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  1. I need the following on KYKY for my mod, thanks in advance. Dennis Wipprecht Dan McDevitt
  2. Request no longer needed.
  3. I need the following logos on this background, thanks in advance. HBO Canada HBO Go HBO Europe HBO Latin America Foxshowcase SkyAtlantic
  4. May he rest in peace. Its sad to see him go.
  5. I need some logos on this background As well as a generic logo for Public Access TV on the same background. Thanks in advance.
  6. I need the following on KYKY for my mod. Thanks in advance. Kevin Cross Jeff Meacham Paul London Son Of Havok Killshot \ Scarlett Bordeaux
  7. I need the following IWA Belts IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship IWA Mid-South Junior Heavyweight Championship IWA Mid-South Women's Championship IWA East Coast Heavyweight Championship IWA East Coast Tag Team Championship IWA Deep South Tag Team Championship If you have any of these belts in your pic packs or can cut pics of them I would appreciate it. If you need to make customs here are the promotion logos Base the IWA Deep South Tag Belts off this if you need too I need them cut in this style on this background
  8. I need the following on KYKY for my mod. Thanks in advance Jason Sensation Sting and Dave Lee Crazzy Steve
  9. I need the following on KYKY for my mod Greg Gagne Jason "Solomonster" Solomon Tony Pizza Guy Angel Rose/Diamante \ Ortiz Santana Eddie Kingson/King I would prefer all as JPGs.
  10. Looking for background Please cut it similar to this belt
  11. If someone could please put the hardcore title in that pic on a the grey background and at an angle that would be great.
  12. I need the following belt modified but on the same background and cut in the same style Can someone please put the current Impact Wrestling logo on it over the TNA logo or make a similar belt that says Impact Hardcore Championship? I am having it as an option incase a player wants to change the company name from TNA to Impact Wrestling.
  13. I need the following logos with the current Impact Wrestling logo replacing the TNA Logo for my mod. I plan on having it as an alternate should the player choose to rename TNA to Impact Wrestling All using this Impact Logo I also need logos for the following Independent Union shows with this logo Hardcore Kumite Melee Give these two a theme with a mix of hardcore wrestling and martial arts. All of this is needed on the same grey background I am posting the stuff on. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the big request as well.
  14. Here are a few screencaps Kenny Omega's stats Kazuchika Okada stats Two future open venues
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