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  1. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    Now can you root for me?
  2. 2017 College Football Thread

    Hey, Arkansas/A&M could be fun! Also, does anyone know if Arkansas State vs. SMU is going to be broadcast tomorrow? ESPN3, maybe?
  3. General Movie Thread

    What about Black Christmas?
  4. General Movie Thread

    Have you seen any of the Hammer Studios films? Or Blood Feast? Or The Wizard of Gore? Francis Ford Coppola's Dementia 13?
  5. Favorite TV Show themes

  6. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

  7. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    Wow, really? I check my roster and do my shit like.. every few days. >_>
  8. Random Music Thoughts

    Totally agree on that Kanye album. It went from being one of my least favorite (upon first hear) to one of my favorites of all-time. Monster and Runaway are still total bangers.
  9. WWE 2K18

    MOST IMPORTANT PART: TJP DABS. I hope he has a dab taunt and I can set it for all my CAWs.
  10. The 2016+1 EWB Baseball League Thread

    WORST TO FIRST BAYBAY Even if I don't win the finals I'm happy where I ended up. After having so many abysmal years in EWB Fantasy Baseball, especially.
  11. Wanna try some caucasian
    for your birthday

    1. caucasianheat


      What, like steak tartare?

  12. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Let's talk about that! (INTRO SONG INTENSIFIES)
  13. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I wonder how many people's preferences re: cover songs are like that, or the opposite. I'm a lot like you in that when someone covers a song, I want to see them put their own spin on it - be it for better or worse. My brother, on the other hand, hates that. He owns the Between The Buried And Me cover album and it's a favorite of his because according to him, they play every song 100% straight as close as possible to the original.
  14. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Also I can't believe I forgot the Trinity. @MadJack liking my post reminded me!