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British Eurovision Entrant...

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Grr what a stupid choice. It's too similar to the song that won 2 years ago...Sure it would therefore have won two years ago but it won't win again.

Jordan's singing was out of tune but she could have won it cos the Euros love a good bit of breasts, blondeness and general Jordan-ery...

Song was okay too...

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Guest Small Blue

Javine's breast came out right at the end.

That's Eurovision winning material right there.

EDIT: Sad thing is as well, I thought of CSAMH watching this writing down Wogan quotes. Maybe CSAMH should watch less Eurovision.

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I must admit that I'm one of the people when Eurovision comes on that watches the whole thing and rates all the entrants and then phones up to vote for my top three...

And enjoy Wogan's comments...

Heh heh

But I'm cool in other ways :shifty:

Yeah because you like Spu... uhm... you have the old GTA thing still in yo... wait... :shifty:

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Bring back Gemini! :shifty:

Jemini <_<

Jordan sucked, they all sucked, but Javine can at least hold a tune.

I never watched it, I just knew they sucked. :P

I don't really understand the Eurovision Song Contest - where's the heavy metal?

The German entrant is usually Heavy Metal....

.....Or cheesy weird pop polka cheese...

One or the other :pinch: <_<:shifty:

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Heard Javine got a little extra 'exposure' to help her out. Woulda been funny to see what the rest of Europe made of Jordan. Bet the Germans woulda loved her.

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Eurovision is still shit either way. Every country hates us, I don't know why we bother anymore. We wont win for years and years to be honest. People don't vote on the performance, they vote on who they like best, and that just wont ever be the UK. Sp we have no chance in hell.

Saying that, Javine is cool. She came to Cambridge like two years back and I met her from what I remember, just around the time she brought out one of her first singles. Pretty good singer and a nice girl, better than the rest.

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The only good thing EVER about the Eurovision Song Contest is Terry Wogan. He is brilliant when he does this. I love it. Unfortunetly I think I'm working when it's on, so I might record it...making me, quite possibly the only person in history to record that tripe.

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I flicked through the Sun at the newsagents and I saw that picture. Definetly a nipple.

It's not as though I actually looked through the paper just for that...pfft.

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