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Even In North America They Wrestle


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Even In North America They Wrestle

The mainstream world of professional wrestling was in a lull. The WWE's product has been stale for a couple of years now. TNA was making strides in the right direction with their new TV deal, but that one step forward was negated with two steps back by Jeff Jarrett regaining his title over Raven. Both of these promotions have the talent to do big things, but politics, sabotage, and poor booking have kept them in a stagnant state.

But while all this has been going on, the independent circuit has been heating up. Amazing matches are being put on weekly in promotions all across the United States. The resurrection of the Indy Fed started with Ring of Honor in Philadelphia and spread across the heartland of America with IWA: Mid South, and all the way to Southern California with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

And then there are the promotions that are yet to carve their niche in the world of wrestling. World League Wrestling is known simply for being owned by Harley Race. Heartland Wrestling Association was once a highly touted developmental territory for the WWE, but once the WWE ended their affiliation the HWA has fallen off the radar. JAPW combines workrate, with hard hitting ECW like action, and even a little bit of sports entertainment to form their unique product. And UXW... well, what the fuck's a UXW? I guess it's up to Kou to figure that out.

So there we have it. Two big promotions looking to get even bigger, three promotions looking to get into the upper echelon of professional wrestling, and four promotions looking to really make a name for themselves.

And how about we take a look at the people that will help them try and achieve their goals.

WWE Raw - Essa - Previous work /forum/index.php?showtopic=2587&st=0">WWE 2003

WWE Smackdown - Godfatha - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=8956">WCW 1996

TNA - TAFKA Castroneves - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=12560&hl=">TNA Wrestling and /forum/index.php?showtopic=626&hl=">WWE - The Revolution

PWG - Dukes - Previous Work - Uh, yeah, is this necessary for him?

RoH - Quasar - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=21434&hl=">EWB Invades the WWE

IWA:MS - YI - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=7841&hl=">Anarchy Wrestling League and /forum/index.php?showtopic=20257&hl=">World Wrestling All-Stars

WLW - JHS - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=31&hl=">WCW 1993

UXW - Kou - Previous Work - Uh, I think he wrote something for my diary tournament back on EWB 2. Since then? Nothing.

JAPW - Stokerino - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=8698&hl=">WWE Raw - For Better Or Worse

HWA - Thuganomic - Previous Work /forum/index.php?showtopic=27095&hl=">WWE Raw - The Internet Era


Okay, now everyone can post some tidbits about their fed, or whatever they want. I was going to but only three people PM'd me with any info so I figured you guys could do it yourselves. The start date is Monday September 19, and the first show going up will be my Monday Night Raw unless someone else has a Monday Night show that will get posted before mine.

When you guys post your information and stuff try to include a roster (the roster that the Ravex data provides you with). Also make sure you distinguish who is on an open contract and who has a written contract. From there I'll make a Master list of talent so you guys know who you can't sign. But from now, just play it smart... don't use anybody contracted to the WWE, and just basic stuff like that. Try not to stray too far from your original rosters. Alright guys, lets try and make this work. Good luck to all... and... uh... god speed? :blink:

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World League Wrestling

A small local promotion run by none other than wrestling legend Harley Race. WLW runs mainly very small buildings in rural Missouri for now and that suits them just fine. WLW regular Trevor Rhodes recently debuted with the WWE and it's the dream of every WLW star to make that jump themselves. WLW is mostly filled with graduates of the Harley Race wrestling academy and older wrestlers who have made their rounds in the big time and are looking to wind down their careers.

Current Roster:

Ace Steel


Daniel Flynn

Derrick McQuinn

Heather Savage

Hellena Heavenly

Jason Bates

Johnny Gold

Josh Besore



Little Jeanne

Marc Godeker

Mason Hunter

Miss Natural

Rick Steiner

Superstar Steve

Travis "T-Money"

Wild Wade Chism

War Cloud

WLW Champions:

WLW Title: Wild Wade Chism: Pictured below

WLW Tag Team Titles: Vacant

WLW Ladies Champion: Miss Natural: Pictured below

Everyone watch WLW TV Midnight on PAX TV!!





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IPB Image

Heartland Wrestling Association

During the summer of 2002, the World Wrestling Entertainment announced that it would be ending its steady developmental relationship with the Heartland Wrestling Association. Just like that, the stars that Les Thatcher and the HWA had helped make would be gone forever, men like Charlie Haas, Nick Dinsmore, and Shannon Moore. However, with a few faithful remainders like Matt Stryker, Cody Hawk, and Chad Collyer, the HWA would continue to fight for its place in the tough US Indy circuit, continuing to showcase up and coming young superstars from around the state of Ohio. This is Heartland Wresting Association, setting the standard for Independent Wrestling!

Key People

IPB Image

Matt Stryker (HWA Heavyweight Champion)

Stryker defeated Shawn Osborne to capture the HWA championship, and has been on a roll since. He might run into his first obstacle as he faces his former friend, Cody Hawk, at THE END.

IPB Image

Lotus (HWA TV Champion)

Ever since defeating Rob Matrix for the TV title, Lotus has been on a major mean streak. Once one of the most beloved characters in HWA, he's now transformed into a cocky, cheating champion who will do anything to keep the title around his waist.

IPB ImageIPB Image

Foreign Intelligence (HWA Tag Team Champions)

Quinten Lee and Ala Hussein

Ever since coming together in the beginning of 2005, Foreign Intelligence has been simply dominating the tag team ranks in HWA. Will a team finally be able to step up against Foreign Intelligence and prove to be some kind of challenge?

IPB Image

Rory Fox

Rory Fox is the first and only "Grand Slam" champion in HWA history, having held the HWA Heavyweight, TV, and Tag Team Titles. He also holds the record for the longest HWA Heavyweight title reign, for almost a year before losing it to his former stablemate, Shawn Osborne. Rory Fox is currently involved in a heated feud with Pepper Parks, which will wind down at THE END as they face each other in a Grudge Match.

IPB Image

Cody Hawk

September 2003 HWA fan favorite Matt Stryker, in a freak turn of events mafia kicks the hated Cody Hawk. Cody goes down and does not get back up. Five months pass before we see Cody again. When he returns we find out that he had suffered a broken neck, and was advised to never wrestle again. He decide to forgo the advise of his surgeon, and returned to wrestling. This lead to a match at the HWA Arena that was nothing more than a fist fight. It was brutal with Cody suffering a busted eye, and Stryker a bruised shoulder. Then next encounter would be a few weeks later with both men surprising the crowd and wrestling for 52 minutes. Cody was able to get the pin on Stryker that night. Both men hugged after the match, and a tag team was born out of respect. The Icons as they were dubbed by the fans destroyed every team that they faced in the HWA, and winning tag team gold on two separate occasions. This was the way it was until December 2004 at the War Games show in Dayton. Stryker turned on his friend, and bashed Cody's head with a brutal chair shot. He then helped the other team get the win. As a result of a stipulation put on that match Cody was then fired from the company, and did not return for another five months, until new 50%owner Jaxon Breeze brought him back. Cody has pursued Stryker ever since. He has knocked down ever obstacle that Stryker has put in front of him. He has now won the right to face Stryker 1 on 1. There will be no count outs, and no time limit on the match.

IPB Image

Shawn 'Bad Seed' Osborne

What a turn of events for Shawn Osborne! He goes from the HWA Champion to out of the federation altogether! After losing to Rory Fox at Aggression (8-19-2005) in a Loser Leaves Town match, 'Bad Seed' Osborne was forced out of the company.

IPB Image

Nigel McGuinness

Nigel McGuinness has had an interesting time at HWA. While he's been consistently gaining victories and support from the fans, he always seems to fall short in #1 contenders and title matches. Will this string of bad luck continue? Or will Nigel finally step up his game and turn his luck around?

IPB ImageIPB Image

Jaxon Breeze and Brock Guffman (co-owners of HWA)

These two are as different as night and day, and together, they rule the HWA. You'll often see Brock Guffman making life miserable for many fan favorites, while Jaxon Breeze has served as a fair mediator of events. They rarely appear on shows together, but when they do, it always turn out very interesting indeed.

Also on the roster......

AJ Sparx

The Hussia

Matt Dillinger

Patrick Black

Helena Heavenly


Crazy J

Jimmy Turner

Brad Smith

Jenelle Sinclair

Dr. Bones

Jon Moxley

Mike Desire

Kara Kildare

Brian Beech



Simply Spectacular


Brother Clay

Hillbilly Jed

Ooga Booga

Super Zeta

Year in Review

For almost a year, Rory Fox reigned supreme at the top of Heartland Wrestling Association as the HWA Heavyweight Champion. He was kept strong, defeating challenger after challenger with the help of the Black Militia<, which included Fox's manager and the leader of the group, Patrick Black, along with the tag team of Shawn 'Bad Seed' Osborne and Benjamin Kimera. As the days began winding down to Fox's 1-year anniversary of holding the HWA title, however, the champion began to grow more and more paranoid. At My Bloody Valentine (2-18-2005), the main event saw Shawn Osborne face off against Chet 'The Jet' Jablonski with Rory Fox as the special guest referee in a #1 contenders match. After much controversy, Benjamin Kimera helped his tag team partner, Osborne, win the match. Tensions were running high as we approached March Badness, which would signal Fox's 1-year reign.

The week before the anticipated stable showdown took place, Rory Fox teamed up with Matt Stryker against Gotti and Shawn Osborne. The match would see Rory Fox pin the #1 contender, Shawn Osborne, after Benjamin Kimera turned on Osborne. The next week, Osborne would be furious at his former partner. This would spark a mini-feud between Osborne and Kimera until Retribution (3-11-2005). At Retribution, Osborne defeated Kimera to keep his place as the #1 contender.

As March Badness finally rolled around, fans were anxiously awaiting for the match between Shawn Osborne and Rory Fox for the HWA Championship. They weren't disappointed, as the two put on a classic. In the end, however, Shawn Osborne hit the champion with the Full Nelson Slam and became the HWA Champion for the first time in his career. After the match, Patrick Black was absolutely livid. He disbanded the Black Militia, the most powerful stable in HWA history. Meanwhile, Rory Fox took the title away from Osborne for a second, and then finally showed good sportsmanship as the two embraced.

Osborne's first title defense would see him facing the always dangerous Matt Stryker. The match ended quickly as Benjamin Kimera ran in and continued the beating on his former tag team partner. Kimera told him that he wanted a title shot. 50% Owner Brock Gruffman would sign the match for Aftermath, the April event.

At Aftermath (4-22-2005), Osborne would again steal the show in a tremendous match. The match took place all over the building. They eventually made it back to the ring, where Osborne would be able to hit the Van Terminator through a trash can for the win. The next taping would see Shawn Osborne cutting a promo when Rory Fox would come out. Fox asked for a rematch, to which Osborne quickly agreed to. The match was signed for Ground Zero, the May event.

Shawn Osborne would defeat Rory Fox again at Ground Zero (5-20-2005). This was the one every one came to see, the long awaited rematch between Fox and Osborne. Both men fought tooth and nail, match each other move for move This turned in to a match that had the fans torn. half the room was for Shawn, and half were for Fox. Shawn was able to block a sunset flip attempt by Fox, and score the win. After the match, Matt Stryker hit the ring and began assaulting Osborne. Fox then came to his aid with a chair, only to swing it on Osborne moments later. Fox went on to tell Osborne that the nice guy crap was over, and he wanted his belt back. The returning Cody Hawk then hit the ring, and a chair swinging battle ensued. Hawk hurled chairs at Fox and Stryker until they retreated. He then help Osborne to his feet, and suggested that the two team up at Red Barn to take on Fox and Stryker. Moments later Fox and Stryker reappeared, and accepted the challenge. Hawk began to hurl chairs again, and then helped Osborne to the back.

At Red Barn, the dream tag team match with Cody Hawk and HWA Champion Shawn Osborne taking on Rory Fox and Matt Stryker took place. The ending saw Matt Stryker pin the champion! It was then announced that Matt Stryker would face Shawn Osborne at Overload for the HWA Championship. In another tooth and nails match, Matt Stryker would manage to defeat Shawn Osborne and become the HWA Champion at Overload (6-17-2005)

Nothing major would happen, as Matt Stryker would be wrapped up with the whole teacher scandal. However, the HWA champion came back on August 19th, 2005 at Aggression. The Main event Featured Cody Hawk and Matt Stryker in a tag team match. Both wrestlers were to find tag partners, and the stipulation was if Cody could pin Stryker he would get Stryker next month at THE END 1 on 1 with no count out, and no time limit. Cody chose Chad Collyer, and Matt had no one left that had not wrestled, so he was forced to choose Viper. As the match unfolded Chad Collyer double crossed Cody, and gave him a pile driver on a already weak neck. They then went for a double team move, and Cody was able to move and Chad laid Stryker out. Special Referee Pepper Parks who had cheered Stryker on Tuesday then double crossed Stryker and Collyer by super kicking Collyer. As Stryker got to his feet Cody was able to put him down for the pin. Cody now goes on to face Stryker 1 on 1 at THE END September 23 at the HWA Arena. No count out, and no time limit, for the HWA Heavy Weight Title.

General Information

Owner: Les Thatcher

Money: $2,000,000

Size: Regional

Public Image: 78

Television: Main Event TV (Regional Network: Late Evening)

Announcers: Mike Ripple, Issac Eastwood

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**Possible Unforgiven Spoilers - I booked it myself, but there's a possibility of it being similar to it's real life counterpart**


Unforgiven Results

Shelton Benjamin defeats Kerwin White in a convincing manner.

Ric Flair won the Intercontinental Title from Carlito cleanly with the Figure Four Leg Lock

Snitsky defeats the Big Show when he sneaks in a shot to the back of the head with the Ring Bell

Cade & Murdoch won the Tag Titles from Hurricane & Rosey cleanly

Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Masters by Disqualification when Michaels nearly broke the Masterlock, Masters kicked him low in plain sight of the referee. Masters beat down Michaels pretty good after the match.

Matt Hardy beat Edge in a Cage Match, when Hardy countered a Downward Spiral near the top of the cage into a Twist of Fate, and escaped the cage.

Victoria and Torrie beat Trish and Ashley Massaro in a very quick match that saw Trish aggravate the injury in her back. She went to lift up Torrie for a back suplex, but ended up straining her back. It is expected that she'll miss eight more months.

John Cena beat Kurt Angle by botched interference from Eric Bischoff. Bischoff went for a chair shot on Cena, who moved and let Angle take the blow. Cena then hit Bischoff with the FU, woke up the ref, and FU'd Angle for good measure, before getting the pin.

And that's where we stand heading into the 9/19 Raw.

WWE RAW Roster


Ashley Massaro

Big Show


John Cena


Matt Hardy

Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam


Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin


The Hurricane

Trish Stratus

Val Venis



Candice Michelle

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Chris Jericho

Chris Masters

Danny Basham


Eric Bischoff

Garrison Cade

Gene Snitsky

Kerwin White

Kurt Angle


Rene Dupree

Robert Conway

Torrie Wilson

Trevor Murdoch

Triple H

Tyson Tomko



World Heavyweight - John Cena

Intercontinental - Ric Flair

World Tag Team - Cade & Murdoch

Women's - Trish Stratus

Edited by Essa
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... I'm sorry to interject, but...

Although he is now best known as the teacher who lied, Matt Striker was once a fan favorite in the Heartland.

Um, I think you're confusing Matt Striker with Matt Stryker. Matt Striker wrestled in the Northeast and was the teacher who took sick days to wrestle in Japan. Matt Stryker wrestles out of the midwest and was an RoH regular until the East Coast fans all got sick of him.

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Whoa, this is one hell of an ambitious project, and I look forward to seeing how it all pans out. Now, I know Essa doesn't like 'whoring' in his threads - but just wanted to let you know that I'll be following this closely, as I've not seen anything like this done before.

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IPB Image

A regional promotion confined to the New Jersey area, JAPW have been known to attract some of the top stars on the North American independent circuit from AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to Rhino and Charlie Haas. With a mixture of these big names and their own regulars, along with an action packed style ranging from hardcore to high flying and more, Jersey All Pro have carved out an impressive niche for themselves in the northeast.

Recently coming off the back of their September 10th show, Haas of Pain, JAPW look set to head towards their biggest show of the year. Their 8th Anniversary Show is on the 22nd of October, and is set to emanate from Atlantic City, NJ. These monthly events are supplemented by their Saturday night internet show, JAPW World Wide.

SHOW RECAP - 10th September 2005

Rahway, New Jersey


1. Monsta Mack defeated Bandido Jr.

Accompanied to the ring by Strong Style Thugs leader Homicide, Mack made short work of a resiliant Bandido Jr. and pinned him after landing a Frog Splash from the top rope.

2. E.C. Negro defeated Dan Barry

Despite being the heel in the match, Negro was much more over and consequently received the bigger pop. Barry could have had it won with a magnificant Shooting Star Press, if Negro had not the bearings to evade it. He then hit a Brolic Buffalo Legdrop (top rope legdrop) on his fallen adversary to pick up the win.

3. "All Around Best" Xavier defeated Jav-Air

Xavier made a successful return to JAPW, dominating first with heavy offence and then a series of submission holds. However Jav-Air would make a comeback, hitting a Senton Bomb and Dragonrana for a near fall. A piledriver/neckbreaker combination finished him off though, and Xavier was able to walk away victorious.


Attendance: 750+

JAPW CEO and President, Fat Frank Iadevaia, came out to welcome the fans to the show. He announced that all advertised competitors were in attendance, as well as a few surprises.

4. Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga and Diablo Santiago) defeated Brian Meyers and Greg Matthews

The Outcast Killaz hit the East Coast Killa on Meyers to pick up the convincing win.

5. Jackie Gayda defeated Alicia by DQ. Sunny was the Special Guest Referee

In the first surprise of the night, Tammy Sytch (announced as Sunny, for some reason) was the guest referee for this womans' match. A returning April Hunter ran in and laid Jackie out with an impressive Half-Nelson-into-Backbreaker move, causing the disqualification. Alicia did not seem happy with the DQ result, but said nothing to April in the ring.

6. Backseat Boys (Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid) defeated The SAT (Joel and Jose Maximo) to retain the JAPW Tag Team championship

Acid and Kashmere hit the T-Gimmick/Double Razor's Edge for the win. After the match Teddy Hart appeared and attacked Trent Acid. He then got on the mic and said that JAPW was now the only place he was willing to work - not ROH or anywhere else. He made a challenge to the Backseat Boys to defend their belts against himself and Jack Evans at the 8th Anniversary Show next month.

7. Danny Demanto defeated Plazma

Demanto quickly defeated Plazma in a squash. He then cut a promo offering a challenge to anyone in the back. This brought out...New Jack!

8. New Jack destroyed Danny Demanto

Demanto was left a bloody mess after a brutal breating involving such weapons as a VCR, and a barbed-wire-covered elbow drop.

New Jack then cut a long promo slamming the WWE, the ECW One Night Stand show, and the Dudley Boyz.

9. Rhino defeated Samoa Joe

Rhino hit the Gore out of nowhere for the clean pin in an intense and hard-hitting match.

10. Azrieal defeated Archadia to retain the JAPW Light Heavyweight championship

In a highly acclaimed contest lauded by many as MOTN, Azrieal and Archadia put on a non-stop fast-paced affair that ended with Azrieal countering into a Powerbomb, then following up with a double head stomp off the top rope for the win.

11. Homicide defeated B-Boy

The two members of the SST (Strong Style Thugs) squared off in this contest. A short way into the match, Homicide got on the microphone and said the match was missing something. Low-Ki (the third SST member) was in Japan, so it wasn't him. He said Gibson wasn't here because he was a pussy. He said he knows someone who belongs here, and called out 'J-Train' Julius Smokes (Homicide's manager in ROH) who joined them at ringside. Homicide would eventually get the pin after a lariat.

After the match, Homicide called out Teddy Hart, but there was no response. Homicide, B-Boy, and Julius all embraced in the ring.

12. Jay Lethal defeated Charlie Haas to retain the JAPW Heavyweight championship

In a match that featured a lot of chain wrestling, the crowd was split down the middle between the two competitors, with Haas receiving both "Fuck McMahon" and "You got fired" chants in his direction. Lethal picked up what was seen as an upset victory with a rollthrough into a pin.

After the match, Haas cut a promo congratulating Lethal, saying that he was a great talent with a lot of heart, but then Haas suddenly attacked Lethal with a low blow. He did the same to the referee before walking off to end the show.


(All contracts are verbal)

Main Event

Charlie Haas


Jay Lethal

Steve Corino

Upper Midcard


Balls Mahoney

Johnny Kashmere



Super Dragon

The Sandman

Trent Acid




Monsta Mack

Teddy Hart



Alere Little Feather


April Hunter



Ashe Samuels

Beef Wellington

Bison Bravado

Brian Meyers

Buff E


CJ O'Doyle


Corvis Fear

Crazy Ivan

Danny Demanto


Diablo Santiago


E.C. Negro


Greg Spitz


Jack Evans

Jackie Gayda

James Newblood



John Shane

Julius Smokes

K.C. Blade

Keenan Quinn

Kevin Matthews


Oman Tortuga

Ricky Landell



Tara Charisma


IPB Image



Won from Homicide on the 21st May 2005

IPB Image



Won vacant title in match against Archadia and Bandido Jr. on 19th August 2005.

IPB Image



(Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid)

Won from Hart Foundation 2K5 (Teddy Hart and Jack Evans) on 17th July 2005 by beating Jack Evans in a handicap match.

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... I'm sorry to interject, but...

Although he is now best known as the teacher who lied, Matt Striker was once a fan favorite in the Heartland.

Um, I think you're confusing Matt Striker with Matt Stryker. Matt Striker wrestled in the Northeast and was the teacher who took sick days to wrestle in Japan. Matt Stryker wrestles out of the midwest and was an RoH regular until the East Coast fans all got sick of him.

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No graphics.

No pictures.

No problem.

This is Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, the premier outfit of the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC. No, last we checked, weren't not Jewish. Or a community, for that matter. But we're working on it.

Since 2003 or so, we've been thrilling people with the kind of action you'd expect to see in TNA's X-Division, but hopefully with fewer run-ins by Kevin Nash. Formerly run by Paul T (who was last seen catching a 50-foot wave somewhere in San Diego) and now controlled by SoCal Valerie Wyndham (last seen boarding a jet plane for Europe) and Dino Winwood (last seen... oh, wait, he's the guy doing all the work), PWG hope to continue the trend of finding the best talent on the West Coast. Or any Coast, for that matter.



1. FRANKIE KAZARIAN (def. Joey Ryan in tournament final on 8/30/03)

2. ADAM PEARCE (def. Kazarian on 2/22/04)

3. FRANKIE KAZARIAN (def. Pearce on 7/10/04)

4. SUPER DRAGON (def. Kazarian on 11/13/04)

5. AJ STYLES (def. Dragon on 4/2/05 in the biggest title change that weekend)

6. KEVIN STEEN (def. Styles on 8/6/05)


1. HOMICIDE and B-BOY (def. Super Dragon and Bryan Danielson in tournament final on 1/25/04)

2. JOEY RYAN and SCOTT LOST (def. Homicide and B-Boy on 2/22/04)

3. QUICKSILVER and CHRIS BOSH (def. Ryan and Lost on 3/27/04)

4. SUPER DRAGON and EXCALIBUR (def. Quicksilver and Bosh on 4/17/04)

5. JOEY RYAN and SCOTT LOST (def. Dragon and Excalibur on 6/19/04)

6. CHRIS BOSH and SCOTT LOST (Lost def. Ryan on 9/4/04, replaced him with Bosh on 10/9/04)

7. QUICKSILVER and SCORPIO SKY (def. Bosh and Lost on 7/9/05, but vacated on 7/10/05)

8. HUMAN TORNADO and EL GENERICO (def. Bosh and Lost for vacant titles on 8/6/05)


(Note: no workers are on exclusive deals)

AJ Styles

Apollo Kahn


Bryan Danielson

Charles Mercury

Chris Bosh

Christopher Daniels

Colt Cabana

Davey Richards

Dino Winwood (Asst. Commissioner)

Disco Machine

El Generico (PWG Tag Team Champion)


Frankie Kazarian

Hook Bomberry

Jack Evans

Joey Ryan

Jonny Storm

Josh Prohibition

Kevin Steen (PWG Champion)

Paul T. (Commissioner Emeritus)

Phoenix Star

"Puma" TJ Perkins


Ricky Reyes

Rocky Romero


Samoa Joe

Scorpio Sky (believed injured)

Scott Lost

Shane Ballard

Shannon Ballard

So Cal Val (PWG Commissioner -- sort of)

Supa Badd

Super Dragon

The Human Tornado (PWG Tag Team Champion)

The UK Kid

Top Gun Talwar

Don't be surprised, though, if we bring in some more than this. In fact...


The most recent event was the Battle Of Los Angeles, held Sept. 3 and 4 at the JCC and aired on KJLA on Sept. 10 and 17. The results were:

Rocky Romero def. Frankie Kazarian

Quicksilver def. Davey Richards

James Gibson def. Joey Ryan

Chris Bosh def. El Generico

Bryan Danielson def. Ricky Reyes

Christopher Daniels def. Scott Lost

AJ Styles def. Jack Evans

Kevin Steen def. Super Dragon

Quicksilver def. Rocky Romero

Chris Bosh def. James Gibson

Bryan Danielson def. Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles def. Kevin Steen

Chris Bosh def. Quicksilver

AJ Styles def. Bryan Danielson

Chris Bosh def. AJ Styles to win the Battle of Los Angeles

We run events whenever we can get a permit at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC, but the shows are then highlighted on KJLA every Saturday Night! Stay tuned as we present the results of our next show, "Lights! Camera! Guerrilla!", which celebrates our new TV deal and will be held on September 18, 2005! Come on down and watch -- it's not like there's a major PPV event going on or anything.

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I'm defentally looking forward to this. Lots of talented people here and with some people out of their element (Dukes doing PWG is something I'm looking forward to seeing) it should be interesting to say the least. Kou being involved makes this even better, as I haven't ever seen him write a diary, but I wouldnt be suprised if it turns out to be good. Hopefully this split lasts for a while though.

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I personally would have preferred a Cornellverse diary if it's a mass split, just to see what can brought out of it, with this the characters will be too defined already IMO, and it also means if someone drops out, nobody skimming it for the first time would notice. But still, as with all mass splits I look forward to the... 5 shows that'll be posted (Y)

Oh and HWA, Stryker for the Goldberg streak :P

Edited by Benji O' Doom~!
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essariosfanclub@hotmail.com says:

hey, the boards fucking down... i have my raw recap, but i'm not going to have net access for the next few days, till probably around the weekend... so just let everyone know i'm still in this, and shit.

You heard the man.

Next show will be Stokerino's Hard Hitting TV on Wednesday, followed by Friday Night Smackdown. Just make sure to give Essa crap when he gets back.

JAPW haven't had Hard Hitting TV for a while now. My only show is JAPW World Wide on Saturday.

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IPB Image

Ring of Honor-- The grand daddy of the indies. Here is where I'd usually give you a history of the company but I felt that Wikipedia would do a better job at explaining what ROH is and then I'll add my own remarks.

The Ring of Honor (ROH) is an independent circuit professional wrestling promotion created in 2002. It is one of the leading US Independent companies and usually holds two or three shows every month. Annual shows include the Anniversary Show, Death Before Dishonor, Glory By Honor, Round Robin Challenge and Final Battle.

Unlike World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which mostly focuses on physical appearance, microphone skills, gimmicks, and characters, Ring of Honor showcases technical matches with smaller but very skilled performers.

Matches tend to be longer than those of larger promotions, and focus on the athletic abilities of the wrestlers. Some of the most acclaimed matches of 2004 occurred in the promotion.

Respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer rated the Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk sixty-minute bout from "Joe vs. Punk II" 16 October 2004, a full five-star in the Wrestling Observer. Meltzer had not rated any wrestling match in the United States the full five-stars since 1997.

As such, Ring of Honor has developed a loyal fan base in the Northeast and around the country. Ring of Honor also broadcasts on The Wrestling Channel to viewers in Great Britain and Ireland.

Code of Honor

ROH has a goal to present wrestling as a sport, not sports entertainment. In order to achieve this goal, ROH is based on the Code Of Honor, which was originally made up of five Laws Of Honor. These five Laws Of Honor were the sacred rules that defined Ring Of Honor's product and intend to promote sportsmanship, respect and honor inside the wrestling ring. The Laws Of Honor allowed ROH competitors to produce the most athletic matches possible and to insure only the best in ring action with clear winners and losers.

The previous Laws Of Honor were:

Competitors must shake hands before and after their match.

No interfering in matches or having others interfere on your behalf.

No harming a referee or causing others to harm an official. (See: Ref bump)

No sneak attacks.

If you are disqualified in your match, you have broken The Code Of Honor

In 2004 these laws were redefined, and are no longer considered to be mandatory. The wrestlers are expected to shake hands with their opponent(s) only if they respect them.

The Laws Of Honor are:

Shake hands with your opponent(s) before and after the match.

Respect the referees and officials.

Keep the playing field fair and balanced (this means no sneak attacks, no interfering, no allowing interference, no doing anything unfair that can turn the tide or effect the outcome of a match since the winners of all ROH matches should only be determined by true skill).

Some matches are not about respect, honor and sportsmanship. Some matches are about settling a heated issue. Some bouts are about hatred and just trying to hurt you adversary. As the issues in Ring Of Honor get more intense, ROH will present more gimmick matches centered on blood feuds. The Code Of Honor will thus not apply to these matches.

Contenders for Championships

Originally there was no set way to determine challengers for the Heavyweight Championship. When the heel Xavier became champion he began to avoid challengers. ROH instated a Top Five Ranking system where the wrestlers were listed based on their general win-loss record and the win-loss record against other ranked competitors. The heavyweight champion was always number one. The number one contender was determined with matches that included wrestlers on ranks from number two to number five, and the winner was awarded the Number One Contender Trophy to iconify his or her status.

The ranking system was scrapped when the new Laws Of Honor were defined. The new system was called the Contenders Ring. After events the officials submitted ballots, and wrestlers who appeared on more than 75% of the ballots were considered to be inside the Contenders Ring, and were awarded title shots for both the Heavyweight Championship and the Pure Championship.

The latest system involves the wrestlers submitting title petitions to the officials. Once a wrestler files a petition, ROH officials will keep track of his record, quality of opposition, respect shown towards the Code Of Honor and inherent skill. These factors will determine who gets the title shots. Though it is possible that ROH officials will sign matches to determine #1 contenders if no decision can be reached.

Currently there is no defined system for declaring championship contenders. Title shots are generally granted based on wins in specific matches which determine the number one contender to a specific title

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Just pointing out some outdated rosters.

PWG - Colt Cabana, The Ballards, Supa Badd, & The UK Kid

ROH - Oman Turtoga, Diablo Santiago, & Trent Acid

JAPW - Justice Pain, The Carnage Crew, Dan Paysan, Havok, Papadon

These people haven’t worked for the respected promotions for awhile.

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