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Smackdown vs. Raw


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Is this game worth buying? Been a fan of all the old Smackdown games, think I should get it?

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Yeah. Voiceovers. The only thing.

and oh, create-a-belt, a complete CAW overhaul, the return of Create-A-PPV, etc.

Yeah. Too much like the original. Mhm.

All sarcasm aside, I've heard that it's quite good. My friend rented it over the weekend and he's only 2 or 3 complaints about the game, largely dealing with the storyline and the character modelling in CAW.

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I actually like it yes the season mode is lacking and the roster isn't what it should be but the game shines in the other areas. the game modes are all there with tweaks to make them better. the mini games make the action feel realistic and the caw mode is really great even though they took out a few patterns

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