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Commercials and ads that annoy you


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For me, Liberty Mutual, Progressive and most insurance ads are just annoying. Also 1-877-KARS-FOR-KIDS yes I get its a charity but that jingle is just awful.

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Chevrolet's "REAL PEOPLE NOT ACTORS" series of ads by far annoys me the most. The one that Buick is running for one of their newer crossovers where the ladies basically exclusvely speak in the least natural adspeak possible is pretty close behind.

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43 minutes ago, Ruki Returns said:

15 second, unskippable ads on a 30 second youtube video. I wish my smartTV had an adblocker. 


5 minutes ago, A Businessman said:

Or when they try to get me with what I presume are double unskippable-15 second ads.

Might not be doable on a smart TV but if you click the small circled 'i' next to the timer and click, stop seeing ad, then choose irrelevant or whatever it will take you straight to the video.

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The Liberty Mutual ads all suck, but the ones with the guy and emu are completely stupid. NONE of them have been funny or entertaining. Some of the Progressive ones have been funny, but they're mostly the ones that revolve around Jamie, not Flo. The `Progessive On Ice' one was amusing.




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