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You're cool.

All That Remains were the support, they have a new Female bassist, and she (Seems to) fit into my All Femal Bassists are hot theory.

I can't find any pictures, but she was awesome. I think. It's kinda hard to tell.

Anyway, she seemed to be hot in a, After Mating, Will Eat You Alive Like A Spider kind of way, which is hot.

She rocked like a trooper.

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They're no Unearth.

That is all.

The boy has a point.

Woulda been better if Unearth for all the recognition they get now about 3-4 years ago, when they were actually better, but thats always the way. Stings Of Conscience > The Oncoming Storm

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Stings Of Conscience > The Oncoming Storm

Meh, I saw them with Sick of It All and Walls of Jericho on the Eastpack Resistance Tour, having never heard them before (having heard good things from my mates) and was blown away. Oncoming Storm was the first release I heard and it's awesome.

I've been pimping them for 3-4 years (Summers knows what I mean <_<), and The Stings Of Conscience album is better as far as I'm concerned, as The Oncoming Storm is just a bit like more of the same. It was thier chance I think to do something really special, and it was a bit of a let down, although still a pretty awesome album.

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It was undoubtedly one of the better metal albums of last year, even though it was a pretty slow year for decent metal releases. Sikth are nearly done with their new album though, so that's cool. The only recent rock/metal release I've bought in ageees was Frances the Mute. And before that the newest Slipknot album.

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