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Pick a show for me to binge

Your Mom

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I am feeling pretty aimless today so I had an idea. You guys pick a show for me to watch. Literally any show and I'll talk about it in here as I watch it. Pick something you think I would like or pick hot garbage it's up to you! Could be fun or maybe no one cares who knows? I'll let a few suggestions come in before I pick one and I have Netflix, Hulu and Prime so go nuts

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I think Steven Universe is on Hulu. It's a children's cartoon that starts slow, but really grows into itself. It explores LGBTQ+ themes, mental illness and the like. Plus the lore is pretty dang solid! And the good thing about binging it? the episodes are only 10 minutes long! And early on in the first season there's an episode about wrestling!

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Me and the better half have decided to stick to 30 hour comedies during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are the three we are loving: 

  • Barry: a dark comedy, yes. But a comedy nonetheless. Great show with Bill Hader, Sarah Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Stephen Root and a great supporting cast. I do not want to spoil the twist for you, because it makes for a great first episode, but it is very funny but also dark and gritty. Bill Hader and Sarah Goldberg are exceptional.
  • Schitt's Creek: A Canadian TV series about a wealthy family, the Roses, who loses their entire fortune and has to move back to a small country town in the middle of no where that they bought. It stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as the married couple and their children Dan Levy (Eugene's actual son) and Annie Murphy (who is exceptional). The show is heartwarming and fun. They could have easily made the small country town the butt of the joke (and they do sometimes), but it is really heart warming and fun. 
  • Insecure: About an awkward, insecure black woman named Issa who is living in Los Angeles. Really great show. The music is so good. Issa is great and captivating to watch. I am a pasty white guy from Canada. It is cool to watch a show about someone with an entirely different experience and life from mine and seeing the similarities and difference. Very funny show. 
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1 minute ago, Your Mom said:

I decided to start with this one since it's pretty short and looks pretty good. Going to do more than one series I'm sure. Is this like The Office for Vampires? Wasn't expecting that

Yeah, basically! It's based off of a movie by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, who also created this. If you like this you should definitely watch that as well if it's on any streaming services (I think it might be on Prime?).

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2 minutes ago, Your Mom said:

I feel bad that I don't remember her name right now but girl from Booksmart was in this!

Beanie Feldstein! You'll see her again on this show.

Also, looking through some of the other suggestions, I'll second Schitt's Creek, Barry, and Steven Universe.

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I was about to comment about Kristen Schall being in this and all the cool guest stars but then DAVE MOTHER FUCKING BAUTISTA!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:


Garrett The Vampire :lol: 

Oh my god the Council! I'M GOING TO DIE :lol: 


Holy shit Colin is on the council!!!! :lol: 

They showed the Vampire baby!! :lol: 

Colin Robinson: God Damn Hero! :lol: 

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