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PSP Questions

The Chief

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Hi, im thinking of buying a PSP but i have a few questions. Whats the difference between importing or not. Has it been built like a gameboy, where there was no problem playing USA games on an UK machine etc, or does PSP only play things from its own country.

i also want a battery you see, and there are ones on ebay, but they are imported from hong kong, so i dunno if i'll have any compatibility issues.


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yeea but i like carrying spares with me. i doubt there would be a problem with USA/Asian batteries on UK machines right? since those ebay members selling them are delivering to UK and europe. anyone able to confirm?

Well, whenever I get a new TV or something, it usually comes with a package of batteries with japanese written all over it, so I think it's all right.

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No worries. Just got hold of a cable on ebay for £4, which is about £10 less than I was expecting to pay, so I'm good.

If that makes you good it must make me great for telling you about it.

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Is it actually possible for you to not troll in every fucking thread?

Has anyone got an opinion on Lumines or Mercury? I'm after a good puzzle game, and I've heard mixed opinions on each, Lumines I've heard is supposed to be a Tetris-beater, but whether that's true or not, I have no idea.

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