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  1. Miz needs to have Brock Lesnar as a tag partner so they can be called - Brock and Awe.....SOME

  2. Last chance to vote in the dome -

  3. Wasn't sure of my beard at first, but now its GROWING on me

  4. January Diary Dome Top 10 closes in 3 hours

  5. Anyone having trouble with ewb on PC?

  6. The trick to writing Ultimate Warrior Promos is to get really tired... the gibberish just flows naturally

    1. Subject Delta

      Subject Delta

      Cocaine. Shitloads of cocaine.

    2. Magus978


      Don't forget copious amounts of alcohol

    3. nufan


      im at work, so i just had to rely on fatigue and tablets to help with nausea lol

  7. Prediction Contest time for fans of the 90's --

  8. how awesome is voting in the december diary dome... yeah i agree... everyone do it ;)

    1. Animal


      It's pretty darn sweet I tells ya!

  9. In this forum, we obey the laws of thermo-dynamics!

    1. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      I obey RW and possibly Sousa.

    2. Noah


      What if Ruki ate RW, would you obey Ruki then?

    3. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      Only if RW managed to stay alive in the belly of the beast and had internet access.

  10. Why hasn't El Matador Tito Santana returned to manage Los Matadors!!!

    1. Forky


      Because he's too busy teaching 3rd grade.

    2. nufan


      Tito Santana, teacher, lover, brother, BULLFIGHTER!!!!

  11. Tons of Funk need to turn heel on RTruth and Xavier Woods and be known as TONS OF PAIN!

  12. Did tyson kidd get the kidd surname as homage to dynamite kidd, so it was Smith and Kidd again (albeit with an extra D)

    1. Chris2K


      I don't know but that would be awesome if it's true.

    2. Skummy


      Doubt it, but it's a nice idea.

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