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Eurovision 2013

Herr Matzat

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Glorious will do very well. I'd say it's near guaranteed the UK and Ireland's 12 points. It's not that similar to Euphoria, either, and even if it were, Cascada were doing this type of music well before Loreen came along.

Contenders at the moment are Norway and Denmark.


EDIT: British rumours, for those interested, are Diana Vickers, Amelia Lily, Shona McGarty (from Eastenders), Kimberley Walsh and Geri Haliwell. Apparently people in the know have heard that it's a female who would be loved by the gay audience, so that doesn't particularly narrow it down from any other British female singer. Then again, we were meant to have Pixie Lott last year until the head of the BBC delegation vetoed it and we ended up with Humperdinck instead.

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Yeah, i read somewhere that she is famous in other country's already. I diden´t even watch last nights Show so i can´t tell if there was anything better in the mix, the person that was responsible for many of the better german enteries in the past years is no longer doing the show, so yeah.

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Presuming you mean Stefan Raab, he was involved enough in the show still (Brainpool produced it, hence all the graphics were actually the Eurovision graphics from 2011 / 2012 with a new lick of paint). But I wouldn't say he brought us some of the best German songs. For every Satellite, he was responsible for Standing Still, Wadde Hadde Dudde Da and Guildo Hat Euch Lieb <_<

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Yeah, may be... but i either want inspiring pop, something special or something that is just terrible in a fun way. The girl just dos not do it for me.

There actualy was a german band in the mix i wanted to win. They put on entertaining fun festival shows.

(don´t even try to understand, it´s with heavy Bavarian accent)

Sadly the song they entered with was the most booring song they ever wrote.

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Ugh. So, it all started to leak out about the UK entrant today.

"We will confirm this: as rumoured it is a female solo artist. But it’s not who you think it is. In fact, we’d wager that (although you will know the artist) you’d never guess in a million years. But once you get over the shock, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We haven’t heard the song, but we’ve spoken to someone who has. Two words: power ballad."

And then people have apparently worked out from that and some other information...that it's Bonnie Tyler. Ugh. She has a new album out at the start of March and there is a song that's under 3 minutes on it, which would tie it all together.

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Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK at Eurovision with her song "


Saw it on the BBC website this morning. Best comment being 'Holding Out for a Zero'. Wonderful.

I can never work out why we don't just try to convince someone actually currently big in Europe (Hurts would be perfect) to have a go.

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