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EWB's Top 50 Women 2005


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Last fall, you laughed, you cried, and you bitched about EWB's premium top 50 list of women. Now, the boredom of winter/spring now flows in me as I begin voting for the new list thread for the new top 50 of 2005. Last year, you named Elisha Cuthbert the top woman, but with rising names like Adriana Lima, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Nikki Sanderson, and drops in popularity of people like Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff, expect a much different list this time around.

Now, for the rules. Vote on ten women to place on the list. Ifyou cannot think of ten, just put however many you can, preferably in order. The listing will be counted by a scale of 3 points for first place, 2 points for second to fifth place, and 1 point for the rest. That order goes for the list no matter how many women are listed.

For those that yammered about last year's results as well, you can vote three women to take points off of. That will be counted by a scale of 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third.

I hope this time around the results will be better, but it still will be quite interesting to see who EWB votes for their lists.

Well, enough of this blabber, let the voting begin!

EDIT: Made a few new rules for the voting process.

RE-EDIT: Deadline: Friday, March 14, 06:15 PM EST.

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Top Posters In This Topic

1.) Beyonce Knowles

2.) Elisha Cuthbert

3.) Lacey Chabert

4.) Rachel McAdams

5.) Nikki Sanderson

6.) Natalie Portman

7.) The blonde hair girl in the OC, the really hot one(brain freeze, you know who I'm talking about)

8.) Torrie Wilson

9.) Trish Startus

10.) Kate Winslet( Always thought she was absolutely gorgeous)

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Guest Mr McFarlane

1: Shannyn Sossamon

2: Morgan Webb

3: Kou J Kouerson

4: Christina Ricci

5: Summer Pheonix

6: Gwen Stefani

7: A bowl of Jello

8: Lemon Jello

9: Pink Jello

10: Triangle Jello

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Michelle Rodriguez

Rachel Stevens

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Tina O'Brien

Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Aniston

Beyonce Knowles

Natalie Portman

Alexis Laree

Kou J Kouerson at his her request.

For the three to take points off : Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff and any combination of the Olsen twins. I don't care if they haven't been mentioned yet >_>

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Guest Cereal Killer

1) Gwen Stefani

2) Lacey Chabert

3) Amelia Cooke

4) Christina Milian

5) January Jones

6) Drea de Matteo

7) Jessica Simspon

8) Tia Texada

9) Trish Stratus

10) Alyssa Milano

Negative 1: Hilary Duff

Negative 2: Jennifer Aniston

Negative 3: Lindsay Lohan

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Guest Bluesman

Eva Mendes

Kate Beckinsale

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Katie Holmes

Molly Sims

Shannon Elizabeth

Daisy Fuentes

Allysa Milano

Naomi Watts

Erika Christensen


1. Paris Hilton

2. Gwen Stefani

3. Avril Lavigne

Don't hate me because I'm right...

Edited by Bluesman
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Natalie Portman

Rachel Bilson

Jennifer Aniston

Eva Menedas

Jessica Simpson

Brooke Burke

Tara Reid

Alyssa Milano

Katie Holmes

and that chick from Joey and The Sopranos.

No Order.

Edited by Krazy_K
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1. Catherine Bell

2. Sarah Polley

3. Elisha Cuthbert

4. Keira Knightley

5. Emmanuelle Chriqui

6. Rose Byrne

7. Portia De Rossi

8. Rachel Weisz

9. Shannyn Sossamon

10. Emmy Rossum

No negatives for me. Ugly people don't exist in Hollywood, just slightly varying degrees of hot.

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1. Shirley Manson

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Amy Lee

4. Beyonce

5. Alyson Hannigan

6. Jessica Alba

7. Uma Thurman

8. Chiaki Kuriyama

9. Milla Jovovich

10. Juliya (of Uranium)


1. Paris Hilton

2. Tara Reid

3. Lindsay Lohan

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