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Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters of All-Time


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I guess this could be considered Spoilers if you want to watch the show yourself. Anyway, this is a pretty good list, especially happy with #13 and #1... of course I wouldn't mind seeing #13 at #2, but hey, I'm a mark.

Day 1

100. Xena

99. Monk

98. Steve Urkel

97. Dr. Smith

96. Artie

95. Doug Ross

94. Vic Mackey

93. Maynard G Krebs

92. Agent Dale Cooper

91. Caine

90. Herman Munster

89. Lt. Castillo

88. Jamie Somers

87. Gomez & Morticia

86. Maxwell Smart

85. Napoleon Solo/Illya Kuryakin

84. Bob Hartley

83. Vinnie Barbarino

82. Gil Grissom & Catherine Willow

81. Cast of Will & Grace

Day 2

80. Jack Tripper

79. Charles Ingalls

78. Rob & Laura Petrie

77. Dr. Craig

76. Eleanor Frutt

75. Ally McBeal

74. Beaver

73. Dr. Johnny Fever

72. Dick Soloman

71. Dan Fielding

70. Niles Crane

69. David Addison/Maddie Hayes

68. Benson

67. Jim Ignatowski

66. Carla Tortelli

65. John Boy

64. Jessica Fletcher

63. Andy Taylor

62. Francis Xavier Pembleton

61. Crockett & Tubbs

Day 3

60. Mork

59. Al & Peg Bundy

58. Barney Miller

57. Rhoda Morgenstern

56. Mick Belker

55. Capt. Picard

54. Rocky & Bullwinkle

53. Pres. Josiah Bartlett

52. Emma Peel

51. Murphy Brown

50. Sam & Diane

49. Maude Finley

48. Ted Baxter

47. Carmella Soprano

46. Cast of Friends

45. Marshall Matt Dillon

44. Cliff Huxtable

43. Thomas Magnum

42. Laverne & Shirley

41. The Barone Family

Day 4

40. Fred Sanford

39. Kojak

38. Sgt. Ernie Bilko

37. Marcus Welby

36. Barney Fife

35. Lou Grant

34. Kermit & Miss Piggy

33. Maverick

32. Scully & Mulder

31. Samantha Stephens

30. Det. Lenny Briscoe

29. Alex Keaton

28. Perry Mason

27. Ann Marie

26. Frasier Crane

25. Joe Friday

24. Louis DePalma

23. Andy Sipowicz

22. Richard Kimball

21. Mr. Spock

Day 5

20. Ed Norton

19. Eric Cartman

18. Roseanne

17. Jim Rockford

16. George Jefferson

15. J.R. Ewing

14. Hawkeye Pierce

13. Buffy

12. Edith Bunker

11. Carrie Bradshaw

10. Tony Soprano

9. Capt. James T. Kirk

8. Mary Richards

7. Lt. Columbo

6. Seinfeld Cast

5. Homer Simpson

4. The Fonz

3. Lucy Ricardo

2. Ralph Kramden

1. Archie Bunker

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A decent list, but Frasier got shafted, as he was definitely top ten material (number one in my own opinion). Gotta disagree with you about Buffy, Zero. I don't even think she was the top character on her show, let alone 13th all time. Rob Petrie was too low, as was Bob Hartley. And finally, too many characters were combined into entries. Sam and Diane together? Shelley Long left Cheers in 1987, and Sam did just fine on his own!

EDIT: And I was glad they included Dick Solomon. 3rd Rock was the most underrated sitcom of the 90s, IMO.

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Steve Urkel was screwed! Those dinosaur slippers put him into the top 10 alone!

Jack Tripper and the Bundys deserve to be higher too.

But I agree with Archie being #1.


My own personal Top 10 would be...

10. Dan Connor

09. Carlton Banks

08. Archie Bunker

07. Cosmo Kramer

06. Woody Boyd

05. Bart Simpson

04. Jack Bauer

03. Steve Urkel

02. Al Bundy

01. Homer Simpson

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The Fonz should be #1

And Bender should be on it. Hands down.

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Buffy gets #13 but her Lesbian sidekick doesn't even make the list?

Willow just got screwed royally.

and also where's Bart. Homer got number 5 but Bart wasn't on the list. That is just annoying.

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Eric Cartman should so be in the top ten, Buffy should be in the like 90's, Maybe that's just cause I hate the character, Angel/Drusilla were always the better characters from the Buffy/Angel world :D I'm suprised there was no Bart Simpson either. He should be in the top ten imo.

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no Angel? Spike? -_-

I never liked Buffy (the show or the character), so I could care fuck all about her. I demand a re-count.

Angel > Spike > Buffy


EDIT: Although, I sorta expected Angel and/or Spike not to make it on this list. I don't think Angel: The Series (or any of the characters) will get the recognition they deserve for another year or so. Since, you know, the show just ended in April/May of this year.

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