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Foreign Cinema?


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Can someone recommend me some foreign films, as I've decided that I'm going to try and immerse myself a little more in films from different countries, as the ones I have seen, on the whole, have been much better than the cliched Hollywood films produced en masse.

I've seen and enjoyed Ichi The Killer, Ringu, Audition, Dark Water, and some overs that I can't remember. I also have Visitor Q, The Agitator, Cashern and Old Boy lined up to watch.

Recommend me films from any country, as long as they aren't in the English language, and within reason, I like the foriegn films I watch to make you think.

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It's fairly mainstream, but I suggest you check out Amelie, it's a wonderful quirky light-hearted character-driven drama, and it's in French.

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"City of God" is quite good, and "Versus" is supposed to be alright as well.

Oh, and if you're looking for something different to your 'typical' Hollywood film, check out "Dirty Pretty Things." Even though it's in English it's very good, and has Chiwetel Ejiofor in it - who ranks at the top of the Christian Bale scale of awesomeness.

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Rules of Engagement, City of God, and Amelie. I also second Dirty Pretty Things.

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Im really into asian movies. Heres a few asian movies you should check out.


My Boyfriend is Type B

Two Guys

My Sassy Girl



Wet Dreams 2

She's On Duty

Sex Is Zero


Last Quarter

Collage of Our Life

Cutie Honey



Crazy N The City

New Police Story

Twins Effect

Twins Effect 2

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Seven Samurai



Battle Royale




Open Your Eyes (original of Vanilla Sky)



City Of Lost Children

The Last Battle (Luc Besson film set in a post-apocalyptic France where speech is no longer possible - hence no speaking for the whole film!)

Hong Kong / Chinese:

Infernal Affairs


House Of Flying Daggers

Shaolin Soccer

Kung-Fu Hustle



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I forgot to list Battle Royale and Battle Royale 2 as films I'd seen. Also, quite a few of the ones mentioned have been on my list to get, so I'm glad some have been jogged back into my memory.

If possible, keep the recommendations down, and give me a small idea of what kinda film, so I plump more for the kinda films I might like, rather than having to choose between a lot of films which I'm not sure what to expect

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