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Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire


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One word: Epic (H)

I fucking can't wait! November looks like a great, great month, GOF and Episode III on DVD.

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It does look like a huge improvement over the previous three, and I might actually go to see this one, but it still doesn't scream "come see me, I look awesome". No doubt it's gonna be a hit (especially in the UK) but I don't see where all the "my gawd it looks awesome" comments are coming for, but oh well, to each their own.

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looks better than the others were so I'll most likely go see this. For the simple fact its Harry Potter already says its gonne debut at No. 1 so why not go see it. I like the fact that this looks a little more intense than the others, I never read Order Of The Phoenix or the new one which name escapes me right now but this is my favorite book so far so I think this could actually be decent.

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Watched the clip myself. Very good work, looks amazing.

I'm wondering for those that watched the UK version, there is a picture of a man that comes up, evil, creepy looking man with a missing nose and a hood.

Is this Voldemort or a Death Eater?

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Wow, that actually looks really fucking good. I'll defentally check that out. The movies are getting more adult orriented as they go on, which they should be as well. While there will never be a Rated R Harry Potter movie, more violence and death will need to be shown in the later movies.

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