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EWB's Top 50 Women 2005


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Well, it's finally time for the list, but first here's some girls that didn't make it.

Neve Campbell

Uma Thurman

Tyra Banks

Sienna Miller

Monica Bellucci (Grrr...)

Now, let's get the list going with 50.


50. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ms. Hewitt has had an interesting career, going from cute teen star to hot teen star to her current status as hot young adult. Hewitt had an ok 2004 starring in the Garfield movie among her other projects on television and in TV movies. Hopefully, this Heartbreakers star can get back on track in 2005, but no matter where her career goes, at least she will be hot.

My Take: Well, you could've done much worse for 50.

*shudders at the thought of Ashlee Simpson*

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49. Estella Warren

After a few noticable roles in the past few years, Estella Warren has gained Hollywood attention yet still hasn't garnered star attention. But things have continued to look up after several hit roles in box office successes like Planet of the Apes and Kangaroo Jack. Look for her in four films in 2005, including the National Lampoon's release The Trouble With Frank.

My Take: Nice selection. Maybe even needs to go up a few spots.


48. Charlize Theron

As one of the very few actresses that can show talent and beauty, Charlize Theron has escaped the typecasted "beautiful woman" role that haunted her in films like Trapped, Reindeer Games, and The Legend of Bagger Vance. The role that showed her breakthrough was 2003's Monster, for which she won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Aileen Wuernos. In 2005 and beyond, look for her in the live-action version of Aeon Flux and the sequel to The Italian Job.

My Take: Another good choice that actually has some ability in her, as opposed to other names mentioned and on this list.

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Guest Ringmaster

I miss the days where Charlize got nude in every single one of her films. At least we have one Afrikaan on the list (take that Kaya :P)

Estalla Warren, eh, I'd hit it.

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just a question.

I know the election thread has being going around for a long time since i've seen it often on the first page. For some reason i've never read it so i have no idea.

The atrocious percentage of blonde women in this would be? and why do i get the feeling the most beautiful women in this will be in the worst places?

and no Monica Bellucci in there? how can that be? how can you pick 50 women in the entertainment business and not pick her? :(

ok.. more than one question :P

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Too bad for Uma, well the list is starting off good....all of the ones listed are extremely hot, I forgot Hewitt was that hot :P

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Guest Ringmaster

I love internet standards, you'd all fuck any of these chicks if you could, calling them a not is a tad harsh. Except Ashlee Simpson or Hilary Duff. Wouldn't fuck them with a pole.

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I dunno.

Charlie and Estella do nothing for me.

JLH on the other hand is an instant bonar.

Edited by Krazy_K
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You could throw any girl in front of me nude and spread open and I'd hit it.

but they're aren't hot.

There are (hot) girls you want to bang but there are other (hot) girls you want to look at all day.

Edited by Krazy_K
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