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EWB's Top 50 Women


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49. Drew Barrymore

This woman first charmed America in 1982's classic E.T. She then looked destined to follow the child star route of drunken and drug-induced behavior with her dark turns in real lifeduring her teen years. Fortunately, this daughter of acclaimed actor John Barrymore turned around for the better and also became hot. The screen actress has become one of the top A-listers ever since her big successes with films like Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer, and Charlie's Angels and her hotness has also not slowed down either.

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48. Louise Redknapp

This buxom pop artist began her work in the industry in the early 90s in the UK with the UK group Eternal. She split from the band in 1994 for her own solo career. She decided to appeal to her broad male fanbase by posing for FHM and has also made their 100 Sexiest Women list. The career for this UK artist has stayed solid over the past 10 years as well as she has made 5 solo albums. At 30 years of age, she still is a good looking woman, thus how she made the list.

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47. Katie Price

Katie Price is essentially Pamela Anderson: The UK Version. She has big fake boobs like Anderson and has been an attention getter. She first gained attention in Britain with her nude model work before and after the surgery and the boobs. Since then she has been a tabloid darling and even tried to enter the political world by running for a spot in the British government. One thing is for sure about Katie Price, though: She has gotten our attention.

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46. Eva Mendes

As one of the top rising stars in Hollywood, Eva Mendes has become noticed especially in the last 2 years. The beautiful Cuban-American actress previous had roles in smaller films like Urban Legends: Final Cut and the fifth Children of the Corn film. She made her major breakthrough with the urban hit films All About The Benjamins and 2Fast 2Furious, however, and has shown her beauty in films like Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Stuck On You. If you're a Mendes fan (Underage Politician), be sure to check her out in next year's rom-com Hitch, which continues the exposure for this Latin hottie.

And.....that's all for today. I'll post some more of these tomorrow. Until then, peace.

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45. Natalie Portman

As one of the truly talented breakthrough actresses to come into Hollywood in the past few years, Natalie Portman's beauty and talent have been praised by many. Her first real show of talent came in 1994's The Professional (as known as Leon), when she was only 12 years old. However, her true breakthrough came in her role as Padme Amidala in Episodes 1 & 2 of Star Wars. Her talent has also made marks in the indy market with her role in the critically praised Garden State in 2004. Could this woman become the future of Oscar? We'll have to see, but her beauty and talent has made her a good prospect to be Oscar's woman.

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44. Ki Toy Johnson

As one of the hottest video honeys in the country, Ki Toy showed her hotness in Outkast's "The Way You Move" video. She has also worked as a swimsuit model and with the body of work she has had in rap videos, expect her to continue that path and expect men to keep watching.

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43. Michelle Trachtenberg

Another woman, another dang teen actress. When will it end? Anyways, Michelle Trachtenberg first got famous in the mid 90s as junior detective Harriet The Spy. However, her first real step into men's view came as she was cast in the famed WB/UPN series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Her final step into their view came in 2004's Eurotrip where Trachtenberg showed her true sexiness. Expect more films to come from this young hot actress.

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