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Last Concert You Attended

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The Jersey Live Festival. Eight local bands, The Black Velvets, The Futureheads, Art Brut, The Ordinary Boys, The Bravery and Kasabian.

The local bands were all quality, pretty much best of the local scene, The Black Velvets are horrendously average generic rock and incredibly egotistical and generally twattish, The Futureheads were good but seemed to be having an off-night, Art Brut stole the show completely, they were absolutely fantastic, Ordinary Boys were alright, nowhere near as good as they sound on record, The Bravery were a bit shit, Kasabian were painfully average.

If you don't count festivals, the last concert I went to was Nine Inch Nails at Brixton Academy, supported by Saul Williams, in July, and it was utterly fantastic.

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Pearl Jam about a year ago. Sad, I know, but I don't have that much money.

October 5, 2004 - Vote for Change Tour, Fox Theater; St. Louis, MO

Opening: Death Cab For Cutie, Gob Roberts

Ed solo before opening bands: Last Kiss

Set list: Love Boat Captain, Last Exit, Animal, Save You, The American in Me by The Avengers, Corduroy, Immortality, Alone, Jeremy, In My Tree, Wishlist, Rearviewmirror;

1st encore (acoustic): I Am A Patriot (Ed solo), Man of the Hour, Small Town, Off He Goes, All Or None, Black;

2nd encore: The Seeker by The Who, Do The Evolution, State of Love and Trust, Better Man/(Save It For Later), The New World (by X) with Tim Robbins, Fortunate Son by CCR;

3rd encore: Yellow Ledbetter/(The Star-Spangled Banner)

Great show, BTW.

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Last one I went to was in August, Ozzfest in Auburn. Loved every minute of it, and here's who I saw.

2nd Stage



It Dies Today

Bury your Dead

The Haunted

A Dozen Furies


As I Lay Dying

Killswitch Engage

Main Stage

In Flames

Black Label Society

Shadows Fall


Didn't stay for Ozzy or Maiden cause we had to start heading back early. I'll definately be going next year.

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

Warped Tour '05 when it came to Dallas. I got to see:

Atreyu (First show I wound up at)

Avenged Sevenfold

Motion City Soundtrack

The Starting Line

Matchbook Romance

Dropkick Murphys

The Offspring

My Chemical Romance

And I uh sat way in the back on the ground for Fall Out Boy, who I'm kinda meh about anyhow. I know I was actually at a few more of the stages than that, but it's slipped my mind now, that was a pretty good day, and I think I'll definately try to go again next year. Everybody was pretty good live from what I saw, I got to meet Tsunami Bomb, unfortunately I missed their set :( but getting to meet them briefly at their signing was really cool. I know I'll probably catch hell for this, but I also met two of the guys from Hawthorne Heights (just two though) as they were hanging out in their merch tent, nobody else was really around, so I got to talk to them for a little while, they were very cool, which suprised me, because I know some people like, from bands, can be kinda dickish to people sometimes.

Anywho, it was a great time.

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I went to a show last weekend, actually. It was really good. Headliners were Glory Nights, who from what I've heard are usually better than they were. (Their bass player broke his collarbone, and he sings background, so they had a relief bass player who barely even came into the light, let alone sing anything.)

The other two bands were better than Glory Nights, Kiros, the middle band is from Calgary and played the Taste of Chaos tour... great guys and great live music. Their cd isn't as good as they were live though, kinda disappointing.

The opening act stole the show, though. Dashes of Red is a local band, from Vernon, and they were amazing. The kid putting on the show is in grade 12 now, and he's taking over as lead vocalist for the band, so he joined them halfway through their set and they just blew me away.

DoR didn't have any merchandise, but I did pick up a Glory Nights CD (they're way better on the CD), a Kiros EP and a Kiros T-shirt. Awesome night.

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The last show I saw was Charged G.B.H. (or simply G.B.H.) at the Magic Stick in downtown Detroit. They were fucking amazing, they're in the 40's at this point, but they still bring a raw energy that captivated the whole crowd. Everybody in the crowd was really into the lead singers antics and his quips in between songs.

A local band known as the Dead Hero's opened for them, with another band in between the two that I can't remember. The Dead Hero's were really good, a band that really captured the old school punk sound. In fact, my friend Adam and I (who I also happen to be in a band with) talked with the singer of Dead Hero's for a brief period of time after the show.

Actually, a funny thing about the show is that there was this tall fellow with a large beard. I mentioned to my friend Brett that "He look's he's got a beard of bee's". Halfway through G.B.H.'s set, the lead singer notices this tall guy and says to him "Hey you there, you look like you got a beard of bee's there!". We had a good laugh about this.

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Last band I saw was Status Quo back in December last year at Wembley. I'm seeing them again this year at Fairfield Halls in Croydon in December.

Was suppose to be getting tickets for the Foo Fighters in December as well, but their concert falls on the same day as my mum's 50th birthday party, which is bloody annoying.

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