans will recognize Joey Styles, here looking, and sounding, as you will see, better then he has in years. Next to him sets the unknown Christopher Idol. Idol is a young man in a suit and tie, with a smirk on his face. Think Fox Sports' Max Kellerman, and you'll get the feel, without the New Yawkness.

Joey Styles: ' Fans, what you just saw was the World Wrestling Alliance showing you that we remember that it still says wrestling on the marquee. We're the Global Alternative, bringing you the best wrestling, something we know you've been missing.'

Christopher Idol: ' Damn straight Styles. Here in WWA, it isn't about who you know, who's daughter your banging, or even who's yo' daddy. Its about whats in the ring. We're going to bring you the best talent from around the world, from around the world! We're the first company, that on a week to week basis, will be in a different location, and we don't mean just the US and Canada. I'm talking Japan, England, Germany, Mexico. Anywhere there's a wrestler that deserves a shot, we'll be there.'

Styles: ' Right. Tonight we're in Los Angeles, next week, Vancouver. After that, who knows? Mexico City, Honolulu, a bingo hall... anywhere and everywhere, WWA is there.'

As they speak, some gothic sounding music starts up, as Style's introduce's the home audience to the masked Glenn Spectre, who is accompanied by his valet/manager, the lovely, yet wicked Halloween Barbie. Spectre is wearing a simple white mask, which black highlights, black pants, and a white 'wifebeater' shirt, with a sleeveless hoody over it. HB is dressed in black, with stockings. They slowly walk to the ring, taking their time, and taunting the fans. Spectre finally climbs in the ring, as Idol is going nuts over how hot Halloween Barbie is.

Finally, pounding drumbeats and a Pacific Island sound herald the entrance of the current Ring of Honor champion, Samoa Joe. Joe is not announced as the RoH champion, instead, Styles just acknowledges him as a 'champion'. Samoa Joe wastes no time in getting to the ring, and once he does, he tears into Spectre.

Glenn Spectre w/ Halloween Barbie vs. Samoa Joe

Look, I'm not even going to insult your intelligence by writing this one out. Joe pounded Spectre into the corner, tossed him around a bit, put some Samoan Violence© on him, then forced him to tap to the Joejigatame. Total squash, though Spectre got in a bit of offense, which Joe shrugged off with his fighting spirit, not to be confused with no selling. Pretty crap match, though not through lack of effort from Joe, who brought his usual intensity and goods.

Winner: Samoa Joe via Joejigatame



Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were backstage. They bitched about not being on the card, then said that they damn sure were going to be there next week. Hall did his survey schtick, asking who came to see the 'Macho Man', and who came to see himself and Waltman. Crowd boo'd him, and he did his normal 'one more for the good guys' thing. Both men looked suprisingly sober, and the promo was solid. If they bring the goods next week, I look forward to it.


[Commercial Break]

Back to ringside, where the Hardcore Ninjas, announced as hailing from Fabertown, Japan, make their entrance. Nice to see that Vinny Mac's not the only one stealing talent. The Ninjas are accompanied by Joel Gertner, who does his usual stuff, but keeps it PC, for the kiddies you know. Ninjas pull out and set up a table at ringside before their opponents are even out, so I'm hoping for some hardcore goodness.

Next out are the team of Youthanazia, Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20, going under the 'Iron' Matt Cross name here. They rush the ring, sending Gertner scattering to the outside, and start this one off quick, with all four men in the ring.

The Hardcore Ninjas w/ Joel Gertner vs. Youthanazia

A fun high spot match up that took home the award for in ring action of the night, but loses match of the night to Juvi/Spanky, due to the crowd, and the way that WWA handled it. That was superb. Lots of bumping, jumping, and dumping. Nice baseball slide into a ringside 'rana by Cross on #2, and Prohibition took a Fabertown Horror onto a chair from #1, but the count got broken up. Prohibition came back with an array of suplexes, and layed out #2 into a Leap of Faith by Cross, but Cross ended up taking the big bump through the table on a suplex to the outside by #1. This lead to the finish, as Prohibition schooled the Ninja in the ring, and nailed him with the Prohibition Plex for the duke.

Winner(s): Youthanazia via Prohibition Plex (Prohibition pin. Ninja #1)



The moment you've all been waiting for, as 'Macho Man' Randy Savage was in the back. It was a time warp back to the 80s as he hit the catchphrases, then brought it back to the future with what I guess is his new line, 'Be a Man'. Savage said he was going to drop Steiner, then climb up and leap off, driving his elbow through Steiner, leaving a dent in the floor under the ring. If you say so Mach'.


Next out in the ring was the 'Straight Edge Superstar' CM Punk. Punk was sporting an outfit similar to what he had in TNA, which is the black trunks with trim, and no shirt. The Pepsi tattoo is prominently displayed. I wonder if he gets endorsements for that. He was accompanied by Lucy Furr, who you might know better as Daffney from World Championship Wrestling. Take notes, that'll come into play later.

Second out was WCW manchild, and WWE castoff, Sean O'Haire. Sean still has that swank overcoat/trunk combo. I need to buy my mom one of those coats for Christmas. I don't know if he's still doing the 'I'm not telling you anything you don't already know' gimmick, but if he ain't, he's sure dressed the same.

CM Punk w/ Lucy Furr vs. Sean O'Haire

Punk, suprisingly to some, took it to O'Haire in the early going, showing that regular work on the indy circuit will better prepare you for the ring then trying to latch on with Pride. Or F1, or UFC, or whatever the hell O'Haire was going to do. The bigger O'Haire was able to come back after a low blow that had Lucy cringing, but it wasn't enough, as Punk nailed him with a 'curb stomp', then took him to the corner for the Pepsi Plunge. It was not to be however, as with the ref distracted by Lucy's glee, David Flair, made a run in, and pushed Punk off the top, giving Sean the spot he needed to hit the Widowmaker followed by the Seanton Bomb, for the win. Afterwards, as O'Haire left, Flair stuck around and yelled at Lucy, although he called her Daffney, until Punk was able to rise and the two brawled out of the arena, with Lucy/Daffney following. This is confusing.

Winner: Sean O'Haire by Interference followed by Seanton Bomb.


[Commercial Break]

Back from the fridge, and with fresh Hot Pockets™, ready for action. Hey, its me, its me, its DDP! Page is in the ring with a mic, and with his recent return to in ring action, albeit limited, I'm actually looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Suprise, suprise. Unfortunately, we're having technical difficulties, as the mic ain't working. While Styles and Idol ponder this on commentary, Page slaps the mic against his hand a few times, but still no cigar. A moment passes as he looks towards the entrance, and who is that I spy, with my little I, something that starts with c? Steve Corino leads his cronies, who we would later find out carried the Extreme Horsemen name over from Major League Wrestling, Justin Credible, Simon Diamond, finally free of that 'Irish' Patrick Kenney non push, and 'The Enforcer' CW Anderson out.

Corino's got the STICK~!, copyright some other guy, and he's calling Page out, saying 'Its guys like you that keep guys like me from our destiny'. Corino goes on to talk about how he respects the old school, but he dosen't respect guys that don't know when to hang it up, Page had already retired, why didn't he keep his ass at home. Page tries to respond, but his mic is still out, to which Corino replies 'I wonder what happened', then all for Extreme Horsemen smile, and advance on the ring. Page looks for a way out, but 4 on 1 ain't my kind of odds, and he takes out Credible with a Diamond Cutter before getting beat down. Anderson and Diamond drop him with a double spinebuster, before Corino kicks him out of the ring, and orders a ring attendant to take 'the has been' to the back, because C Dubbya and Simon have a match.


They don't have to wait long, as Mexico's Most Wanted, face paint and all, make their way out, charging the ring. Anderson and Diamond are waiting for them, and discretion is the better part of valor, so instead of running headlong into a massacre, MMW hop up on the apron, and when charged, flip over the two, then knock Corino and a recovering Credible out of the ring with a pair of dropkicks, to clear the ring.

Simon Diamond & CW Anderson w/ Steve Corino & Justin Credible vs. Mexico's Most Wanted

The early going is all luchadores, as with Corino and Credible out at ringside, Diamond and Anderson don't know how to counter the unique and mysterious (Thanks Lita!) style of the painted MMW. Dropkicks, armdrags, and wacky lucha submissions and cradles keep the two Extreme Horsemen off their feet, and although Anderson is able to plant Halloween with a spinebuster, he's unable to capitalize as both men are down. The tag is made, and Diamond eats boot, but the ref is unable to watch both of the now recovered Corino and Credible, and while Corino distracts the ref, Credible hot shots Damien 666 on the ropes, then takes out Halloween, as Anderson and Diamond nail a Spike Piledriver to pick up the victory.

Winner(s): Simon Diamond and CW Anderson via Spike Piledriver (Diamond pin. Damien 666)



Before we go to break, we are subject... I mean, HONORED, to be party to a Scott Steiner promo. Steiner has dropped the 'Big Poppa Pump' stuff, going as far as to say 'F*** the Freaks, and F*** the Peaks'. I thought that was the idea anyway, well, with the freaks at least. He says he's going to rip Savage a new asshole, because this is the new Scott Steiner, and he dosen't give a damn about Savage, or anyone else. Not even your mom Scott? I like the new, even more bad ass Steiner, but he's still semi-incoherent.


[Commercial Break]

We are back, and with just about 20 minutes left. Steiner is out first, with pounding music, similar to Goldberg's, but not close enough to call it a rip off. He's sporting simple black and silver trunks, and has the sunglasses and the died hair, but no women or anything extra. He climbs up on the turnbuckle, and looks out at the crowd, but dosen't flex or taunt them. Looks like he's all business.

Savage is the second man out the gate, to Pomp and Circumstance. Forget O'Haire's coat, I want a Macho Man hat! He's accompanied by a nameless valet, probably a local stripper, and he's playing to the crowd, giving out hand slaps and everything. He pauses for the spin, but Steiner has had enough, and goes to the outside to get this one started.

Scott Steiner vs. Randy Savage

Better then expected, and the crowd loved it. The time off has done Steiner some good, as he didn't look as sluggish as he did in WWE, and *gasp*, actually carried the match! No high spots to speak of, but Savage did take a nice bump into the steel post in the early going, and was bleeding by the time they got back into the ring. It was all Steiner, as he visciously pounded away on Savage, but Macho was able to mount a comeback, firing off rights, then hitting a big clothesline, and he was feeling it. He headed up top, but Steiner avoided the Big Elbow Drop, and locked the Steiner Recliner on Savage, forcing the submission victory.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Submission



At first, Steiner refused to remove the hold, but upon being told by the referee that the decision would be reveresed, he relented. As he stood on the ropes, once again all business, but with a determined, almost mean, look in his eyes, Styles hyped the next show, especially Hall and Waltman, as well as Rick Steiner, while Idol marveled over Steiner's dominance.

Overall: 73

Attendance: 455

Television Rating: 1.01 out of a possible 1.10

Note: The first segment, plus the commentary was done that way to for effect. International Incident will be mostly in short form, unless their is a segment I deem needs to be done in long form. PPVs will be in full written out long form.

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International Incident Preview

September 14th, 2004


The World Wrestling Alliance will be in the great white north, thats right, Vancoucer, British Columbia, Canada, ready to bring YOU the Global Alternative!

With some of the biggest names in Canadian wrestling, such as the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Pierre Carl Oulette, and Phil LaFon, we continue to bring you the best wrestling from around the world!

Oulette will be in action with the baddest man in the WWA, Scott Steiner, as he tries to do what 'Macho Man' Randy Savage could not do in our debut in Los Angeles, put Steiner's shoulder's to the mat!

The Rougeaus have made it clear to us, that after seeing what the Extreme Horsemen did to Diamond Dallas Page, they want to stand up for ring veterans everywhere, and have challenged CW Anderson and Simon Diamond to a match!

LaFon will be have an international challenger, as he takes on the 'Brazilian Suplex Machine' KAFU!

But thats not all, as we have a lucha three way between 'Da Juice' Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and the 'Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy. We also bring you a TAG TEAM three way dance, between Mexico's Most Wanted, The Hardcore Ninjas, and Youthanazia! But we're not done yet, as Scott Hall and Sean Waltman will also be making their in-ring debuts, against the team of Big Babbi Slymm and Brian XL!

Don't miss it, only on F/X, Tuesdays at 9PM!

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damn, you did it again. I told myself that i get hooked, due to your reputation, but i did as usual. Hopefully this is the diary you've been looking for and you continue this for a while. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the replies.

I didn't want to waste a post, but I have decided to stick with the shortform, as it will allow me to do more shows. I tend to get bogged down writing when I go long form, so only the PPVs will be like that.

Expect International Incident for September 14th up today, and the preview has been edited in up above. I like this one, but I'm REALLY stoked for the next one, and you'll see why when I get that preview up.

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The World Wrestling Alliance presents

International Incident

on F/X

Taped at the P.N.E. Forum, Vancouver, British Columbia

Super Crazy vs. Psicosis vs. Juventud Guerrera

We start the show with all three men in the ring. Not joined in progress, but the match starts within moments. Lots of three way arm drags and lucha stuff to start, then we go into the old 'one man is outside while the other two do spots' routine, but it dosen't last long. Turns out its an elimination match, as Super Crazy is eliminated by a Sky Twister Press from Psicosis at 6:43.

Psicosis and Juvi trade near falls, but neither man is able to keep the other's shoulders down. Psicosis scores with an arm drag into move #345 (arm-BAR), but Juvi kips up and takes him over. Score two with a strange suplex, sort of an amatuer dogtail, one arm barred in the front, come between the legs with the other, gets two for Psicosis, but Juvi kicks out and bails. Psicosis follows, and connects with the suicide dive, sending them both into the guardrail. Their out for a good eight count, but Psicosis sends it back inside. Finish comes when Psicosis misses the gulliotine leg drop, and gets cradled for two.

Winner: Juventude Guerrera via cradle in 15:21



[Commercial Break]

The Extreme Horsemen are in the ring, and Steve Corino has got a mic. He runs down not only the Rougeaus, but Diamond Dallas Page, saying that four on one ain't great odds, and that what happens to the Rougeaus tonight is an example of what will happen to any 'old has-been' trying to take the Horsemen's spots. Justin Credible concurs, hitting his 'not just the coolest' catchphrase, and then Simon Diamond says 'Simon says bring out our opponents. Rougeaus comply, and rush the ring, blitzing Diamond and CW Anderson.


Simon Diamond and CW Anderson w/ Steve Corino and Justin Credible vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

The Rougeaus are old, Diamond and Anderson aren't, can you tell were this is going? Rougeau's clean house to start, sending Corino and Credible to the outside, but turn around into a swank double spinebuster spot from Diamond and Anderson, which gets two. Heels control, with Diamond going for an Ace crusher on Jacque Jr., only to get backdropped, and we get the hot tag spot. More on that next week, I'm told. Rayomond comes in and meets Anderson, after Diamond tags, in the middle of the ring. ITS TIME TO GO TO WORK! See, Anderson's do the work. Yeah, whatever. Anderson works the back, dropping Raymond across his knee, but getting rolled up on a pin attempt, but Diamond makes the save. Corino distracts the ref, and Credible sneaks in with his singapore cane, nailing both Rougeaus, and leaving them open for the Spike Piledriver that finishes it.

Winner(s): Simon Diamond and CW Anderson via Spike Piledriver following interference at 8:34 (Anderspon pin. Raymond)



After the match, The Extreme Horsemen begin a beatdown on the Rougeaus, only to have Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit hit, and for Diamond Dallas Page to run down, and try to make the save. The numbers were still too much, at four on a beaten tag team and Page, but the odds were equalized when Rick Steiner came down the aisle with a chair, and sent the Horsemen scattering. Page and Steiner looked at each other, then shook hands, seemingly forming an alliance against the Extreme Horsemen. They then helped the Rougeaus to the back.

Before we cut to break, we got some main event hype, for Scott Steiner versus Pierre Carl Oulette, as well as some hype for next week, when we will be in MEMPHIS! Already scheduled to appear next week are Memphis legends The Rock n' Roll Express and Jerry 'The King' Lawler, in his first television appearance since his ugly break up with WWE. I know I'm excited.

62, for the main event hype only

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, and Phil LaFon is already in the ring, as a Quebec sounding anthem plays. Lafon swings the Quebec flag back and forth, but it dosen't get over real well, because we're in BC, not Quebec. Ahhh, the French Canadian cheap heat. He continues for a few moments, until Deadsy's cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer brings out the 'Brazilian Suplex Machine' Kafu, who's obviously working the Taz(z) rip-off gimmick. Ah well.

Kafu vs. Phil LaFon

LaFon tries to start with some grappling, but he's turned away by counters at every turn by Kafu, so he resorts to cheap tactics, mainly stealing the Greco Roman eyepoke from Piper, behind the ref's back. Nice takedown into a frontface lock though, as LaFon is pimped as a 'True Canadian athlete' on commentary. Styles tries to put over the Taz/Kafu connection, without actually saying it, though he's pimped as being trained by him, which is untrue. Another takedown attempt is stopped with the amatuer crossface, and Kafu goes to school with suplexes, showing off at least five different variaties, vertical, front face lock, northern lights, hardway, and t-bone, before locking on the Brazilian Crucifix, similar to Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface, for the submission victory. No one knows who Kafu is, but it was a decent little match.

Winner: Kafu via Brazilian Crucifix at 1056



[Commercial Break]

Back from the quick break, and Big Babbi Slymm and Brian XL are already in the ring. See, their a tag team because their both black, right? Actually, its a pretty familiar team dynamic. Slymm is the big brawler, and XL is the smaller flyer. It works. The Fugee's Ready or Not begins to play, and Scott Hall and Sean Waltman make their entrance, apparently displeased their in a tag match instead of two singles matches. The climb into the ring, taunting Slymm and XL, until finally the two opponents turn their back for a second, and Hall and Waltman attack.

Big Babbi Slymm and Brian XL vs. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman

Hall and Waltman finish their sneak attack by dumping the faces from the ring, but all it serves is to piss of Slymm, who goes apeshit on them, until Hall is able to score with a desperation DDT. Double tag, and Waltman actually shows up tonight, as its some of the best wrestling outside of the opener. Waltman scores with a rolling leg lariat, and gets two, and then some kicks that get another two. Tag to Slymm, and he cleans house on Waltman, and then Hall who rushes in. Finally a double team by the heels puts them back in control, as they score with a double suplex, before Waltman is taken out by a missle dropkick by XL. Hall dumps Slymm to the outside, and nails XL with a right hand, then sets him up for the Edge, but Slymm is back in, as this one is just a mess. BONZO GONZO, to steal a phrase, and I don't even know who the legal men are, I think Hall and Slymm, apparently the ref dosen't either, as Waltman dropkicks Slymm to the outside, and Hall finally gets The Edge on XL for the fall.

Winner(s): Scott Hall and Sean Waltman via The Edge at 12:14 (Hall pin. Brian XL)



Hall and Waltman stay in the ring after dumping XL, and look wore out, as if the match was much tougher then they expected. They still take the time to run down Slymm and XL, who charge the ring again, and all four men go brawling off as we cut backstage.

Diamond Dallas Page is backstage, with the stick, and Rick Steiner. Page runs down Corino, and his 'Horsemen', saying he's seen the real Horsemen, and they ain't it. He admires their willpower though, but he's not here to take their 'spot', he's here to get his back. Either way, each and every one of them is going to feel the 'Bang!' before its all over, and with the Dog Face Gremlin at his side, things are looking up. They put out a challenge for Extinction Level Event... Simon Diamond and CW Anderson against himself and DFG, saying he expects an answer by next week, or they'll get their own answer.


Back to the ring, were all three teams are already in the ring. Mexico's Most Wanted, Youthanazia, and the Hardcore Ninjas, with Joel Gertner. Gertner is just about to start his speil, but Youthanazia takes him out, prompting the three teams to get things started in this one fall to a finish contest.

Youthanazia vs. Mexico's Most Wanted vs. The Hardcore Ninjas w/ Joel Gertner

Not your typical 'We'll fight, you rest' match, as all six men pair off, and we're apparently in a tornado tag situation, which works out nice. Ninjas brought their table, MMW brought their face paint, and who knows what Youthanazia brought. First big bump is a double decker superplex, which puts Ninja #1 out of commission about 2 minutes in, and goes on record as both WWA's first 'OH MY GOD' and 'HOLY SHIT' moments, as #1 crashes, to the floor. Ninja #2 goes for revenge with a suplex of his own, and Josh Prohibition puts him through the table with a reversal at about 4, so we're basically down to Youthanazia and MMW.

Damien 666 scores with an armdrag into an armlock, but gets kicked in the face by Cross, into a roll up by Prohibition. Break up by Halloween, and double arm drags into lucha near falls commences, but with different teams on top of both falls, leaving the ref to decide not to count it. Halloween decides to argue the call, and gets dumped on his head with a T-Bone Prohibition Plex, as Cross takes out Damien 666, but somehow Halloween is able to reverse the pin into a cradle of his own, for two. The finish finally comes as M-Dogg Cross misses the Leap of Faith on Halloween, instead hitting his own partner, and both luchadores cradle Youthanazia for the fall.

Winner(s): Mexico's Most Wanted via double cradle at 16:32 (MMW pin. Youthanazia)


[Commercial Break]

We come back to Kool Keith's Rockets on the Battlefield, as the one and only Super F'N Dragon stands in the ring. Word is Super D wasn't on the SoCal show due to prior engagements, but is here for the long haul. Speaking of haul, here's his opponent, as Super Dragon has the pleasure of attempting to drag Naitch's boy, David Flair to a watchable match.

Super Dragon vs. David Flair

All Super Dragon in the early going, as David immitated his father, and bumped like a pinball. He was able to mount a comeback though, with a low blow, and some rudimentary offense, including a hammerlock into a shoulder stunner. Backbreaker from Flair got two, but ultimately only fueled Dragon's anger, as he launched into a nice beatdown sequence. Super Dragon had Flair set up for the 'Curb Stomp', until Chris Kanyon came running down to break it up behind the ref's back, allowing Flair to 'accidentily' knock the ref down. Kanyon finished up his attack with the Flatliner, allowing Flair to lock on the Figure Four for the tap out victory. Super Dragon tried, but with Flair's disjointed psychology, working the arm instead of the leg, and lack of skill, it just wasn't happening.

Winner: David Flair via Interference followed by Figure Four Leg Lock at 6:45



After the match Flair and Kanyon looked to continue the beat down, until CM Punk and Lucy Furr came running down to make the save. Flair looked at Lucy like she'd turned on him, as he and Kanyon made their escape. Punk helped Super Dragon up, and then got on the mic.

Punk said that he didn't know what Flair wanted with Lucy, but it didn't matter, because whatever it was, it wasn't happening. He didn't care who David's daddy was, because when it came down to it, it was just them in the ring, not the ghost of the Nature Boy. He then threw out a challenge, along with a nodding Super Dragon, to Kanyon and Flair, to a tag team match next week.


[Commercial Break]

Back from break as Pierre Carl Oulette is on his way out, to Oh Canada. It gets a cheap pop, but nothing like the pop that comes when Scott Steiner runs him down from behind, before the match even starts, and decimates him with right hands, the guardrail, the ring steps, bell, and finally a chair, before throwing him in the ring and intimidating the ref into calling for the bell.

Scott Steiner vs. Pierre Carl Oulette

It was a glorified squash, as due to the attack before the match by Steiner, Oulette was in no shape to conted with the rage feuled former 'Big Poppa Pump'. Oulette tried to fight back with some punches, and even got a neckbreaker and a cover, but Steiner pressed him off his chest with ease, and continued a beatdown, which after the match left bruises and welts on PCO. Finish came off a brutely stiff Steiner Screwdriver, that Oulette was lucky to walk away from, as Steiner once again showed his dominance.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Steiner Screwdriver at 7:15


Steiner unceremoniously tossed Oulette over the ropes, and roughly yelled for a mic. He called out anyone and everyone who wanted a piece, but no one came out. Finally, Steiner said that next week they were in Memphis, and that could only mean one thing, that he was going to have to 'kill a King' to get people to see that he was the biggest, the baddest, and the best wrestler in the world. With that, he threw down an open challenge to Jerry 'The King' Lawler, to meet him in the main event next week.

[Fade out]

Overall: 63

Attendance: 448

Overall Rating: 1.04

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Another good looking show Syco.

I didn't like the squash treatment for PCO, who by all means can more than go in the ring, but the rest of the show was good.

Be careful how you handle Steiner, because if he keeps squashing people, eventually, he's going to have to lose, and when that happens, he will go the way of Goldberg.

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International Incident Preview

September 21st, 2004


Its Week Three of the World Wrestling Alliance season, a season that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend, some people, starting wrestling, not knowing what it was, but they'll continue wrestling forever, just because, it is a season that never ends...

*cough* Sorry.

The World Wrestling Alliance is kickin' it OLD SCHOOL, as we hit the home of The King... JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER THAT IS! Thats right kiddies... Welcome to Memphis! Home of Elvis, The Rock n' Roll Express, and some of the best old school wrestling history you'll ever see.

With that in mind, last week Scott Steiner layed out the challenge to Memphis' local 'King', and we have found out that Jerry Lawler has accepted, so in this week's main event, it will be Scott Steiner versus Jerry 'The King' Lawler!

The Extreme Horsemen have also got their eye on a couple of veterans this week, as Simon Diamond and CW Anderson are set to take on The Rock n' Roll Express, in tag team action!

David Flair and 'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon have accepted CM Punk and Super Dragon's challenge as well, so we get twice the carnage for the price of entry, as they'll face off in tag team action.

Lucha hits the Mid-South region, as the 'Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy squares off against Psicosis, with the winner getting the spot against Juventud Guerrera in a battle for the WWA World Junior Heavyweight Title at Extinction Level Event on Sunday, September 26th, just 5 days away!

But thats not all as Scott Hall, 'The Angry Amish' Roadkill, Justin Credible, and 'The Dog Faced Gremlin' Rick Steiner will all be in action as well!

Don't miss it, 9/8 CST only on F/X!

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It's an interesting booking concept, but I'm already sick of the "famous people from a certain region challenge Steiner, Diamond/Anderson, etc." routine. It feels too cookie-cutter and predictable. You have a great roster and a great idea, but that aspect of it is a letdown to me, especially when you hype someone in your sig and then just sort of job them, poof, bye-bye.

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Sure, Lawler and the R'n'R Express might be there just to garner some cheap pops, but to be fair, bringing Lawler in full-time following his 'ugly break up with WWE' would be a little too TNA-ish. These kinds of 'special attraction' matches add a bit of the ol'-school flavor to what could be a fairly cutting-edge fed...at least once Rick Steiner gets canned. :devil:

Now, syco needs to really dig through the crates and find a pic of Halloween Barbie to stick in le sig.

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I'm Really enjoying this diary. Would be cool to see Lawler win.

I too don't agree with the squashing of PCO. He's still in shape, and is still pulling out cannonball's from the top rope.

Still, Good diary,

*cough*Push Ninjaz*cough*

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The World Wrestling Alliance presents

International Incident

on F/X

Taped at a smokey old bingo hall in Memphis, Tennessee

No official arena this time, but you know the kind of place we're at. That same old smokey hall that they always wrestle in on old school tapes. You know the place. Like Viking Hall, but dingier.

And, of course, nothing says Memphis like LUCHA LIBRE!!!!! We start off with the rapidly becoming traditional WWA Junior Heavyweight Division Match, as Psicosis is in the ring with Super Crazy. Winner gets to take on the already through Juventud Guerrera at Extinction Level Event to crown the first WWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

Super Crazy vs. Psicosis

Typical lucha start, which means arm drags and counters galore, to a nice reception from the Memphis crowd, who's not really used to it. Super Crazy scores with a rana, sending Psicosis to the outside, then then we get the SUPER AERIAL PLANCHA~! *cough*, sorry, I mean, plancha to the outside... misses, sending Crazy into the guardrail, and letting Psicosis capitalize with a apron walk rana of his own, then some forearms, and a bump into the STEEL post. He sends crazy back inside, and silly lucha submission #4768 ties Super Crazy up in nots, but he counters, and we get a near fall sequence, that ends with Psicosis on top for the pinfall.

Winner: Psicosis via cradle (?) at 10:29



[Commercial Break]

We come back from commercial to the first actual in ring promo in WWA history, as Jerry 'The King' Lawler stands in the ring, to a HUGE reception from the local Memphis fanbase. Lawler takes a moment to soak it up, then answers Scott Steiner's challenge, saying that he may be old, but he can still go, and this is his town. He promises Memphis a victory, then gets escorted out by two lovely ladies, because 'Its good to be The King'.


Through the magic of editing, we get the entrances of Justin Credible, seconded by Steve Corino, to Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck by Grinspoon, and Rick Steiner, who charges the ring, and takes the fight to Credible.

Justin Credible w/ Steve Corino vs. Rick Steiner

This match was announced as a 'hardcore rules' match, which fit right in with Credible's approach to the match, as he opened up with the weapons shots early on, and put Steiner in the underdog role quickly. This wasn't your average WWE style hardcore either, more indy weapons style, as we got some thumbtacks, and a length of barbed wire involved, with Credible taking both of those shots. About halfway in, Diamond Dallas Page came out, and started brawling with Corino, which distracted the referee, allowing Credible to go low with his Singapore cane, and take the win with the That's Incredible spinning tombstone piledriver.

Winner: Justin Credible via That's Incredible at 8:43


The aftermath of the match saw Credible and Corino put the beatdown on DDP, until the veteran Page was able to score with the Diamond Cutter on Corino, and escape through the crowd. Credible then helped Corino to the back.

David Flair and 'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon were backstage. Flair said that his problems weren't between he and CM Punk, but between him and 'Daffney'. He said this could all be over if Punk would just step out of the way and let things take their natural course. Kanyon said he didn't give a damn what Flair and Punk's thing was, he just saw an oppurtunity to prove that he is the best at what he does, and who better to prove it against then two of the biggest indy stars in the US? He finished up with the 'Who Betta then Kanyon?' line.


[Commercial Break]

David Flair and Chris Kanyon vs. CM Punk and Super Dragon w/ Lucy Furr

Joined in progress with the heels isolating Punk, using quick tags, and some suspicious acts, pounding him down, then allowing him to attempt to crawl to make the tag, then pulling him back and going to work again. Punk is able to nail both Flair and Kanyon with a double DDT, allowing him to eventually make the tag, and Super Dragon comes in a house of fire, taking them both down with stiff lariats, and hosting a VIOLENCE PARTY~!! Some crazy everyone in the pool brawling commeneced, and we got a NICE double Curb Stomp spot, as Punk and Dragon put the hurt on Flair and Kanyon, leading to Dragon putting Kanyon away with the Psycho Driver!

Winner(s): Super Dragon and CM Punk via Psycho Driver at 15:27 (Dragon pin. Kanyon)


Backstage, Diamond Dallas Page asks a stage hand where the Rock n' Roll Express's lockeroom is. He's directed to it, but as he turns the corner, he's taken out by the Extreme Horsemen!!! A four on one beatdown commences, until Rick Steiner makes the save with a steel chair, as Corino directs the Horsemen to back off. Steiner checks on DDP as we go to commercial.


[Commercial Break]

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson already stand in the ring, with no backup from the other Horsemen. They go over their tactics as the Rock n' Roll Express make their entrance to a HUGE ovation. Morton and Gibson run to the ring, and attempt to pose, but get thrown down by the Horsemen, as the match starts.

Rock n' Roll Express vs. Extreme Horsemen

Anderson throws Gibson from the ring, making Morton the defacto legal man, so can you guess what happens next? Thats right kiddies... watch Ricky Morton get the shit kicked out of him, live on TV! And the crowd loves it! Diamond and Anderson go to work with quick tags and double teams, but eventually Morton is able to make the original HOT TAG~! after a dropkick. Gibson comes in a house of fire, But a Justin Credible run in from the crowd changes things, as Anderson is able to nail Gibson with the Spinebuster and pick up the win.

Winner(s): The Extreme Horsemen via Anderson Spinebuster at 7:56 (Anderson pin. Gibson)



After the match, the three Horsemen attempt to beat down the Express, but Rick Steiner and a beat up DDP make the save, rushing down the ramp and sending the Horsemen scattering. Credible leads Anderson and Diamond off, yelling at Steiner and Page, as they help the RnR Express up. When they do, Morton and Gibson thank them, but decline an offer to forge an alliance against the Extreme Horsemen.

Scott Steiner is in the back with the stick, yelling and stomping around, irritated over how much Memphis sucks, the King sucks, how he's gonna kick his ass, and how he's going to walk into the PPV and take out Samoa Joe, who has been granted the other spot in the WWA World Title match, due to not only his win on the first show, but his standing in Ring of Honor. Steiner says that tonight, he's going to show why he's not only the best thing going, but the best thing there ever was, when he puts Lawler in a wheelchair, before throwing the mic, and stomping off, tossing a production crew member out of the way as he does.


[Commercial Break]

JIP with Scott Hall and 'The Angry Amish' Roadkill. A nice 'Chickens' chant is in full effect as Roadkill is going to work on Hall. Sean Waltman is at ringside to second Hall.

Scott Hall w/ Sean Waltman vs. Roadkill

Its Roadkill's first WWA match, and he's just overpowering Hall, who has to resort to an eye poke to get back in control. Neckbreaker gets two, but the 'Chickens' chant revives Roadkill, who starts throwing blows. The two are actually putting on a decent brawl, as Hall has upped his game since getting here, and scores with a knee, then a DDT for another two. Match is basically a set up for Big Babbi Slymm and Brian XL to come down, and continue their 'respect' fued with Hall and Waltman. They don't attack Hall, but end up giving him the win when their presence allows Waltman to sneak into the ring and nail Roadkill with a leg lariat, and hold down his legs as Hall pins him.

Winner: Scott Hall via Interference



Post match, Roadkill leaves dejected as Hall and Waltman taunt the young guns over helping them get the win. This leads to the inevitable brawl, which finishes the segment, as we cut backstage.

Steve Corino is backstage, with the rest of the Extreme Horsemen. He tells Diamond Dallas Page that it dosen't matter what over the hill has been he brings, wether its Rick Steiner, The Rock n' Roll Express, or Hulk Hogan his god damn self, they'll get steamrolled like all the others. He accepts Page and Steiner's challenge for Extinction Level Event on behalf of Simon and CW, then says that its not time yet, but when it is, DDP will be the one feeling the, mockingly now, 'bang'.


[Commercial Break]

Crowd was HOT for the main event, as Scott Steiner entered first, and got on the mic, bitching about how 'this is my *censored* company, I'll do what I want', and basically complaining about Lawler getting the honor of coming out first, then promising to beat some respect into the 'old man'.

Jerry 'The King' Lawler came out to a HUGE ovation in the town he calls home, as he stopped to interact with the crowd, leaving himself open for an attack by Steiner. The two started to brawl in the aisle, and Steiner took control, slamming Lawler into the ringpost, then tossing him into the ring and intimidating the ref into calling for the bell.

Scott Steiner vs. Jerry Lawler

Steiner was suprised in the early going as he argued with the ref, and got rolled up by Lawler, who couldn't put him away. This did little but anger Steiner, which turned out to work in Lawler's advantage, as the wily veteran used Steiner's rage against him, as he countered blind charges with drop toe holds, and worked over the neck of Steiner, to set up the Piledriver. At one point he actually had Steiner in position for it, but got backdropped out, and stomped down by Steiner, who once again made the mistake of taking his eyes off The King, and got a face full of fist for his trouble. Lawler whipped Steiner to the ropes and gave him a ten count of punches, before heading up top, but missing his patented fist drop. Steiner used the opportunity to lock on the Steiner Recliner, but Lawler refused to give up in Memphis, and eventually passed out, costing him the match.

Winner: Scott Steiner via Knock Out via Steiner Recliner



After the match, Steiner looked winded, as this was easily the toughest match up he'd been in since WWA had started. He made a motion as if to attack Lawler again, but instead, left, at which point the cameras turned off. However, after the taping, Lawler rose up, and got a standing ovation for his efforts, and promised that if he got another chance, this time he'd beat the hell out of Scott Steiner. It was a great effort by both men, as the match really told the story of the older veteran using treachery to try and beat the younger, stronger, more athletic, star.

Overall Rating: 71

Attendance: 460

Television Rating: 1.03

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user posted image

Extinction Level Event


World Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship

Scott Steiner versus Samoa Joe

Steiner has paved the way to ELE with the bodies of his opponents, all save Jerry 'The King' Lawler, who Steiner could make neither submit, nor pin, although he picked up the victory either way. Samoa Joe is a special case, having wrestled only one match in WWA, a winning effort, but with a glut of undefeated one win stars, Samoa Joe has been awarded the spot do to his efforts outside WWA as well.

A classic match up between the unstoppable object and the immovable force, either man is fully capable of either pounding their opponent into the mat, or making them submit to an array of technical moves. No clear cut winner, but survey sez... Scott Steiner.

World Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Ladder Match

'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera versus Psicosis

Both men, lucha libre legends. Both men, capable of pulling out the most awe inspiring of aerial manuevers. Both men, destined for greatness. One ring, one ladder, one title. Juventud Guerrera has remained undefeated in Jr. Heavyweight competition, including holding a win over Psicosis in a triple threat elimination match also involving Psicosis. However, Psicosis holds just as many pinfalls as The Juice, having defeated 'The Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy, twice, once in the very same triple threat match, and once in singles competition.

Both men have an awesome aerial arsenal, and very similar lucha libre backgrounds. Both men are as at home in the air as they are on the mat. This one's going to come down to who can utilize the ladder better, and who holds the psychological edge. Survey sez... The Juice.

Ten Man Pinfall, Submission, or Over the Top Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the WWA World Heavyweight Title

Sean O'Haire, Super 'F'n' Dragon, 'The Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy, Josh Prohibition, 'Iron' Matt Cross, Justin Credible, 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino, Damien 666, Halloween, 'The Angry Amish' Roadkill

While the #1 contendership to any title is not determined by the results of the battle royal, but rather by rankings, suffice it to say that whoever walks out of this one with the win will have earned the points to make him the #1 contender, even before the next episode of International Incident. A unique match in not only its rules, with three methods of elimination, but also in that Jr. Heavyweights and true Heavyweights will be competing together. Lots of different styles, lots of actions, and two tag teams and two stable mates. They say there are no friends in a battle royal, will that hold true, or will alliances be formed and broken? Survey sez... Too hard to predict.

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond versus Diamond Dallas Page and Rick Steiner

Started over the claim, made by Extreme Horsemen leader, Steve Corino, that it was people like Page who held people like the EH back, this one has escalated into a full scale war, as Anderson and Diamond have defeated everyone put in front of them, and asked for more. Page has yet to step into a WWA ring, in an official match, and this will be his return to Pay Per View. Will the rush carry him through, or will the psychological edge, clearly belonging to the EH after their stable mate, Justin Credible defeated Steiner, prove Corino right? Survey sez... Anderson and Diamond.

Sean Waltman versus Brian XL

Their first night in the company, Waltman and his partner, Scott Hall, defeated XL, along with his partner, Big Babbi Slymm, and, according to Slymm and XL, 'killed their street cred'. Ever since then XL and Slymm have been looking to prove that they do, indeed, 'Keep it Gangsta'. Hall and Waltman are no strangers to conflict, but with Hall 'out with an injury', according to the team, this match has been made in place of a tag team encounter. Will XL be able to 'rep his hood', or will Waltman show why he is STILL one of the premier Jr. Heavyweights in the world today? Survey sez... Brian XL in an upset.

'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon versus 'The Straight Edge Icon' CM Punk

Stemming from the David Flair/CM Punk/Lucy Furr situation, this one came about after Flair refused to face Punk, claiming an injury at the hands of Punk's friend and ally, Super Dragon. Instead, Flair offered up an ally of his own, The Modern Day Warrior. Kanyon was eager to accept the challenge, as was Punk, and this is easily a match that could steal the show with a display of technical artistry. With Lucy at his side, can CM Punk overcome the odds of Kanyon with Flair in his corner, or will it simply be too much for the man that is Straight Edge? Survey sez... CM Punk.

Hardcore Ninjaz w/ Joel Gertner versus The Rock n' Roll Express

Signed by the WWA Competition Committee after a plea by the Rock n' Roll Express to let them prove themselves after a defeat at the hands of the Extreme Horsemen, this one should be a wild affair pitting the new age, ultra violent, and silent but deadly, Ninjaz against the old school, tried and true, battle tested RnR. Youth and skill meet experience and knowledge, in a match that could determine both teams fates in WWA's talented tag team division. Survey sez... Rock n' Roll Express by a hair.

Extinction Level Event will be LIVE on Pay Per View from Glasgow, Scotland. Contact your local cable or satellite provider for availability in your area. ONLY $20 for 2½ hours of action!

Say no to the same old garbage their giving you, and try out the GLOBAL ALTERNATIVE, you'll be sorry you didn't!

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All in all syco this is looking good. I'm liking the idea of Steiner facing a local star each week and maybe just maybe you'll shock us all one week by having him drop the title.

Also with ELE in Glasgow I would so go. Boo to you not using a local Glaswegian in the show though. I would so mark out to see Drew McDonald run from the crowd to beat the shit out of Steiner. That'd rock, just an idea though.

World Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship

Scott Steiner versus Samoa Joe

World Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Ladder Match

'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera versus Psicosis

Ten Man Pinfall, Submission, or Over the Top Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the WWA World Heavyweight Title

Sean O'Haire, Super 'F'n' Dragon, 'The Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy, Josh Prohibition, 'Iron' Matt Cross, Justin Credible, 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino, Damien 666, Halloween, 'The Angry Amish' Roadkill

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond versus Diamond Dallas Page and Rick Steiner

'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon versus 'The Straight Edge Icon' CM Punk

Hardcore Ninjaz w/ Joel Gertner versus The Rock n' Roll Express

PS: If you need any places in Glasgow the show could be held just ask.

Edited by ADGray
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Still looking awesome. I like how you didn't have Lawler just lose to Steiner like PCO did. In fact, next time you stop in Memphis, build up to a rematch between the two, it would draw big.

World Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship

Scott Steiner versus Samoa Joe

World Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Ladder Match

'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera versus Psicosis

Ten Man Pinfall, Submission, or Over the Top Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the WWA World Heavyweight Title

Sean O'Haire, Super 'F'n' Dragon, 'The Insane Luchadore' Super Crazy, Josh Prohibition, 'Iron' Matt Cross, Justin Credible, 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino, Damien 666, Halloween, 'The Angry Amish' Roadkill

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond versus Diamond Dallas Page and Rick Steiner

'The Modern Day Warrior' Chris Kanyon versus 'The Straight Edge Icon' CM Punk

Hardcore Ninjaz w/ Joel Gertner versus The Rock n' Roll Express

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