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Mirror's Edge 2


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I got it on release too, was a bit gutted to see the price slip oh so quickly after I shelled out £40 for it >_>

I will get this though, just when is another question.

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Got mine cheap a few months after it came out. Never finished it an dhave no urge to. Don't know when I last played it but it's just above SD vs RAW 2011 and just below Modern Warfare 3 in my pile of games, so it's not looking good!

Can't se emyself buying 2 unless it's a lot more interesting and fun beyond the initial gimmick of first person free running.

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Definitely a day one purchase for me. The first one was just so different, it came out in a time when almost everything else was awash in greys and browns (more so than now), great design and soundtrack. The stupid thing is I've been clamoring for a sequel for years and I still haven't finished the first (think I'm 75% complete if I remember rightly).

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I brought it new, traded it in a few weeks later and have since brought it dirt cheap repeatedly, only to trade it back in a few weeks later.

Amazing amazing game though, Its why I keep re-getting it.

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