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Retro Point-And-Click Adventures


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So I went into a phase of it before, but now i'm coming back into it. It looks like another string of sleepless nights sitting up trying to figure out what to pick up and what goes where. Yes, i'm talking about all those old Sierra inspired point and click adventures like the Kings Quest series, Police Quest.... uhh, Space Quest etc.

Just wondering, which are your favorite series and game from point and clicks gone by? Mine would have to be:

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Space Quest series

Kings Quest V

And there's probably more that i'll update with later, now downloading the only hunk of crap i've never really beat or gotten close to, The Adventures of Willy Beamish, due to it's fucked up save system.

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I love Apple Shampoo. I'm a HUGE fan of these type of games.

For any Point and Click adventure, you need to look at one things. Is it made by Lucas Arts? If that's a yes then it's a good game.

Then you've got your Revolution games, Beneath a Steel Sky and then the Broken Sword games.

Then you have the biggest flop in Point and Click games. Toonstruck. It took $9 million to make and didn't get there. Good game...but it was just that it didn't live up to the hype. Shame, Christopher Lloyd was class.

Oh - a shout out to The Roberta Williams games. I have the anthology. 14 old games, point and click and text adventures. Shout out for the Colonel's Bequest with Laura Bow...where events happen around the gamer - and people start to vanish if you don't find the body and who is killing everyone. It's scary as fuck as well. The music is just creepy.

And oh course - The Monkey Island games rule this genre...

Murray the Demonic Skull = Best Character Ever.

About Willy Beamish = it's okay, it's just that one part of the game requires you to sneak up to an old woman or something, and if your computer is fast you'll never do it. You really need an old computer for it to work...

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Guest The Psychotic One

Monkey Island 2. Always Monkey Island 2. Plus if someone can point me to a version of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders that will work on PC I'd be very very happy.

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