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Make a video game crossover


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I'm surprised we don't have a wrestling based battle royal game yet. Forget the guns, dump 100 wrestlers onto a ring-shaped island with the ropes gradually shrinking the space and just fill it with kendo sticks, chairs, ladders etc. and make it more brawl based rather than shooting each other.

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1 hour ago, Benji said:

Crossovers are all the rage right now. Give me some crossovers you want, be it serious, a joke, game Vs game, game Vs TV or whatever else.

Me? I'm waiting for Sesame Street Fighter II.

Download MUGEN and have some fun. I'm sure they have Big Bird and all sorts to add-in.

As for real cross-overs? I'd love to see Streets of Rage cross-over with Final Fight. Seems an obvious and easy cross-over. Throw TMNT in too, fuck it.

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5 minutes ago, Chris2K said:

Lego: The Bond Films


All the films preferably, although they can forget Quantum of Solace if they want to. I wish I could.

Such a good shout, I'm kind of shocked it's not already been done. As for Quantum...if only you had a quantum of tolerance. :lol:

There's a bunch of anime shows which would make pretty fun Lego games. I'd lap up a One Piece Lego game. Imagine JoJo x Lego?


Also remembered I'd have loved to have seen a Metroid / Halo cross-over back in the day. 

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29 minutes ago, Krabby said:

Game of Thrones done as a Romance of the Three Kingdoms game would be *chef's kiss*

If only there were a nodded historical simulation game that could do this. 

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