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Escape Rooms


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Oh man, went to my first one today and I loved it.

It was only 2 of us, but it felt like we worked really well together.

It was a kind of ‘mad doctor’ thing, I was so surprised with how well it’s done, it was actually 5 adjoining rooms and we got to the last one before timing out - I didn’t realise when booking it, it’s the hardest one the company has (out of 19 different ones across their locations) with a 13% success rate, so was a great effort!

Tell me about your escape room adventures

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I've done a few but the last one we did was prohibition themed and it was an absolute blast.

We did really well with a team of 6 or so - two couples and two of our friends. A big part of it turned out to be code breaking, and the guy in the other couple and his friend are both trained in code breaking so we made really short work of that part. And I was finding stuff and sorting it out for others to puzzle out... the best part of it was that there were multiple rooms and the final one was secret and cleverly opened up by placing your hand over a certain part of a painting for a few seconds, which made the wall slide down and open up.

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The PTTS crew have done a few in Loughborough. In 2018, myself @9 to 5@Matt@K, and Berober successfully escaped a Gallery heist themed room. A second group also successfully escaped the following year. A group I can't quite remember the makeup of tried and failed on a magical forest-style room on that same 2019 weekend.

I've also done all three rooms at the main Norwich escape room, their easy and medium rooms with a selection of wrestling friends, and the hard room with a friend and a guy he'd been dating but was planning on breaking up with, as a sort of "last hurrah come letting him down gently" thing after they'd spent most of their time together doing escape rooms. All of these were also unsuccessful but we were less than a minute away from escaping the medium room.

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We did one in Prague on a lads holiday a few years ago. Split into two teams of three and it was magic/wizard themed. 

Problem was we kinda managed to solve the stuff but did it in a really weird order. That and we were all at varying levels of hungover with one of the lads in the other team having a half an hour sleep

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