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Piano Songs

Guest fultie

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"Eternity" by Noriko Matsueda

"Yeneh Ababa" by Kenna

"I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1" by Avenged Sevenfold(not entirely piano, but the guitarist does the piano when it's on and it's awesome)

If you like Five for Fighting, they like using piano a lot(same with Coldplay.)

Bah...if I ever come across one on my playlist I'll let you know.

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Ben Folds uses his piano on just about everything he's done. Whatever & Ever Amen has some good stuff on it. Off of Rockin' the Suburbs, I seem to repeat "The Ascent of Stan" a lot.

There's definitely some other good stuff, but I'm too tired to think of 'em now (Scott Joplin songs are the only piano-songs I can think of now). I'll check in later if I think of any more.

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"Hello", "Breathe No More", "Listen To The Rain" and "My Immortal" by Evanescence all use the piano as a main instrument, and they're all good songs. If you try and find Breathe No More, try and get the live version off Anywhere But Home. There's a guitar backing to it in the live version but I think it makes the song even better.

If anything, you should probably get "My Immortal". It's a beautiful song, but don't get the band version. The original's better.

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Vanessa Carlton - "Papa", "White Houses".

Ben Folds - "Fred Jones Part II", "The Luckiest", Zak And Sara".

Coldplay - "Trouble", "Everything's Not Lost", "The Scientist", "For You".

All three artists generally use a ton of piano in their music, I'm just pointing out the songs that highlight the instrument in the best way.

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