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  1. I'm about halfway through. I didn't care much for Mary until after the 3rd episode. The family drama gets too much time.
  2. My initial reaction was "I'm done with this show.", but i've been disappointed in the last couple of seasons and I still come back. I'm sure I'll still watch after Rick Leaves. I think the show has probably gone on a little too long and dragged out a lot of events. I'm not really a fan of the on screen character for Maggie. I don't have hopes of of them turning her into a lead character.
  3. I enjoyed Fear, but I'm nearly a full season behind on Fear, so I was a little confused.
  4. This weeks episode
  5. This might be one of the saddest EWB hockey threads since I joined EWB. Now that we're mid-way, what does everybody think of their teams performance?
  6. This season can't end fast enough... Hope Rangers finally fire AV.
  7. I didn't see any real list ever have him at #2, unless you meant #2 for defense. Maybe I can see an early case for #3, but I don't see him falling there even if he didn't end up with health problems.
  8. Trades are already going crazy with the Hawks today.
  9. Yeah, but 54 points is still 54 points. Most GM's don't hand over 7million contacts for that. It's being speculated that he's agreed to a 3 year term which will get signed on Thursday after signing freeze, so maybe he came down on his price. Although the shorter term makes me think it's a higher cap hit.
  10. Radulov wants a lot more money. In my opinion, his production doesn't justify the big increase he wants. His come back was very successful, but at the end of the day, he was a 54 point player.
  11. Stay away for the Leafs, Canadiens and all their fans. They overrate their players unlike any other fanbase... Oilers are a team that has hit rock bottom and finally started bouncing back in the right direction. Made it to the semi-finals during this years playoffs. Leafs also had a successful year after a few rough seasons. They won the lottery draft last season and got Matthews with the first overall pick. He was pretty impressive during his first year. Vegas Golden Knights are a brand new expansion team that can use all the fans they can get. Their expansion draft selections will be announced on June 21st. Colorado Avalanche were the worst team in the league last season, so if you want to cheer on the worst team, that would be your option. As for Hair, Penguins just won the cup, back to back years, one of their players, Car Hagelin, has some nice flowing locks. Ottawa Senators have a defensemen, Erik Karlsson, one of the most valuable overall player in the league and nice flowing hair. Mats Zuccarello, playing for New York Rangers, has some good flowing hair as well. They also have Henrik Lundqvist, possibly the most handsome man in the league and pretty good hair to go along with that. Mathieu Perreault from the Winnpeg Jets has flowy hair, as does David David Pastrnak from Boston Bruins, unless he cut it. Victor Hedman from Tampa Bay Lightning has nice long hair. Nylander from the leafs has nice hair too.
  12. Props to Crosby, he's a great player, although I think he's one of the bigger jerks on the rink, and props to the Penguins accomplishing back to back. I now hate hockey for a while.

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