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What Games Do You Play Online?

Miami Vice

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I've been playing a lot of online games latly and I started to wonder if any fellow EWBers play the same games I do. Thus I pose this question, what games to you play online?

For me right now I'm playing:

1) Battlefield 1942

2) ROME: Total War

3) Need 4 Speed: Underground 2

4) Lineage 2

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Only game I've ever really played online is Smackdown vs Raw. I quit playing that online when half the people started using gay methods to win, like run to the outside and wait for me to come chase them. Then once I do, get me down and refuse to let me back on. Cheating bastards :shifty:

Oh and Soccom II which my brother brought. That's some hard shit though so I rarely ever go online with that baby.

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Outside of ZNES I only play a few PC games which to be honest I haven't played lately. Wolf ET and Diablo 2. Also played CS a while back. I do plan on getting the PS2 Network thingy if Pro Evo 5 is online which is a possibility as I hear the new Winning Eleven might be online for the PS2.

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I haven't been able to play and won't be able to until I get a new PC or the HD space problems on this one are rectified, but I used to play StarCraft (w/ expansion) Diablo II (w/ expansion) and Age of Empires.

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