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Favorite Guitarists?


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My fav guitarists and the ones I think are the best are completly different things. My fav guitarists are just the ones in my fav bands, whereas I think people like Hendrix and Santana are the best.

Alright, I realize the flaw in my question, but if I go about what my topic says, my favorites include:

Chad Gilbert

Tom Delonge

Matt Good (I believe he plays)

Billie Joe Armstrong

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My favorite guitarist is Dave Navarro, as over the past couple of years he has proven he can play anything. From his solo album to Jane's Addiction to "Are You Happy Now" By Michelle Branch to that Mariah Carey song that she remade. Hell, he even played for Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" at the one VMAs. Even if he isn't the best guitarist ever, he has got to be one of the top ranked for right now.

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Matt Good (I believe he plays)

Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but how is he your favourite if you don't even know whether he plays or not?

Tom Morello is mine for the reason that his style can vary from song to song in a larger range than most guitarists I've heard and it always sounds very sharp.

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5.- Chris Cornell

His guitar work on Soundgarden is underrated. He's not the best one, but he's one of my favorite ones, why? Becuase even if he isn't applying the world's greatest solos on his songs, his guitar work on Euphoria Morning is very interesting, and is never an accompainment, but a thing on it's own. The fact that he could also had an AMAZING coordination to reach those high notes singing while keeping a riff in a different tempo makes me appreciate that a lot.


Fell on black days (Soundgarden)

Like Suicide (Soundgarden)

Sweet Euphoria


4.- Yngwie Malmsteen

One of, if not the fastest guitarist ever. Yngwie Malmsteen is characterized by playing a melodic and instrumental metal riffs and solos. He is amazing, simply amazing, however, I feel that his solos can get quite monotone at MANY times, thing why he isn't above the others. He is one of the biggest cunts you can meet, but his guitar work makes up for it.

Songs reccomended:

Arpeggios from hell

Black Star

Beethoven's 5th

Flamenco Diablo


3.- Jerry Cantrell

He has always been this guitarist who will have a place on my heart. His guitar work is great on AIC's first albums, his solos always fit the songs, he was always at a good tempo. He was the influence of many nu-metal guitar players, and even if they suck, they still had an amazing influence by them. He was also quite underrated as a musician, and he had a great coordination on guitar while singing.

Reccomended songs:

Heaven Beside You (Alice In Chains)

Cut you in

Angry Chair (Alice In Chains)

Don't follow (Alice In Chains, may not be that great on guitar, but that is a great coordination)

Killing Yourself (Alice In Chains)

Man in the box (Alice In Chains)

Whale & Whasp


2.- Carlos Santana

Need I say more? Ok, just two more words. GUITARIST.LEGEND.

Reccomended songs:



Black Magic Woman


Evil Ways

And for the final ONE:

Honorable mentions go to:

Slash (Guns N' Roses)

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Hendrix

Joe Satriani

And so is up, YOUR GOD, as he OWNS your soul:


1.- Steve Vai

The greatest guitarist that ever touched the earth. He doesn't need vocals or anything, his guitar work speaks for himself. His solos are amazing, yet thet monotone like Yngwie's are. He is amazing, and so is his guitar:


He is mind-blowing, his guitar work is orgasmic, he gets together with Mike mangini (Fastest drummer ever, check out your world records albums).

Reccomended songs:

Crossroads Duel (From The movie)

Attitude Song

For the love of god

Bad Horsie

Red House

.... I can't say enough, get your hands on any Steve Vai albums, or former projects, it will be worth it.

That's my Top 5.

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Wow...I just listened to the guys George calls "fastest guitarist ever" and "fastest drummer ever".

George, my friend, those guys don't even get into Romero or Li's second gear :P (or in the drummer guy's case, Dave Mackintosh or Tony Costanza's second gear :P)

Maybe that's a bit unfair, sine I've only heard one song each, but still...you need an introduction to power metal. REAL fuckin' power metal. (I have to admit, that Malmsteen guy was pretty damn good. But he's definately no Romero OR Herman Li).

The Damnation Game, by Symphony X. Listen. Not the best example of Jellyfingers guitar playing, but the first one my MP3 player came up with :P

Edit: Ok, so Yngwie Malmsteen is pretty damn rocking actually. *buys stuff*

My point still stands though, Romero and the rest of Symphony X > *

Edit2: Just realised I forgot to pay homage to Herman.

So while you're listening to The Damnation Game (whch is far from the best example :P), find My Spirit Will Go On, or..hell...ANYTHING by Dragonforce, and listen to that too. Some if it is kinda slow, but still awesome, but then there are some bits that make you wonder if these guys HAVE bones in their fingers.. :P

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