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Next Gen System


What next gen system do you plan on getting?  

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  1. 1. What next gen system do you plan on getting?

    • Nintendo Revolution
    • XBox 360
    • PS3

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Or 'none of the above'?

Meh, I've been playing on my PS2 less and less lately. The fact that I've not even heard of the Nintendo and Microsoft offerings only goes to show how much attention I pay to console gaming these days. In all likelyhood, my gadget-freak of a brother will end up buying a PS3 and hardly ever playing it, so maybe I'll have a go on that.

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Guest Grapehead

PS3 and nothing else.

Find the other two to be pretty average, well from what I've seen from the earlier consoles that is. I'll always stick to the Playstation's or just my classic Sega/Snes.

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Grapehead, you're calling X-Box average. People who think X-Box's are average are those who don't actually own an X-Box as many of the 'great' games you don't know about unil you actually own one (Unlike Gran Turismo etc. which is known whatever console you have). For example games like Panza Dragon Orta, Fable, Otogi 2, Ninja Gaiden etc. Plus you can hardly say they lack the 'big titles', as they also have the games people see as 'big PS2 games' too. They have Need For Speed : Underground 2, The TOCA Series, GTA (Admitted we need to wait till July), Pro Evolution Soccer 4, Splinter Cell (And we had it first, plus it looks better on X-Box IMO), Ghost Recon, SOul Calibur 2, The entire EA series (Including the streets. Though I only buy NBA Street) etc. The thing I like about the X-Box is that there's a good mix of different kinds of games (Especially now under Microsoft's XGN Sports Brand or whatever it is) with games like Amped 2 (Highly Underrated IMO), Top Spin Tennis (Even better than Virtua Tennis), Halo 2, Projet Gotham Racing, Dead or Alive etc.

Plus I have high hopes for the upcoming Forza Motorsport, from what i've seen it could possibly be just as good as Gran Turismo.

As for the console. I don't know until I see more info about them, though i'm probably leaning more towards X-Box 360. I'll wait a year or so before I get it though, for some quality games to come out and for the price to go down.

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I'd heard of all those titles you mentioned, don't own an X-Box, but I've played one lots, and I don't like it.

I think I'll be waiting to see what sort of titles are coming out for each console, but I'd almost certainly be picking up the PS3.

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Guest Grapehead

So you're telling me, Grapehead, you'd rather buy a DVD player and a console, rather than buy something that does both?

Wow, someone either has money to burn, or just wants to argue for the sake of arguing :rolleyes:

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