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I just saw the crappiest band ever : MARS VOLTA

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Yesterday I went the System of a Down, IT KICKED ASS

The opening band was Bad Acid Trip, IT KICKED ASS TOO

but between those two good slice of bread was some rotten meat to ruin this good sandwich, The Mars Volta

That band seems to have a cult of fans and I just try to understand why people like this, maybe i didnt listened to it the good way so help me out

I mean the singer sounded like a girl (literally)

The guitarist was playing way too loud (and the vocal was way too low)

There was some keyboard but, didnt hear it

Those afro were so baddly done it looked fake (of maybe it is)

and the musical style...what the fuck were they doing between a deathcore band and SOAD...i wonder


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I'm just looking at it from a totally neutral perspective, which is why I'd say they are both about the same. They are at the forefront of the music that they both produce, so to me, that makes them pretty equal. I'll probably listen to more SOAD, but I'd possibly argue that TMV are maybe the better band, as they do more complex/better songs, but meh, I'll stick to my original belief that they are as good as each other.

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So what makes TMV's songs better?

What makes SOAD's songs better?

I'm just saying, that IMO, I'd probably prefer TMV's songs overall, as there is just more about them in my eyes, ergo they may be better to me. Obviously, you'd think SOAD's songs are better, because they do more for you, ergo, you'd think they are better.

I was just saying that realistically, they are on the same level in my eyes in the way that they are pushing forward the boundaries of the music they do, irrelevant of whether I slightly like one band more than the other.

EDIT: And IWC, it may be to you, but there are a lot more stuff thats more depressing than TMV in my eyes......I can't really see where that comes from....well, aside from parts of Frances The Mute.

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