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AFI's list of the year's top ten films


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AVIATOR Flies High for AFI

Tuesday December 14 1:29 PM ET

Desperate Housewives and Lost both make the television list in their freshman seasons.

By Mark Umbach, FilmStew.com

A billionaire, a family of superheroes and two friends visiting the wine country piqued the interest of the American Film Institute this year as The Aviator, The Incredibles and Sideways earned spots on the AFI's fifth annual list of the year's top ten films.

A 13-person panel, which included Roger Ebert, James Cromwell and Naomi Foner, helped put together the list of the year's top films, while a separate 13-person panel worked on compiling this year's top ten television programs.

This year's top ten films were:

The Aviator


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Friday Night Lights

The Incredibles


Maria Full of Grace

Million Dollar Baby


Spider-Man 2

On the television side, ABC's two break-out hits, Desperate Housewives and Lost, earned spots on the roster. HBO also had a strong showing snaring four of the ten spots with The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood and Something the Lord Made.

This year's top TV programs:

Arrested Development

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Desperate Housewives



The Shield

Something the Lord Made

The Sopranos

South Park

The AFI will celebrate the creative teams behind each of the recognized films and television programs at a luncheon on January 14 at the Four Seasons.

Yahoo! Movies

I would take Friday Night Lights out and Kinsey out for Harry Potter 3 and Kill Bill Volume 2, one because I'm a diehard fan and loved the movie, as for the latter, come on, its QT at his best! I didn't really enjoy Kinsey that much, but Neeson was great in it.

So do you agree or disagree with the list?

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Maria Full of Grace - Only one I kinda saw... Why do I say kinda? Because I was fucking around in Spanish class instead of paying attention

This year's top TV programs:

Arrested Development - The best damn comedy show ever.

Nip/Tuck -Ugh... Dumb dumb show. I hate it.

The Shield -One of the best dramas around. Fucking awesome season and this season's should be better.

The Sopranos -Eh... as an Italian I think it's pretty true some of the shit that happens. Plus the writer is from providence :thumbsup:

South Park -Politically smart cartoon. More people should watch this.

Kinda disappointed Scrubs isn't there. That's a funny show.

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List isn't all that surprising, agree Kill Bill 2 should be in there somewhere though. And am I alone when I say the Aviator just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest? I think DiCaprio has been great lately though.

TV list looks pretty good although I have never seen Arrested Development (I know, I know I'm a horrible person) or Desperate Housewives. South Park on there makes me a very happy boy.

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Guest Ringmaster

Haven't seen the Aviator or Million Dollar Baby so I won't comment on them, but Collateral, Friday Night Lights and Maria Full Of Grace shouldn't be there, and The Incredibles is iffy as well, when movies like Badaasssssss!, Kill Bill V2, Stander or even Finding Neverland were left standing empty handed.

As for the shows:

Arrested Development:

I'm probably the only person in the world who rarely laughs while watching this show. It's okay, but nowhere near as good as people make it up to be, especially when you have a show like Scrubs out there and it gets no respect.

Curb Your Enthusiasm:

See Arrested Devellopment, but IMO slightly funnier


Happy happy joy joy. The breaSuckt show this year for me, Ian McShane is my new God.

Desperate Housewives:

Snore. They kill off the ugly one and people are like "wow, innovation".


Fantastic show, although it still needs to grow on me and I find that its gotten a tad repetitive but it picked up with the last two shows


I like it, but it borders on trashy every now and then, but I guess that's what makes it so great. And Julian McMahon is gold.

The Shield:

Never got into this, I liked the first few eps of season one, but then I kinda gave up. Although, yes, Mackey is great.

Something the Lord Made:

I caught the first 20 mins, then said bye, I dont know what this is doing here

The Sopranos:

Great show overall, but a slow season this time around.

South Park:

Just great. There's no other way to put it. Constantly funny and never really gets old.

This list lacks 24, Scrubs and Six Feet Under. That is all.

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Film wise I've heard off like four off the films out of the ten that are listed(Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind which I must say I want to see badly, Spiderman 2, Collateral and The Incredibles).

As for the shows well I haven't really seen any off them, most all seem to be US stuff. Seen some of The Sorpranos so that's fine being on the list. South Park is one off the most boring things I've ever watched though.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Its actually nice to see a list without Kill Bill on it, I really didn't like it all that much, but saying that I've only see 'The Incredibles' on that list anyway.

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Quick question...Is Lost the same as the programme we had over here in England a few years ago where three pairs are dropped off in a foreign country with £100 and have to get back to England again?

Edited by Jar Jar Beatnik
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