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Bands You Should Know But Don't

Johnny Drama

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This thread is for people to list and link preferrebly people with bands they think are good but are not commercially that big or if you are just a big fan!

www.purevolume.com/jersey - good punk band I don't know much about them but I heard a few tracks on purevolume and they seem pretty cool.

www.purevolume.com/fastlane - amazing pop-punk band from England truely amazing sound if you are into punk!

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Can I get away with mentioning these? They're unknown...on the moon :shifty::

http://www.hammerfall.net (although their recorded stuff is lame. It's really fucking slow and crap. Live, however, they rule).


http://www.symphonyx.com (:wub:)

http://www.blind-guardian.com (:wub::wub::wub:)

Ahem, yeah...

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Feederz are a punk group from Arizona, they date back to the late 1970s, and are still going strong to this day. They are furiously political, and have a very different sound. They don't sound like your typical punk band, as they are very quirky. They have been pictured in my signature before, if anybody remembers the picture of a bald man with a guitar named "Frank Discussion". Frank Discussion has been known for wearing odd accessories while on stage ranging from a dead cat around his neck to an army coat covered in insects.

Billy Childish

Billy Childish has been going strong for 25+ years, and has recorded hundreds of albums with various bands. Billy Childish has done it all ranging from punk with the Pop Rivets, garage with Thee Headcoats and Thee Milkshakes, and blues with the Buff Medways. This also doesn't take into account the other projects he's worked on with other groups, or his many poems and spoken words. I really can't think of any other artist out there that has been so diligent in releasing material. Billy Childish also suffers from severe dyslexia which makes his story even more remarkable. He also was pictured in my signature in the early stages of my EWB membership.

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I'm going to start with some who are more known. And who's stuff are easier to get hold of. Lots of you may already know who they are.


Official Website (Has 2 videos from songs on their 2002 album. An American Paradox. Razor Sex is pretty cool, have never watched the video though.)

(The Logo at the top of the sit is badass, even cooler than th one circa Element of Sonic Defiance. I hope they have t-shirts by the UK tour)

FatWreckChords : Thy have some MP3's up here. Not really their strongest stuff though)

Analog is from the new album and they're releasing a video soon for it. I'm sure they also used to have LuciferMotorcade up **shrugs** I'm not too fond of Ghost Town, Jackie O grows on you but ther est of TEOSD is so much better. Virginia Madison is pretty good as is Too Close to See, it's fast which makes it cooler. Alien Amplifier is hit and miss, sometimes I dig it, other times I don't

I just recommend you get some stuff by these, the amount of sound changes they've went through there's something you're probably going to like. Good lyrics, good guitars, good drums, the new bass player does his job (translation : is pretty shit), he isn't great but he hasn't given a chance to shine yet. IMO. Just check out stuff, try and buy The Element of Sonic Defiance, it might only be 24 minutes but it's a great listen. In fact all their albums are good, all have a mix of good songs and some not so good. On the new album (Exile in Oblivion), Anna Lee is probably the one shitty song. Wow I talked a lot there.

Against Me! : I couldn't find many MP3's. The official site is againstme.net but that has none as far as I can see. FatWreckChords has 1 song up Cliche Guevara (At the top)

They mightn't sound much on first listen but an awesome sing along band. Very much a get pissed and sing with your friends band. Reinventing Axl Rose is a great CD and even if you hate the band I recommend you get the "We're Never Going Home" DVD, some seriously funny shit. And if you like them, I recommend you get that and the new album that's out this year.

Pmx : High paced music. Seem talented for young'uns. Seem emo'ish in a way especially in the acoustic song. Have 3 songs on PureVolume (December Rained is the best IMO. Just takes a while to get going) The official site is www.pmxrock.com though it is currently down, but it's not down permenantly. It had about 5 or 6 downloads on it.

Skyline Collapse : Was really impressed the first time I heard them. http://www.purevolume.com/skylinecollapse

Their site is on their too.

I migh add more later, as you can tell by the last one I can't be assed anymore :shifty:

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