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Madame Web is being critically panned more than any Marvel-related project since Howard the Duck, with the YouTube channels I follow actively suggesting not to go to the cinema to watch it so as not to encourage Sony to make any more MCU-adjacent films. The major notes, which again are not from me but from reviewers:

- Dakota Johnson is terrible, not in a "bad script that she is trying her best with", but a "bad script that she is not trying to help with a consistent monotone delivery".

- The trailers that showed various spider-people suited up is a straight up bait-and-switch, the time they spend as their hero monikers in the movie itself is less than a minute. This, despite Sony being roasted for doing the exact same thing with Vulture's appearance in Morbius.

- The ADR work is so bad that often the audio doesn't match the words on screen.

- Everything looks cheap, the CGI is bad, and the editing seems to have been done to extend the movie length.

- There's no mid or post credits scene, which is not a bad thing in itself, but just goes to further emphasise how nobody at Sony cares about their own universe.


Please Sony just give it up.

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You can totally see Dakota Johnson absolutely hamming it up in the press stuff for this movie as well. It really doesn't matter that she doesn't care about the source material or the other cinematic universe with the same characters in it, but it's still kind of hopeless when she names one of the Spider-Man movies as "The Goblet of Spider-Man".

At least Sony still has the Spider-Verse trilogy, Across the Spider-Verse is undoubtedly my favorite movie of 2023.

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Dakota Johnson’s entire press messaging for this was pretty much “this movie is trash and what we were expected to do to make this shows there’s a terrible problem in the industry”

Not really surprising it’s being reamed.  It would’ve been shocking if it were good.

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I enjoyed her account of having to try doing acting in front of a green screen for the first time. Have absolutely no clue what possessed anyone involved to think that Dakota Johnson, one of the most low-key, mumblecore actresses I've ever seen who has a documented record of not really hiding when she thinks she's in a bad movie, was the right choice for the leading role. That alone should probably DQ Sony from making more of these movies outside of Spider-Verse.

(tbf I also listened to a podcast with Adam Scott on it from last year and him being in Madame Web came up and he had a very similar unspoken "yeah that was a paycheck and nothing more, I've already forgotten what I did on it" vibe.)

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The crazy thing is that every bad movie that Sony make isn't really damaging them, it's damaging Marvel. Not only are these characters basically unusable again for a long time, but your average movie-goer is going to see the Marvel title-card and assume these movies are part of the MCU, or at least made by Marvel Studios.

The Spider-Verse films probably avoid that issue because being animated makes a clear enough distinction.

And I get the feeling that Dakota Johnson, daughter of Hollywood royalty that she is, can pretty much phone in any performance or press tour and it won't affect the chances of her getting hired again.

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With the MCU's momentum going backwards, I wonder how long until Sony just try to sell the rights back to Disney. Nothing outside of Venom has worked and never will if they're trying to build a world outside of Spiderman, without actual Spiderman. 

Honestly just wish they'd reboot everything and try again. At the moment the cracks in all the various properties are too much to paper over. 

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is this where we talk about X-Men 97?

Watched the first two episodes last night, and really enjoyed them. The tone of it all feels perfect. I watched the original cartoon religiously, and was starting to read comics at the time, so it's all powerfully nostalgic and feels like "my" X-Men. The direction of the story feels fairly obvious for someone who was reading at the time, but I imagine there will be some fun timey-wimey twists to come.

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