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Help me pick films to watch


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I know I have asked before here, but whilst I'm off school and Alison is still teaching until Wednesday, I felt that I should try and watch a few films that Alison wouldn't probably watch.

One of those days will be Seven Samurai.

Other films on offer for the two other days include:

Ninja Scroll
Ghost in the shell
American History X
Full Metal Jacket
Django Unchained
Inglorious Basterds
X-Men: First Class
Throne of Blood
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US)
La Dolce Vita
2001: A Space Odyssey

If I extend that to films on my computer, you can include:
400 Blows
Eight and a half
Pacific Rim
Sunset Boulevard
The Apartment

Any particular films on this list that I should really be prioritising, outside of Seven Samurai?

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Definately watch La Dolce Vita, great film. Throne of Blood is pretty good too. They're the two that are must watch out of that list. There's fun movies in there two but those two are pretty much essential viewing. And if you put off the classics than you'll never get around to watching them. Take the opportunity now.

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Full Metal Jacket was my film of choice for today. Very good film, although (as normally with films, unfortunately), I was a little distracted by other odd jobs and things I needed to get done. Still, well worth the watch, with some brilliant set pieces.

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