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Mystery. Science. Theater. 3000.


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Yes, it was technically brought up earlier in March and back in Feb., but I feel compelled to discuss what is quite possibly the greatest television concept and show I will ever come across.

So let's rock:

Mike or Joel?

Pearl or Clayton?

Frank or Bobo/Brain Guy?

Favorite moment?

Etc. etc.

Personally, I prefer Mike more than Joel, although both were quite excellent. Mike is just more sarcastic than the laid-back, oftentimes "hopped up on goofballs" Joel and suits my sense of humor as such. Joel is great, though, as his invention exchange ideas were generally entertaining and his dry humor is second-to-none. The interaction between Joel and Clayton is classic, especially with the often bizarre inventions (I still crack up with The Mads' "Life-sized Flintstones Chewable Vitamin" creation), are hilarious. Pearl was alright, but the skits started to feel a little forced when Pearl/Bobo/Brain Guy took over for Frank and Clay. I'm still amazed how people still can't figure out that Mary Jo Pehl was also the Magic Voice for the last few seasons, though.

And to this day, I still look at one of my friends and randomly say to them "....SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!"

So go on, discuss this fine piece of televised history.

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Best show ever. They need to come out with it on DVD, despite the fact that it'd be 7 discs a season.

Joel. The Original Dr. Forrester. TV's Frank. Joel's personality seemed to fit the show's style better, plus once he left, they stopped doing those inventions, which were one of my favorite parts of the show.

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Mike, because whilst I like Joel and think he's a GREAT riffer, he occasionally got really lazy and half-assed in terms of acting in the skits.

Oh, Dr. Forrester by a mile. Pearl's damn good, but you can't top Clayton.

As much as I love Brain Guy, TV's Frank is still the best.

My favorite moments are as follows...

- Mike, Crow, and Servo ACTUALLY GIVING UP ON A MOVIE with Hobgoblins. They get cardboard cutouts of themselves and start a recorded tape of, well, them saying gibberish. This then led to the cutouts doing a skit where... oh, hell, I'll just give you the transcript since I pretty much have it memorized now...

Mike: "That sure is a bad movie, won't you?"

Servo: "It sure is, you know!"

Crow: "Say fellas, how about we sing a little song about that movie, Hobgoblins?"

Servo: "Are you kidding me?"

Mike: "Then let's go!"

All: "Hobgoblins, hobgoblins, what do you do with those hobgoblins?

They are over here, they are over there, those darn hobgoblins are everywhere!

Whooo! Yay!"

Mike: "Look out, here comes one now!"

Servo: "Watch out, you little doodad!"

Crow: "Something's sure going to happen!"

At this point the tape breaks.

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Mike or Joel? Mike by far.

Pearl or Clayton? Clayton.

Frank or Bobo/Brain Guy? Frank.

Favorite moment? Probably in the episode "Riding with Death" they kept using the long running joke "turkeys." Hard to explain without actually seeing the episode.

Wait, scratch that.

ROWSDOWER~! It was some movie filmed in Alberta, The Final Sacrifice. One of the top 5 MST3K's ever.

Joel's delivery during the movie seemed rather, too laid back. He would just say his lines rather "ho-humly." Where as Mike could be downright vicious and that just made things funnier. It was also kinda cool to see how Mike would interact with the movie. For instance if it shows a window crack you'll see Joel "grab" the window and peer into it.

Clayton was far funnier than Pearl. I guess there's something about an authoritarian female that bothers me. Call it sexist, it just annoyed me. I liked TV's Frank as he was a far supieror foil to Clayton than Bobo was to Pearl. Things were clicking until Pearl came in.

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Joel. Dr. Forrester. TV's Frank.

Favorite moment? Meh. There are waaay too many. Just about any time Mike did Torgo from Manos The Hands Of Fate, or anytime they sang the Gamera song ("Gamera is really neat. He is filled with turtle meat. We all love you, Gameraaaaaaa!!").


Oh, and I have The MST3k Scrapbook video which shows footage from the original KTMA episodes (including the full opening) and some behind the scenes stuff, and a copy of The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide signed by the cast.

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Mike..as was said earlier, Mike just had that sarcastic asshole humor about him which fits my sense of humor perfectly...

Dr. Forrester by a mile. The way he acted just had the campy B-movie mad scientist feel to it, so it fit the show great

I would LOVED to have TVs Frank and Brain Guy together as sidekicks. I didn't like Bobo at all and though, once Brain Guy was added, it filled an empty spot

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Best show ever. They need to come out with it on DVD, despite the fact that it'd be 7 discs a season.

It is on DVD. Not by season though. I saw two box sets of it at Best Buy.

Those would be collection volumes. Usually three or four episodes to a set (three of the volumes feature a collection of the shorts, such as my personal favorite concerning Industrial Arts)

"I like the smell of fresh wood chips and sawdust..."

"...I put them in my underwear!"

They're up to seven volumes now, so around 25 of the approximately 209 episodes have been released. Granted, we'll probably never see the KTMA episodes again, but hey, some MST DVDs are better than none.

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Well I only started watching during the Mike and Pearl era so I have to lend my support to them.

Favorite moments....Hobgoblins and Jack Frost, the most fucked up movie ever.

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The Master Ninja theme song has lyrics!?

I haven't seen that many (less then ten), but I really loved Space Mutiny.

"I have my doubts that this movie really stars anyone."

"Put your helmet on! We'll be reaching speeds of 3!"

"You know, they shouldn't have set their phasers to miss."

and my favourite..

"I think it's very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance."

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I love MST3K. I really wish SCIFI did'nt stop airing it here in the States. Oh well, at least I have some of the DVDs. :thumbsup:

And to answer the questions...




My all time favorite moment was when Torgo delievered the Mads a pizza. :D


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