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Don Bradman Cricket

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It finally made its way onto UK PSN store and I got it (I've been waiting for it for a year).

I decided to create myself and launch straight into a career with Kent.

The customisation options are good and you can choose what kind of player you are. I went for a bowling all-rounder (quick) with the out swinger as my specialist delivery.

My first game was a 4 dayer against Lancashire in which they schooled us. I scored 4 in the first innings before being run out and then 0 in the second before being stumped. I took 7 wickets in the match though.

Second game was a Pro 40 against Yorkshire. I got 0 again and was caught behind this time. I got 5 wickets when bowling though and we won.

The cool part of career is that you DO just play as one player and can fast forward the parts of the game when you're not involved. There are some great batting shots (a lot of the outrageous 20/20 shots are in there) and bowlng is totally revamped from other games and feels really good when you nail it.

As well as English county I can get myself into the Australian league, get signed up for the IPL and then get an England call up.

Basically this is what cricket games have always missed out on - career modes are brilliant.

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I really want this game but I can't be bothered setting up the 360 for it. Hopefully it'll release on PC soon.

Edit: Just checked Wikipedia, apparently it's out next week on PC! Awesome.

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I played it for a while when it first came out on PS3. I find the career mode a little frustrating, I'm a good bowler (have taken many five wicket hauls) but I'm pants at batting. I progressively got better, eventually making my first half century (which I celebrated like I scored a century on Test debut at Lords) but soon went back to my usual 10-20 scores before getting out.

Anyway, the frustration comes from the set difficulty level. It automatically raises once you reach a certain stage (not that I've ever reached another stage past Somerset) and as I struggle with my current level I know I'm going to fail miserably in the future. So I stopped playing.

The game itself is pretty good, the way they get around the licences (fake players to start but an immediate link to a custom-created DLC centre where you can download every real player you can think of) is brilliant.

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I almost pre-ordered it at EB Games back in the day but $100 seemed too much and not long after that I heard it was going to be delayed for many months anyway.

Then the next thing I heard or knew about it, it was out. Caught me by surprise and I've still yet to find room for it on my current "to buy" list.

Crtical response

Don Bradman Cricket 14 has received positive reviews from critics. Tristan Ogilvie of IGN rated the game 6.8/10, praising the "comprehensive control setup" and "License-dodging player creation", but also criticized the high amount of bugs, lack of field radars and unrealistic super-fielders. Dene Benham of NZGamer gave the game 7.9/10, praising the batting and bowling aspects, but criticized the clunky menus and twitchy animations. Lazygamer awarded it 8.7 citing it as "the best cricket game of this


Via Wiki

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I have zero knowledge of cricket, but I feel like I want to play it based on the kitsch factor. With that said, how hard would it be to get into the game with zero cricket knowledge? Is there a good tutorial at least, like the one in Rugby Challenge?

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Is this going to be one of those game that's ultra hard to find in disc form in the UK?

In Game, yeah. Our local store got like two copies of it and that was it. They were gone within about 5 minutes of opening on the launch date.

But on Amazon, ebay and other online stores you can get it on disc.

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Exactly. So selfish. Dragsy has many mouths to feed.

I scored 9 in a 4 day game against Northants tonight. 9 is my top score so far. So sad. Still, bowling I get a good amount of wickets. Sadly Kent are so useless (it's VERY realistic!) that we're always chasing a lost cause.

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I do like how batting feels. There's quite a lot to think of to start with (shoulder buttons for defensive/attacking/unorthodox/charge down pitch shots PLUS left stick for foot movement and right foot for bat movement) but after a while it starts to feel very fresh.

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Just messing around with classic England vs classic Australia.

I love the unorthodox shots. It really makes it feel like an up-to-date game when you can play the reverse sweep and scoop shot. Even more fun when it's Botham doing it with his old school bat, pads and cricket shirt with half of his chest on show.

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