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Name that show!


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For years I have remembered a scene from a TV show, but I don't know what it's from, so I figured I should make a thread for it and see if other people recognised it, or had other shows they couldn't quite remember the name of.

The scene is from a comedy, presumably by the scene's content it is a late 90s (or at the very least post-1995) UK comedy (I'll explain why below).

A man is calling up an elderly male relative, but he gets an answer phone message. The answer message starts off normally, with the old man stating his telephone number, but he then goes into a rant about how they added a 1 after the 0 in his area code, this rant goes on and on, until eventually the answer machine runs out of tape before the man can leave a message.

It's post-1995 because that was when the number 1 was added after 0 in most UK postal codes, I seem to recall myself being younger than teenager, which puts it at 2000 latest.

Can anyone name that show?

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Remember any physical details?

Either the guy making the call, or the answerphone (possibly both) are in a hallway, looks like a lower-middle class sort of home. I'm not 100%, but I think the old man he's calling was balding and had a moustache, and looked quite similar to Richard from Keeping Up Appearances.

For some reason (I know, I'm vague about every detail of this), I don't think it was a particularly major sitcom.

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So once every few years, I try to find this insane show and I've never been able to do it. Basically, the best description I can figure is that it's a show about a Catholic priest who is also amazing at martial arts and can see into the future. I saw it many many years ago, late 90s most likely, in Nigeria. May have been dubbed from another language, I don't remember. It was on the same channel that played the Father Dowling Mysteries.

In one of the episodes, the bad guy is this dude who says he's a vampire, but he's not. He just has a machine that he hooks women up to that will suck out their blood, which he then drinks. He also gets a "sidekick" in a younger girl/woman who can also see into the future. She totally wants his dick but he is celibate.

... any ideas?

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