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Virtual Basement Wrestling

Cero Miedo

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Hype Thread for Virtual Basements upcoming untitled wrestling game. Here is a a video produced by Viking Sized Gamer and a link to their Twitter page to stay up to date on roster announcements, etc.




Announced Roster (As of 6/1/20)


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They have a crazy stacked roster, and the visuals look great... but wasn't there something in the contract about Virtual Basement retaining the rights to all of these people's characters or something? I remember reading about that last year sometime.

But, I mean... shit, just over the past week they've announced, Taynara Conti, Lio Rush, Petey Williams, Eli Drake, EC3, NICK MONDO and have teased Chris Hero.

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1 hour ago, Skummy said:

"Virtual Basement Wrestling" sounds like something seedy you'd see advertised in the back of an Apter mag.


Sounds like this is the end product for what Combat Zone Wrestling is becoming.

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I think they'd be better off announcing the actual name of the game, because it absolutely sounds seedy as hell.

That said, I agree. They are saying all of the right things and it really sounds like they understand what the wrestling gamer community wants. The list of talents they've secured for the game is crazy and the roster looks like it's going to be huge. Sure, some of those wrestlers are people that most fans won't have ever heard of, but they are real pro wrestlers who round out the roster and can be used as enhancement talents or maybe the player finds someone they really enjoy playing with and it turns them into a fan of that particular wrestler.

I'm wondering if they are working on licensing agreements with any of the promotions that these wrestlers work for though, or if the company or companies in the game are going to be fictional.

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15 hours ago, Gabriel said:

it really sounds like they understand what the wrestling gamer community wants.

That's actually the biggest alarm bell ringing for me when I watch that trailer. Especially with no footage, it feels more like a wishlist than a game in development. 

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