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  1. Dan

    NFL 2019

    The final team to win in Oakland 😂 Ever.
  2. Dan

    NFL 2019

    That was a fun game. Always nice to beat the tits too. Minshew is really promising, hopefully he has a high ceiling. Shame about Ramsey, probably his last game as a Jag but it is what it is, as long as they get a nice haul (2 firsts+) then I doubt I'll be too mad. He was always going to want to move to a big market team once his contract was up so to get a nice return now isn't so bad.
  3. Dan

    XBOX Megathread

    Slay the Spire on PC Gamepass is awesome.
  4. I think I'm happy? I don't know anymore.
  5. Dan

    NFL 2018

    Man I love Hurns, that sucks.
  6. Dan

    NFL 2018

    Lack of depth has caught up with us, really. The OL was always paper thin and we got very lucky with injuries last year, this year not so much. Bortles just isn't good enough of a passer to carry the offense and losing Fournette, Grant, Robinson (LT), Lee, Wells etc. has made life really difficult. From the year start we've lost: #1WR, #1TE, #2TE, #1LT, #2LT, #1RB, #3RB. All of them for the season aside from the #1RB (Fournette) but who knows when he will be back.
  7. Dan

    NFL 2018

    Didn't actually go. Missed the initial sale and second hand prices got out of hand (£250 a ticket last time I looked). Eagles brought over a LOT of fans and it send demand crazy. Glad I skipped it to be honest.
  8. Dan

    NFL 2018

    How about them Jags. 😎
  9. Dan

    E3 2018

    Madden on PC for the first time in like 11 years is probably the best thing from that.
  10. Josh Allen is garbage. Shitty pick.
  11. They'll need 4 more of him to stop the DLs in the AFCS.
  12. Best pick of the draft so far. Really good spot for him too. Also, I best say it... Why haven't the Jags picked yet?
  13. Why didn't the Giants take a QB? Eli is like 80 and is done.
  14. Love it! Mayfield is gonna be really good imo.
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